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Hideki, the main character is an 18 year has failed the entrance exam to Takara University. He plans to go to cram school, but he sees a persocon store and starts going because he wishes he had one himself so he can visit porn sites. That shows his horniness. He finds a trashed persocon which becomes “Chii”, his very own persocon with its own destiny.

Hideki is one who likes to enjoya life – a horny character indeed (loves pornography and gets easily aroused -- the nosebleed) - and although he takes education seriously, he does very poorly, but Clamp does this on purpose to give some comic relief and irony. He expresses deep love and care for his persocon…

*SPOILER* and in the end he ends up falling completely for Chii, despite Minoru’s strict warnings that you should never fall in love with a robot. This convolutes one of the themes of the series – the real difference between robots and people, but serves to show that love is the number one arbiter – nothing can get past love.

*Hideki *Chii *Minoru *Yuzuki *Yumi *Hibiya *Shinbo *Sumomo *Shimizu *Ueda *Kojima and Kotoko *Dita and Jima *Dark Chii

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