Diablo II - Amazon Strategies/ Statistics


Starting Stats:
Strength - 20
Dexterity - 25
Vitality - 10
Energy - 15

Gaining levels adds:
+2 to life
+1 to stamina
+1.5 mana

Adding 1 point into Vitality yields +3 life
Adding 1 point into Vitality yields +1 stamina
Adding 1 point into Energy yields +1.5 energy

The Amazon is a long-ranged attacker, using bows and throwing javelins.  She is generally considered the best class in Diablo II, being able to do incredible amounts of damage in a very short period of time without much fear of missing(due to Guided Arrow).  The Amazon is incredibly effective at killing characters and players, and equally effective at fighting monsters.

Amazons on Battle.net tend to like to make them use only bows, or use bows/javelins.  They can normally be killed off rather easily, but since most Amazons are so fast, they usually never get a chance to get hurt.  Leeching life and mana is a key point in making an Amazon, making Potions obsolete and giving Amazons a huge advantage over every class in fighting players.

Skill Point Distribution
Stat Point Distribution
Types of Amazons


-Amazons are supposed to be long-ranged attackers, so make your Amazon fast on foot.  That way, you can avoid damage to your Amazon.

-Never hold extra bolts/arrows in your inventory.  It takes up three whole spaces, which is a lot more than you think, and monsters drop arrows and bolts very often.

-Having damage-reduced equipment on an Amazon is a very wise choice, especially when you're fighting other Amazons.

-Pick up every single jewel and Shael rune that you find.  Shael runes are very useful for Amazons, and jewels are incredibly useful if they turn out to be IAS(Increased Attack Speed) or ED(Enhanced Damage) jewels, or both.  40ed/15ias is the ultimate jewel to obtain.

-When fighting monsters, it's often a good choice to just stand right next to monsters and fight them instead of standing far away.  Since all Amazons should have life/mana leeching, getting hit shouldn't be a problem because you can leech it all back.  Standing close to monsters gives you an extra element of speed in picking up items.

-When fighting one unique monster/player, always use Guided Arrow.  Don't bother using regular attacks because they have a chance to miss.  Guided Arrow increases your damage, and never misses(with the exception of players).

-When fighting whole hordes of monsters, use Multishot or Lightning Fury.  Multishot uses up a lot of mana, but you can leech it all back.  Lightning Fury is far more powerful than multishot and any other multihit attack in the game, but it drains mana fast.

-Poison charms are key.  Getting +100 Poison Damage Small Charms are a requirement for every Amazon.

Skill Point Distribution

For the Bowazon, do this:

-Max out Guided Arrow

-Max out Multi Shot

-Max out Critical Strike

-Put at least one point into all of the rest of the Passive/Magic Skills.

-Put at least one point into Freezing Arrow.

-The rest is up to you.  Generally, I prefer to dedicate some points into Penetrate, Valkyrie, Dodge, Avoid, and Pierce.

For the Bowazon/Javazon, do this:

-Max out Guided Arrow

-Max out Lightning Fury.

-Max out Pierce.

-The rest is up to you.  This build has several different possibilities you can consider.  Generally, I recommend also maxing out Critical Strike for PvP, and maybe putting a lot into Penetrate, Dodge, and Avoid.

Stat Point Distribution

Strength - 134
It's set at 134 so that you can meet the prerequisites for the Windforce, the ultimate Amazon bow.  However, you can set your strength lower, if you are willing to put strength charms in your inventory.

Dexterity - 300+
Dexterity is by far the most important stat for the Amazon.  The Amazon's damage and evade rate are proportionally affected by Dexterity.  The formula for weapon damage from an Amazon is:

Base Weapon Damage * Dexterity/100 = Final Damage

So having 300 dexterity triples your attack damage.  Add in Pierce, Penetrate, and Critical Strike, and that's more than 400 enhanced damage in a attack.

Vitality - 70+
This really sort of depends.  When fighting monsters, you don't need a lot of life, since you shouldn't be getting hit by monsters anyway, but fighting players is a whole different game.  I would recommend making sure that your Amazon has at least 1000 HP, and adding in the +life charms, but it really depends on your style of playing.

Energy - Nothing
Add absolutely nothing to your energy.  Since Amazons gain some mana after each level, and since you can leech it all back in a second, there really is no use for putting points in here.

Types of Amazons

There are generally only two types of Amazons on Battle.net: The Bowazon, and the Bowazon/Javazon.  The Bowazon specializes only in the bow, obviously, and puts nothing into any Javelin skills.  She is incredibly effective at PvP, and can kill monsters pretty quickly.  The Bowazon/Javazon is relatively skilled at doing both: she kills off monsters very quickly, and is pretty good in killing off players as well.

