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 General Info

Chobits Episode Overviews

NO Spoilers here!

  1. Chii Awakens (Chii Mezameru)
    The first episode is an introduction, and gives you a background on Hideki and his encounter with persocons.
  2. Chii Goes Out (Chii De kakeru)
  3. Chii Learns
  4. Chii Goes on Errands (A VERY ANNOYING EPISODE)
  5. Chii Finds
  6. Chii Weakens
  7. Chii Works
  8. Chii is Puzzled

    At this point, Chii is being introduced as just a playful and innocent character. The other minor characters are portrayed. Soon, Chii's true destiny will be revealed and how the supporting chracters are all related.
  9. Shinbo and Sumomo Talk
    This episode reviews the previous 8 episodes. You can see it as a time waster, but it gives hints of what is to come and that this episode is a turning point.
  10. Chii Buys
  11. Chii Meets
    The first dark incidents happen here. A new character is introduced as a mystery. Not until the episodes in the 20s will you find out who that mystery character really is.
  12. Chii Ascertains
  13. Chii Plays
  14. Chii Goes to the Ocean
  15. Chii Entertains
  16. Chii Does Nothing
  17. Chii Manages
    These episodes reflect  episodes 2-8 with a twist, since episodes 10 and 11 revealed the dark side. Thus, these episodes don't help advance the plot, but rather develop each character's role, position, and status. The main focus of these episodes is to slowly disclose the overarching theme. 
  18. Minoru and Yuzuki Talk
    A turning point, this is a reflection of episodes 10-17; just like episode 9. Notice how the titles do not have "Chii" in them.
  19. Chii Assists
  20. Chii Dissappears
  21. Chii Awaits
  22. Chii Hopes
  23. Chii Answers
  24. Chii Changes Clothes
    The story drastically starts to unravel here. Mysteries are revealed but many questions remain. (Soon I will have a section where we and other fans will post questions/mysteries that remain unanswered - and discuss and receive replies)
  25. Chii Decides
  26. Chii's Only Person
    The conclusion of the series - it seems that there may be another sequel since 1) The story seemed to have ended without a close and 2) The manga goes much farther. 

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