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Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger, along with Final Fantasy VI, are both considered to be the best RPG's made for the Super NES, and maybe of all time.  Chrono Trigger was made by the best of Squaresoft: the music was composed by both Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu, the game developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi(the main guy of FF), character designs were made by the same guy who designed the characters for Dragon Ball, etc...

Chrono Trigger's battle and menu systems were incredibly system and easy to use.  There were no random battles at all, as you could see the enemies on the screen and crashing into them would initiate a battle.  Characters could equip weapons, helms, armors, and accessories.  They learned new magic spells and skills by gaining levels.  However, a new thing that was added to the battle system was the introduction of double and triple techs, which allowed characters to combine their abilities for a more powerful spell.  Besides that, everything was the same as other RPG's.

Chrono Trigger's storyline is absolutely ingenious, passing through several time periods and linking them all in creative ways.  The soundtrack is also considered to be one of the greatest Video game soundtracks ever produced, being Yasunori Mitsuda first major debut as a composer, with a little help from Uematsu.  With an enormous variety of influences and styles, and some of the best sound quality produced from the SNES, the Chrono Trigger soundtrack is a timeless classic.

Walkthrough | Characters | Boss Guide | Soundtrack

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