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 General Info

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger
Boss Guide
by Ed the Moogle
Version 1.2
Copyright 1999 Ed the Moogle

Not official in any way. Don't copy or alter this FAQ without permission. If
you wish to copy this FAQ, you may not change it from its original TXT format,
and it must not appear within a frame or with a pop-up window or ad banner of
any kind. I am not to be held responsible for any damages done with this file
or it's contents. Latest version is at Check the
latest version before you e-mail me with questions or comments, or before
telling me I'm an idiot because I made a mistake. Failure to do this will
result in your e-mail being ignored.

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If you see this FAQ on any of these sites, or any other site that uses my files
without complying to the conditions in the disclaimer, report it to me
immediately and I will put an end to it ( or
HP: 920
Weakness: None

Party: Crono, Lucca, Frog

This battle shouldn't be too difficult, especially since it's the first boss
battle in the game. Yakra has can hit every member of your team simultaneously,
but that shouldn't be too much of a problem if you just have Lucca use Tonics
on anyone who needs healing. If no one is injured, just have her attack or
stand by for when Yakra launches another attack. Have Crono and Frog attack
with the X Strike attack repeatedly to take a good chunk of Yakra's HP away.

Dragon Tank

Head HP: 266
Weakness: None

Grinder HP: 208
Weakness: None

Body HP: 600
Weakness: None

Party: Crono, Lucca

The first thing you will want to destroy in this battle is the tank's head,
because it will constantly repair the tank and make the battle nearly
impossible to win. The head is completely immune to Flame Toss and Slash
attacks, so just disable it with normal attacks. After the head is disabled,
you'll want to attack the Grinder, because it unleashes a powerful attack that
hits both your party members. Finally, aim for the body to finish it off. Crono
should do most of the attacking because of his superior attack power. Lucca
should take the job of healing both characters and taking the occasional shot
at the tank.

Guardian HP: 1200
Weakness: None

Bit HP: 200 each
Weakness: None

Party: Crono, Lucca, Marle

Your first target should be the Bits on either side of the Guardian. If you try
to attack the Guardian before the Bits are gone, it will counter with a nasty
attack that deals about 60 damage to all your characters, or 70 damage to one
character if one bit is left. Once the Bits are destroyed, unload on the
Guardian with everything you've got. With some luck you should be able to
destroy it before it repairs the two Bits, at which point you'll have to repeat
the process.

Sir Krawlie
HP: 750
Weakness: Lightning?

Party: Crono, Lucca, Marle (you can come back later, too).

This is an optional boss down in the sewers. He can only attack one character
at a time, and his attacks only do decent damage. The only real threat this
boss presents is an attack which reduces a single character to 1 HP, which is
easily countered with an Aura spell or a Tonic. Just hit him hard and fast and
he should go down fairly easily.

R Series
HP: 150 each
Weakness: None

Party: Crono, Lucca/Marle

The R series may outnumber you 3 to 1, but overall they're pretty easy to
destroy. Two Cyclone attacks on the middle robot in both rows should be enough
to take them out. Have your secondary character (Marle/Lucca) heal up with
Tonics or Auras if needed.

HP: 2100
Weakness: Magic (any type)

Party: Crono and two others (I'd reccomend Lucca and Marle)

This guy has very high defense against physical attacks, so you'll have to use
magic to do any significant damage against him. Hit him with Fire, Ice, and
Lightning spells (or, if you have Robo, use his laser attack to do Shadow
damage). He can use some pretty fierce attacks of his own, so you'll probably
have to heal up quite a bit with items/Aura. When he kneels and says "Go ahead,
try to attack!," do not try to attack him. Wait until he stands up again. If
you hit him while he's kneeling, he'll pull off a nasty counter attack on you.

Head HP: 960
Weakness: Ice

Legs HP: 800
Weakness: Fire, Lightning

Party: Crono and two others (reccomend Robo and Lucca)

Zombone can be fairly tough. If you have Marle with you, have her attack the
head with Ice magic. If you have Robo use Rocket Punch on the head to do some
decent damage. Have Lucca and Crono attack the legs with their respective
magic. Zombone's head will get a "parting shot" when it is defeated. It will
launch an attack that hits all characters for moderate damage. Keep your HP
high to avoid a nasty fate. The Legs will also get in a "parting shot" and
drain all of one character's MP upon defeat, so you'll probably want to destroy
the head so that you don't find yourself at a disadvantage.

