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 General Info

Chrono Trigger OSV


Disc One  46:37
   1.A Premonition (or "Presentiment")
   2.Chrono Trigger (Chrono's Theme)
   3.Morning Sunlight
   4.Peaceful Days
   5.Memories of Green
   6.Guardia Millenial Fair  
   7.Gonzalez's Song (Gato's Song)
   8.A Strange Happening
   9.Wind Scene
  10.Goodnight (inn music)
  11.Secret of the Forest
  12.Battle 1
  13.Guardia Castle ~Courage and Pride~
  15.Manoria Cathedral
  16.A Prayer to the Road That Leads...
  17.Silent Light
  18.Boss Battle 1
  19.Kaeru's (Frog's) Theme
  20.Fanfare 1 (Lucca's Theme)
  21.The Trial (lit. "Kingdom Trial")
  22.The Hidden Truth
  23.A Shot of Crisis

Disc Two  50:37
   1.Ruined World
   2.Mystery of the Past
   3.Dome-16's Ruin
   4.People Who Threw Away the Will to Live
   5.Lavos' Theme
   6.The Day the World Revived
   7.Robo Gang Johnny
   8.Bike Chase
   9.Robo's Theme
  10.Remains of Factory
  11.Battle 2 (unreleased track)
  12.Fanfare 2
  13.The Brink of Time
  14.Delightful Spekkio
  15.Fanfare 3
  16.Underground Sewer
  17.Boss Battle 2
  18.Primitive Mountain
  19.Ayla's Theme
  20.Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth
  21.Burn! Bobonga! (fx word:)
  22.Magus' Castle
  23.Confusing Melody
  24.Battle With Magus

Disc Three  53:50
   1.Singing Mountain (unreleased track)
   2.Tyran Castle
   3.At the Bottom of Night
   4.Time Circuits
   5.Zeal Palace
   6.Sara's (Schala's) Theme
   7.Sealed Door
   8.Undersea Palace
   9.Chrono and Marle ~Far Off Promise~
  10.Silvard (Epoch) ~Wings That Cross Time~
  11.Black Dream (aka Black Omen)
  13.World Revolution
  14.Last Battle
  15.First Festival of Stars
  16.Epilogue - To Good Friends
  17.To Far Away Times

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