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Chii is Hideki’s persocon that he found in the dump. She possesses many hidden qualities and is created so serve one purpose. She is viewed as “cute”, and her innocent actions reflect this. With long blonde hair and full of love, Chii is a one-of-a-kind and a lovable character. Because Chii’s character is full of mystery, the bulk of the description will go into the spoiler section.

*SPOILER* Chii is the ultimate persocon. She packs a great CPU and virtually fries all persocons that attempt to analyze her, even Kojima’s prized 20+ persocons. The reason behind this is her inpenetratable firewall. She even was the only one to defeat the final boss in an Internet game. Chii is a persocon of the Chobits line, one of a set of two created by Hibiya and her deceased husband. They were never able to have children, so Hibiya’s husband designed Chii to make Hibiya happy to have a child. (SEE DARK CHII). Chii has an obsession with a book that parallel’s her condition – her desire to find “the one”. The conclusion rests on the fact that Hideki is the one, despite controversies with Dark Chii.

*Check back on Chii’s character – it will be updated quite often as more people give me feedback and we analyze her character more.

*Hideki *Chii *Minoru *Yuzuki *Yumi *Hibiya *Shinbo *Sumomo *Shimizu *Ueda *Kojima and Kotoko *Dita and Jima *Dark Chii

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