Masa and Mune

Masa HP: 1000
Weakness: None

Mune HP: 1000
Weakness: None

Masa & Mune: 3600 (fused form)
Weakness: Ice

Party: Crono and two others (reccomend Marle and Robo)

To defeat Masa and Mune in the first round, simply aim physical attacks on one
of them. Once one is defeated, the other will give up as well. A brief sequence
will play where Masa and Mune will fuse into a new form. This new form's main
weakness is Marle's Ice magic. Crono and Robo should use their regular attacks.
If Lucca is with you, she and Crono can also do a Fire Whirl double tech to
inflict a good amount of damage. When Masa and Mune begin storing up tornado
energy, Crono should use Slash, which will dispel the energy and prevent a
particularly nasty attack.

HP: 4200
Weakness: Lightning
Party: Crono, Ayla, and one other

Nizbel is particularly nasty. His defense is very high, and his attacks all do
a lot of damage, especially those that hit multiple characters. Have Crono use
a Lightning spell on him to lower his high defense temporarily, then attack him
with physical attacks until he releases the electric energy. At this point his
defense will be restored. Shock him again and repeat the process until he is

1st round HP: 3200
2nd round HP: 5200
Weakness: None

Party: Crono, Frog, and one other

You fight Slash twice in a row. The first time he's fairly easy, but the second
time he can be tough. He has several attacks that hit a single character for a
lot of damage each. Have Crono and Frog use the X Strike combo to inflict a lot
of damage while your third character attacks or heals.

HP: 4120
Weakness: None

Party: Crono, Frog, and one other (reccomend Robo)

Flea uses some particularly mean attacks that hit all your characters, but
through the use of Double Techs he/she can be fairly easy to defeat. Use Max
Cyclone, Blade Toss, and X Strike to dish out the damage, and heal after her
constant assaults.

HP: ???
Weakness: None

Party: Crono, Frog, and one other (doesn't matter who)

Attacking Ozzie in this battle will only send you to an early grave (he
counters with a powerful attack that hits all of your characters). Instead,
move the pointer off of Ozzie and attack the cranks all around the room. The
fourth crank you attack will send Ozzie plummeting to his doom.

HP: 6666
Weakness: Varies

Party: Crono, Frog, and one other (reccomend Lucca)

Start by attacking Magus with a physical weapon. He will 'change his barrier'.
Whatever magic type he starts using, you should use back on him to inflict
damage upon him (using any other magic will heal him). If none of your
characters has the magic that he is using, just hit him again and he'll change
his barrier. Once he stops switching barriers, just unload with regular attacks
and magic that coordinates with the last barrier he used (Frog's Masamune will
weaken Magus). Heal up when it says "Magus risks casting a spell!" because soon
a nasty Dark Matter attack will come flying at you.

Nizbel II
HP: ????
Weakness: Lightning

Party: Crono, Ayla, and one other

You can deal with Nizbel II the same way you did Nizbel. Just shock him, attack
until he shocks you, repeat as needed.

Azala and Black Tyrano

Azala HP: 2700
Weakness: Lightning, Ice

Black Tyrano HP: ????
Weakness: Lightning, Ice

Party: Crono, Ayla, and one other (reccomend Marle)

At first, you'll barely damage the Black Tyrano, and Azala will do most of the
attacking. Take Azala down with double techs like Volt Bite and Ice Sword. Once
Azala is gone, the Black Tyrano will hop into action. It will roar (which wall
cause your HP to slowly count down) and begin a countdown from 5. It's defense
is lower when the countdown is on. Hit Black Tyrano hard with double techs
while it is weakened.. Once it reaches 0 it will perform a nasty fire attack on
all your characters. Then it will wait a while and restart the count. Use this
time to heal up and restore MP for the next countdown.

HP: ????
Weakness: None

Party: Crono and two others (reccomend Lucca)

First of all, you should equip some Ruby Armor (or something that absorbs fire
damage) on all your characters before you enter this fight. Have Lucca cast
Fire 2 (or Flare, if she has it) repeatedly. The Golem will keep firing back
with whatever element magic you use on it, so if you equip something that
blocks fire damage, you'll have an easier time winning this battle. Heal up
whenever you get the chance. You don't have to win this battle, but it gives a
lot of Exp. so it's worth a shot.