-Uses only multishot on monsters or groups of enemies

-Uses Guided Arrow, along with the addition of Pierce, Penetrate, and Critical Strike, on boss monsters and players.

-Uses Lightning Fury(or Multishot, if an enemy is Lightning immune) on enemies and kills them at the speed of light

-Uses Guided Arrow against players.


For the Bowazon, use the following equipment:


Unique Hydra Bow - Windforce
Two-Hand Damage: 38.5 To (244.625-550.875) (141.56-294.688 Avg)
Required Level: 74
Required Strength: 134
Required Dexterity: 167
+250% Enhanced Damage
+ (3.125 Per Character Level) 3.125-309.375 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level)
20% Increased Attack Speed
6-8% Mana Stolen Per Hit (varies)
Heal Stamina Plus 30%
+10 To Strength
+5 To Dexterity

Windforce is undoubtedly the most powerful bow in existence.  It is incredibly difficult to find, as you have to do several Cow Runs and Meph Runs to even have a chance of getting this.  Most Windforces out there in Battle.net in duped.  The main reason Windforce is good because it does the most damage out of all the bows in existence, and plus it has a pretty fast attack speed, mana leeching, and knockback, which renders having to equip Creglaw's Pincers useless.


Unique Crusader Bow - Eaglehorn
Two-Hand Damage: 48 To (192-318.72) (120-183.36 Avg)
Required Level: 69
Required Strength: 97
Required Dexterity: 121
+200% Enhanced Damage
+ (2 Per Character Level) 2-198% Enhanced Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level)
+1 To Amazon Skill Levels
+ (6 Per Character Level) 6-594 To Attack Rating (Based On Character Level)
+25 To Dexterity
Ignores Target's Defense

Eaglehorn is also incredible, but not quite up to par where Windforce is.  It's still amazing, though.  Though it doesn't have the knockback and mana leech like Windforce does, it still has the nice +25 to dex and the Ignore Target's Defense.

Unique Ballista - Buriza-Do Kyanon
Two-Hand Damage: (85-102) To (142.5-415.5) (113.75-258.75 Avg)
Required Level: 41
Required Strength: 110
Required Dexterity: 80
+150-200% Enhanced Damage(varies)
+ (2.5 Per Character Level) 2.5-247.5 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level)
Adds 32-196 Cold Damage - 4 Second Duration
Piercing Attack (100)
Freezes Target +3
+75-150 Defense(varies)
+35 to Dexterity
80% Increased Attack Speed

Ballista is also crazy.  It doesn't do as much damage as Eagle and Windforce, and it has a slower attack speed, but it has the incredibly powerful piercing attack and the target freeze.

Set Grand Matron Bow - M'avina's Caster

Damage: 43 To 210 (varies)(Base Damage: 14 To 72)
Required Level: 70
Required Strength: 108
Required Dexterity: 152
+188% Enhanced Damage
40% Increased Attack Speed
+50 To Attack Rating
10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Nova When Struck

M'avina's bow does respectable damage, although nothing compared to the bows above.  You should probably consider this the lowest good bow that an Amazon could have.


Unique Grim Helm - Vampire Gaze

Defense: 122-252 (varies)(Base Defense: 60-125)
Defense: 60-125
Required Level: 41
Required Strength: 58
Durability: 40
+100% Enhanced Defense
Adds 6-22 Cold Damage - 4 Second Duration
15% Stamina Drain
6-8% Life Stolen Per Hit(varies)
6-8% Mana Stolen Per Hit(varies)
Damage Reduced By 15-20%(varies)
Magic Damage Reduced By 10-15(varies)

Vampire Gaze is undoubtedly the ultimate Melee character helm.  Not only does it have the incredibly useful dual leeching attribute, but it has damage reduced on it.

Unique Casque - Stealskull

Defense: 192-248.2 (varies)(Base Defense 63-72)
Required Level: 35
Required Strength: 59
Durability: 24
+200-240% Enhanced Defense(varies)
10% Increased Attack speed
10% Faster Hit Recovery
5% Life Stolen Per Hit
5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
30-50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items(varies)

Stealskull is another good dual leeching helm, this time offering ias and some mf on it in exchange for damage reduced.

Set Diadem - M'avina's True Sight

Defense: 200-210(varies) (Base Defense: 50-60)
Required Level: 64
Durability: 20
+150 Defense
Replenish Life +10
+25 To Mana
30% Increased Attack Speed

The only reason you'd want to wear this helm is to complete the M'avina Set or if you want some crazy increased attack speed.

