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Chobits Episode Guide/Summaries


Every week we will add 2-4 more summaries of each episode. Soon, as the characters page gets developed, there will be links linking to the corresponding character.

* = Mysteries/ Debatable events

# = Related to the end/ connect to it after you watched the entire show. 

1.  Chii Awakens

Hideki, the main character, leaves the country-side and departs for Tokyo upon realizing that he has failed the entrance exam to Takara University. He plans to go to cram school, but upon arrival of Tokyo he sees a persocon store and starts going berserk over the price, and wishes he had one himself so he can visit porn sites. He finds his way to his apartment- Kabu Jougasaki where he meets the landlady, Hibiya, who entreats him to a little snack. Hideki goes to a grocery store and realizes that the cashier is a very competent persocon. When he goes home, he sees a trashed persocon on the floor and decides to take it. *A disk drops to the floor. He boots Chii up and feels lucky but she can only say “Chii”. # Hibiya finds out about Hideki owning Chii but acts nonchalantly.

2. Chii Goes Out (Chii de ka ke ru)

Shinbo takes a look at Chii by inspecting it with his Sumomo. However, Sumomo does not pack enough CPU power and gets shocked by the power of Chii. Consequently, Shinbo is not very pleased with the results and sends Hideki to get an analysis at Minoru, the persocon master. Though short, young, deprived of a sister (* Does he even have parents?) and lives alone, he is an intelligent kid that manages to give some important information to Hideki. He mentions once the possibility of Chii being a Chobit, or legendary person #. A notable event is that Chii finally says something besides her name; she recalls Hideki’s phone number. Hideki learns this and decides to dedicate himself to teaching Chii some valuable and essential skills in life.

3. Chii Learns

In this episode, not only does Chii learn, but Hideki also. He goes to a crash course seminar for Classical Literature, English, and Math. The teacher, Takako Shimizu, is beautiful (she is engaged in a side-story… see episode 14, 15, 16) and gets the attention of Hideki, who of course thinks of this course as paradise, without realizing his ultra-poor performance in the seminar (totally intended by Clamp in order to develop his unique character and a slight comic relief). Hideki gets a job at Yorokonde, where he meets a cute high school girl Yumi (with E-cups FYI); that sets his employment and source for cash (making this series at least a little more realistic). Chii learns the word “happy” #. (*Observe the landlady’s reaction when she sees Chii)

4. Chii Goes on Errands

This has got to be by far the MOST ANNOYING EPISODE EVER. IN this episode, Chii has the task of buying herself panties because Hideki cannot embarrass himself by going into a all-girls’s lingerie shop. Thus the entire episodes revolves around the humiliation of Chii and Sumomo (who gives Chii directions to the lingerie shop) as bystanders debunk Chii’s repetition of the word “panties” or “Pan Tz”. She has got to have said “panties” at least 100 times. But this episode portrays the teamwork of persocons. NOTE: In the manga, Hideki actually bought the panties himself  - yes he got embarrassed as he quickly hurried in and bought them.

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