Mud Imp and friends

Mud Imp HP: 1200
Weakness: None

Blue Beast HP: 5000
Weakness: Fire

Red Beast HP: 5000
Weakness: Ice

Party: Crono and two others (reccomend Marle/Frog and Lucca)

Don't bother attacking the Mud Imp at first, as its defense is very high and it
will counterattack you with a nasty attack. Instead use techs like Cube Toss,
Ice Sword, and SwordStream on the Red beast, and Fire attacks on the Blue
Beast. These techs dish out major damage to each of them. Once they're both
gone, attack the Mud Imp. Without his buddies, he isn't very tough. sent in this strategy.

another stratagy for Mud Imp and friends is to have Lucca, use hypno wave, and
concentrate on Mud imp

Giga Gaia

Head HP: 9500
Weakness: None

Hand HP: 2000 each
Weakness: None

Party: Crono and two others (reccomend Ayla and Robo)

If you have the Falcon Hit tech this battle should be easy. Just hit both the
hands at once with Falcon Hit (thus getting rid of their nasty two-fer attack),
and then launch an assault on the head with Uzzi Punch (if you have it) and
Falcon Hit. Have Robo heal up your characters often, especially after Giga
Gaia's deadly two-spell assault.

HP: 3500
Weakness: None

Party: Crono and two others

Dalton should be fairly easy. He can cut one character's HP in half at any
given time, so I'd reccomend bringing along Frog, Marle, or Robo. But just use
your best attacks on him and he should go down fairly quickly.

Golem Twins
HP: ????
Weakness: None

Party: Crono and two others

The Golem Twins are exactly the same as the Golem you fought earlier, there's
just two of them now. I reccomend equipping each of your characters with armor
that absorbs their own magic. That way, if you have Crono attack both of them
with Lightning 2, when they fire back they will heal Crono so that he can
continue the fight. If that's not an option, bring Lucca along and have only
attack only with Fire magic. The Golem Twins can only attack one person at a
time with fire magic, so this will make them much easier to defeat.

Golem Boss
HP: ????
Weakness: None

Party: Whoever you brought onto the Blackbird.

The Golem Boss is a joke. The real trick here is defeating him before he runs
away. It's not required, but he gives a lot of Exp. if you win, so it's worth a

Dalton Plus
HP: 3500
Weakness: None

Party: Whoever you brought on the Blackbird.

Dalton's attacks do moderate damage, but he can only attack one character at a
time. Just hit him with your best attacks and he'll go down surprisingly


Head HP: 5000
Weakness: None

Middle HP: 1500
Weakness: None

Legs HP: 5000
Weakness: None

Party: Anyone (reccomend Marle, Crono, and Robo)

First of all, attack the middle section. The other two will constantly restore
their HP from it. DON'T use elemental magic on the middle, though. It absorbs
all elemental magic, thus giving the Head and Legs a constant source of power.
Then have Marle, Frog, or Magus use an Ice/Water type spell on the head and
legs to lower its defense so that you can damage it. Its defense goes back up
every time you hit it, so be sure to alternate attacks between strong
attacks/dual techs (Falcon Hit, Uzzi Punch) and ice/water spells.

Lavos Spawn
HP: ????
Weakness: None

Party: Anyone (I don't reccomend Magus for this fight).

Whatever you do, DO NOT attack the shell on the Lavos Spawn. If you hit the
shell it will cause a nasty counterattack that affects all of your characters.
Just nail the head with your best attacks (that attack only one enemy, not a
range or all enemies). Element spells and attacking techs like Uzzi Punch are
good to use.

Great Ozzie, Super Slash, and Flea Plus

Great Ozzie HP: ????
Weakness: None

Flea Plus HP: ????
Weakness: None

Super Slash HP: ????
Weakness: None

Party: Anyone

This trio of terror shouldn't be too tough to defeat. Just concentrate all of
your attacks on either Flea or Slash until one of them is defeated, then go
after the other. Attack Ozzie last or he'll retaliate with a nasty

Note: You'll have to fight all three of them in seperate battles as well. Use
the same strategies you used to defeat them in Magus' fortress.

Atropos XR
HP: ????
Weakness: None

Party: Robo

Atropos shouldn't be too much of a problem to defeat. Just constantly hit her
with Uzzi Punch and heal when your HPs get low. She should go down after a few

Mother Brain and Displays

Mother Brain HP: 5000
Weakness: None

Display HP: 300 each
Weakness: None

Party: Robo and two others

The displays will constantly heal Mother Brain, but they should only take a hit
or two each to defeat. Needless to say, they should be your first target. After
that, just hit Mother Brain with your best attacks and she should go down
fairly easily. Mother Brain's attacks get more and more powerful as she gets
lower on HP, so you'll want to take her out quickly or risk taking the full
might of her attack.