Set Death Mask - Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest

Defense: 99-131 (varies)(Base Defense: 54-86)
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 55
Durability: 20
10% Life Stolen Per Hit
10% Mana Stolen Per Hit
All Resistances +15
+45 Defense
+30 To Mana
+60 To Life

Probably the weakest good helm an Amazon can wear, this one has dual leeching, and +15 to all resists, but that's all the useful attributes on it.  Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest is also relatively easy to find.


Unique Mesh Armor - Shaftstop

Defense: 517.4-684.8 (varies)(Base Defense: 198-213)
Required Level: 38
Required Strength: 92
Durability: 45
+160-220% Enhanced Defense(varies)
Damage Reduced By 30%
+250 Defense Vs. Missile
+60 To Life

Shaftstop is the ultimate armor for Amazons who want to take the least possible damage from physical attacks.  In addition to having your damage reduced by 30%, missile attacks are reduced by 250.

Unique Tigulated Mail - Crow Caw

Defense: 442.5-534.8 (varies)(Base Defense: 176-190)
Required Level: 37
Required Strength: 86
Durability: 36
+150-180% Enhanced Defense(varies)
15% Increased Attack Speed
15% Faster Hit Recovery
35% Chance of Open Wounds
+15 Dexterity

Crow Caw is good for Amazons who want increased attack speed.  That's about the only good attribute on this armor.

Set Kraken Shell - M'avina's Embrace

Defense: 767-873 (varies)(Base Defense: 417-523)
Required Level: 70
Required Strength: 122
Durability: 48
Requirements -30%
10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Glacial Spike When Struck
Magic Damage Reduced By 5-12
+ (4 Per Character Level) 4-396 Defense (Based On Character Level)
+2 To Passive And Magic Skills (Amazon Only)
+350 Defense

M'avina's Embrace is useful for its +2 to Passive and Magic Skills and also for completing the M'avina's Set.

Unique Studded Leather - Twitchthroe

Defense: 57-60
Required Level: 16
Required Strength: 27
Durability: 32
+25 Defense
25% Increase chance of blocking
20% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Increased Attack Speed
+10 To Dexterity
+10 To Strength

Eh, only use Twitchthroe if you seriously need increased attack speed and don't have a better armor.  The defense is far too low, but it's good early on.


Set Bramble Mitts - Laying of Hands

Defense: 79-87 (varies)(Base Defense: 54-62)
Required Level: 63
Required Strength: 50
Durability: 12
+25 Defense
20% Increased Attack Speed
+350% Damage To Demons
Fire Resist +50%
10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Holy Bolt On Attack

One of the best Amazon gloves because of its nice increased attack speed and the incredible damage to demons.

Set Chain Gloves - Cleglaw's Pincers

Defense: 8-9
Required Level: 4
Required Strength: 25
Durability: 16
Slows Target by 25%

These are incredibly easy to find, but really useful, mainly because of the knockback.  Once you get a Windforce, or if you get one, these become obsolete.
Rare/Crafted Gloves with



These are the ultimate gloves, as they sort of combine the best parts of Creglaw's Pincers and The Laying of Hands into one glove.


Unique Demonhide Sash - String of Ears

Defense: 90-113 (varies)(Base Defense: 29-34)
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 20
Durability: 22
16 Boxes
+150-180% Enhanced Defense(varies)
+15 Defense
6-8% Life Stolen Per Hit(varies)
Damage Reduced By 10-15%(varies)
Magic Damage Reduced 10-15(varies)

String of Ears is mainly used for the great life leeching and the incredibly useful addition of the damage reduced percentages.

Unique Vampirefang Belt - Nosferatu's Coil

Defense: 56-63
Required Level: 51
Required Strength: 50
Durability: 14
16 Boxes
Slows Target By 10%
+2 To Mana After Each Kill
5% Life Stolen Per Hit
+15 To Strength
10% Increased Attack Speed
-3 To Light Radius

Nosferatu's Coil is pretty good, offering some nice Increased Attack speed in addition to some life leeching.

Set Sharkskin Belt - M'avina's Tenet

Defense: 81-86 (varies)(Base Defense: 31-36)
Required Level: 45
Required Strength: 20
Durability: 14
+50 Defense
20% Faster Run/Walk
+5 To Light Radius
5% Mana Stolen Per Hit

Probably the only belt in existence with Faster Run/Walk, the addition of the mana leeching makes it incredibly useful for an Amazon.

Set Battle Belt - Wilhelm's Pride

Defense: 64-75 (varies)(Base Defense: 37-42)
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 88
Durability: 18
+75% Enhanced Defense
5% Life Stolen Per Hit
5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
Cold Resist +10%

Dual leeching on this belt makes Wilhelm's Pride one to keep.


