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Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross, released in 1999, is the direct sequel to the monstrously popular Chrono Trigger back in 1996.  It sorta continued right where CT left off, and further extended the masterful plot.

Chrono Cross basically used the same menu system as Chrono Trigger.  Characters could equip weapons, armor, helms, and 3 accessories(which was different from CT"s 1 accessory).  Magic was handled differently however; instead of MP, Chrono Cross used element slots, which allowed each character to have some empty spaces that would grow over time, and each empty space could carry one element or magic spell.  None of the magic spells required any MP to cast, and simply required you to land physical attacks to use them.

The battle system was very similar to the one used in Xenogears.  Instead of an ATB gauge used in the Final Fantasy games, there was stamina instead.  Characters could attack an enemy until they ran out of stamina.  Each successful hit would allow them to cast elements, and getting more hits would allow them to cast the more powerful elements.  It was quite an easy to use system, and prevented waiting.

The soundtrack is definitely one of the best video game soundtracks composed ever.  Although Nobuo Uematsu made no contribution to the production of it(actually he did, he helped publish it, but didn't help compose any of the songs), Yasunori Mitsuda as himself could handle just as well.  Chrono Cross had some of the most haunting, beautiful, and rich themes ever used in video games, and to make it even better, the sound system used in CC was incredibly high quality, probably the best on the Playstation.

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