Son of Sun
HP: 2400
Weakness: None

Party: Anyone

Son of Sun is fairly tricky, as you don't beat him by normal means. Instead,
attack the flames that orbit him. If you attack the right flame, he'll take
about 200 damage. If you attack the wrong flame, it will counterattack you with
fire damage. Every now and then, Son of Sun will shuffle the the small flames
and the "weak" flame around to throw you off. Son of Sun will constantly hit
you with fire attacks as well. For this reason, I would strongly reccomend
having some fire-absorbing gear on at least one of your characters.

Rust Tyrano
HP: 25000

Weakness: Ice, Lightning

Party: Anyone

You can pretty much deal with him the same way you did the Black Tyrano. Wait
for him to begin the countdown (he begins sooner than Black did), and then hit
him with Dual and Triple Techs repeatedly until he's history. Bring some
fire-element gear along or be prepared to heal often, as he does a nasty fire
attack when the count reaches 0.

Yakra XIII
HPS: 18000
Weakness: Ice
Party: Marle and two others (recommend Robo and Frog)

This boss is pretty much just a powered-up version of the Yakra you fought
earlier. Just nail him with ice-element attacks (Cube Toss works nicely) and
your best attacks. He likes to attack all of your characters simultaneously, so
be sure to keep your HP high. Frog and Robo's multi-healing techniques make
this an easy task.

Mega Mutant
Top HP: ????
Bottom HP: ????
Weakness: None
Party: Anyone

This boss is fairly easy despite having some potent attacks. Just attack its
bottom half first, then defeat the top half. It's not too tough.

Giga Mutant
Top HP: 6000
Weakness: None
Bottom HP: 5000
Weakness: None
Party: Anyone

You can deal with him the same way you did the Mega Mutant.

Terra Mutant
Top HP: 9000
Weakness: None
Bottom HP: ????
Weakness: None
Party: Anyone

The Terra Mutant barely takes damage from physical attacks. Don't bother
attacking the bottom half this time, as it will just result in a nasty counter
that reduces you to 1 HP (although you can unload with Dino Tail/Frog Squash
when she does this to do some incredible damage). Hit the top half with your
best single-attack magics.

HP: 12000
Weakness: None

Party: Anyone

Zeal has some nasty attacks, the most potent of which is one that reduces all
your characters to 1 HP. Be ready to heal up often and use your best attacks to
defeat her.

Mammon M.
HP: 18000
Weakness: None

Party: The same team you used to fight Zeal

The Mammon Machine's defense will be increased by physical attacks, and its
offense will be raised by magic attacks. Hit the Mammon Machine repeatedly
until it 'releases the energy' (the damage it inflicts depends on how much its
offense was raised) and its raised defense/offense resets. Heal up and hit it

Zeal (again)
Head HP: 20000
Weakness: None

Party: The same team you used to fight Mammon Machine

Zeal's third form of attack is pretty tough. The main trick here is to NOT
attack the hands. If you do, they'll either reduce your HP to a single point or
drain all your MP- or both if you use a double attack. On the other hand, you
can steal a Prism Helm and Prism Dress from the hands, and then recover with a
Megalixir. Just use single-target attacks on the head and this battle should be
fairly easy.

HP: 10000
Weakness: None

Party: Anyone (I'd recommend Frog, Crono, and Magus)

When the battle starts, Lavos will mimic a bunch of other bosses for the game.
However, they still have the same HP values and weaknesses as before, so most
of them should be easy to beat. You'll get a chance to heal up between boss
rounds if you need it, so feel free to do so. When Lavos stops imitating other
bosses and uses his own pattern, be prepared for the worst. All of his attacks
hit all of your characters for major damage. Heal often and hit him with your
best attacks.

Lavos, Round Two

Head HP: 20000
Weakness: None

Left Arm HP: 9000
Weakness: None

Right Arm HP: 12000
Weakness: None

Party: Anyone (Recommend Crono, Ayla, Frog)

This battle is much like the Giga Gaia you fought earlier. Take out those arms
with your best attacks so that he loses his head's defense and his ability to
heal himself, and then unload on the head. Lavos makes use of several attacks
that strike all of your characters, so be ready to heal. Lavos also likes to
boost his attack power after a few rounds of attack, so you'll definitely want
to finish him off before he becomes too powerful for you.