Unique War Boots - Gore Rider

Defense: 114.4-162 (varies)(Base Defense: 43-53)
Required Level: 47
Required Strength: 93
Durability: 34
+160-200% Enhanced Defense(varies)
30% Faster Run/Walk
10% Chance Of Open Wounds
15% Chance Of Crushing Blow
15% Deadly Strike
Requirements -25%
+20 Maximum Stamina

Gore Rider is mainly used because of its increased chance of open wounds, crushing blow, and deadly strike.  Combine that with Highlord's Wrath, and that's an addition 115 enhanced damage along with Pierce, Penetrate, your Dexterity, and Critical Strike.

Set Battle Boots - Aldur's Advance

Defense: 39-47
Required Level: 45
Required Strength: 95
40% Faster Run/Walk
+180 Maximum Stamina
10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
Heal Stamina Plus +32%
+50 To Life

Only reason this is used is because of the 40% faster run/walk and the nice addition to life.  Other 40% faster run/walk boots, like Natalya's Soul and Immortal King's Pillar are acceptable.


Unique Amulet - Highlord's Wrath

Required Level: 65
+1 To All Skill Levels
20% Increased Attack Speed
+ (0.375 Per Character Level) 0.375-37.125 % Deadly Strike (Based On Character Level)
Lightning Resist +35%
Adds 1-30 Lightning Damage
Attacker Takes Lightning Damage Of 15

Definitely the ultimate amulet for the Amazon.  The +1 to All Skills is semi-useful, the 20% increased attack sped is awesome, but it's the deadly strike that kills.  At high levels, around the Lvl80 range, the deadly strike percentage exceeds 100%, so that doubles your damage, in addition to other damage adding properties, like Pierce, Penetrate, Dexterity, and Critical Strike.

Unique Amulet - The Cat's Eye

Required Level: 50
30% Faster Run/Walk
20% Increased Attack Speed
+100 Defense Vs. Missiles
+100 Defense
+25 To Dexterity

Not quite as good as Highlord's, Cat's Eye offers a really nice faster run/walk and some good ias.


Unique Ring - Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band

Required Level: 58
+1 To All Skill Levels
+ (0.5 Per Character Level) 0.5-49.5 To Life (Based On Character Level)
3-5% Life Stolen Per Hit(varies)
+50 Maximum Stamina

Bul Kathos' is essentially a Stone of Jordan that helps melee characters, not mages.  This is useful because of the +1 to all skills and the life leeching.
Rare/Crafted Ring with

-Dual leeching

Otherwise known as Raven or Havoc Spiral.

First things first, every single Raven/Havoc spiral that is traded throughout Battle.net is duped.  By accepting a trade involving one of these rings, you are risking account deletion.  But these are the ultimate rings for Amazons.  It is entirely possible that you may find a rare ring that has dual leeching, but the chances of that are incredibly slim(probably lower than finding a Skullder's Ire and a Shaftstop all in one meph run).

For the Javazon, then use all the same equipment as above, except for the weapon and shield:


Unique Ceremonial Javelin - Titan's Revenge

Throw Damage: (70-79) To (185-212) (127.5-145.5 Avg)
One-Hand Damage: (70-79) To (137.5-155) (103.75-117 Avg)
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 25
Required Dexterity: 109
Max Stack: 80
(Amazon Only)
+150-200% Enhanced Damage(varies)
Adds 25-50 Damage
+2 To Amazon Skill Levels
5-9% Life Stolen Per Hit(varies)
30% Faster Run/Walk
+20 To Strength
+20 To Dexterity
Replenishes Quantity [30]
Increased Stack Size [60]
+2 To Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)

This is the only weapon a Javazon should use.  No other Javelin is as good as the Titan's Revenge.  It adds +2 to Amazon skills, along with some life leeching, and some great addition to stat points.  If you don't have Titan's Revenge, or don't plan on getting one, then don't bother making a Javazon.


Unique Monarch - Stormshield

Defense: 148.75 - (164.75-532.25) (Base Defense: 145-161)
Required Level: 73
Required Strength: 156
Chance to Block: Pal: 75%, Ama/Asn/Bar: 72%, Dru/Nec/Sor: 67%
Paladin Smite Damage: 12 To 34
+ (3.75 Per Character Level) 3.75-371.25 Defense (Based On Character Level)
+25% Increased Chance Of Blocking
35% Faster Block Rate
Damage Reduced By 35%
Cold Resist +60%
Lightning Resist +25%
+30 To Strength
Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 10

Definitely the ultimate Shield in the game, Stormshield is the best simply beacuse of its high block rate and because of its incredible damage reduction.


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