Lavos Core

Monster HP: 10000
Weakness: None

Left Bit HP: 2000
Weakness: None

Right Bit HP: 30000
Weakness: None

Party: The same team you used to fight Round Two.

You'll definitely want to take out that annoying Left Bit first, because it
will constantly heal the Lavos Monster, which has some very powerful attacks to
use against you. A single Confuse technique from Crono should do the trick.
After that, you'll want to eliminate the Lavos Monster to give yourself a
chance to heal and a bit of a breather. Don't try to attack the Right Bit until
it 'turns off its barrier.' Once it does that, hit it with everything you've
got until it revives both the Monster and the Left Bit, at which point you'll
want to repeat the process.

Note: Every now and then you will "time warp" and the background will change to
that of one of the seven time periods you visited. Does this have any actual
effect on the battle?

Optional Boss: Spekkio

Spekkio is the "god of war" that hangs out at the End of Time, who you can
challenge to a battle at any time during the game. As you grow in levels, he
will transform into newer, more powerful forms and gain more powerful attacks.
While you won't gain any experience or money for defeating him, he will give
you "Item Sets," which usually include items like Elixirs and
statistic-boosting "Tabs." The more powerful Spekkio's form, the better the set
you will acquire when he is defeated. As an added bonus, you can't get "game
over" for losing to Spekkio- your HP and MP are completely restored after the
battle whether you win or lose.

I don't have the exact levels, but here's a chart of what forms Spekkio appears

Crono's Level Spekkio's Form Item Set

Level 1-19 White Kiwala Special Refresher - 1 Magic Tab, 5
Level 20-22 Blue Goblin Choice - 1 Magic Tab, 5 Mid-Ethers
Level 30-39 Red Omnicrone Healthy Choice - 1 Magic Tab, 5 Full
Level 40-98 Blue Masa&Mune Graceful - 1 Power Tab, 1 Magic Tab, 1
Speed Tab
Level 99/** Red Nu Cheerful - 10 of each Tab, 10 Megalixirs

Note: You can only gain each 'set' once per game. So you can't just fight a
level 99 Spekkio repeatedly to get millions of tabs within two hours.
Many thanks to ATadeo for the item set information.

Now, on to the battle strategy.

Note: The main thing to keep in mind is that all of Spekkio's forms are
COMPLETELY immune to any form physical attacks (even ones that are only
partially physical, such as Fire Whirl), so you shouldn't even bother with

Spekkio: Kiwala
HP: 800
Weakness: None

Party: Most likely Crono and two others (recommend Marle and Lucca)

Spekkio's first form is tough, but manageable. He uses all four elements of
magic, and has high magic power to boot, meaning his attacks will do a lot of
damage. Fortunately, in his first form he can only attack one character at a
time, which can easily be countered. You may want to go fight a few battles in
600 AD so you can learn some double (and triple) techs to use against him, and
maybe power up a bit in 1000 AD. (be careful to not go past Level 19, though).
Once you gain some high-powered spells like Antipode, go back and nail him with
everything you've got.

Spekkio: Goblin
HP: 2200
Weakness: None

Party: Most likely Crono and two others (recommend Lucca and Marle)

You can follow the same strategy as last time- power up just enough to stop
him, and then hit him with every double/triple magic tech in the book, and heal
up as needed. He should go down with some effort.

Spekkio: Omnicrone
HP: 4800
Weakness: None
Party: Anyone (recommend Frog, Marle, Lucca)

This battle is a bit tougher, but with the suggested team it should be possible
to win. Cast Lucca's Protect spell to reduce the damage your character's take
from Spekkio's magic, and then unload with Antipode 2/3 and have Frog heal or
use Water spells.

Spekkio: Masa&Mune
HP: 10000
Weakness: None
Party: Anyone (recommend Crono, Magus, Frog)

Spekkio's fourth form is tough at first, but once you get to about level 55 it
becomes quite easy. Most Spekkio's attacks hit all of your party members at a
time, which is where Frog comes into play. Have Magus and Crono use their best
techniques, and be prepared to heal after Spekkio's one-hit-kill spell.

Spekkio: Nu
HP: 20000
Weakness: None
Party: Anyone (recommend Crono, Magus, Frog)

I haven't reached this form yet (it's not easy trying to power Crono up to
level 99), but once I do I'll add some strategies to defeat him.

Questions/Comments/Corrections? E-mail or brunerp@juno.c

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