Diablo II 1.10 Patch Information

Diablo II is revitalized once again due to the new patch, with its new "ladder" system. Old hacked items such as hexes and white rings have now dissappeared, making pk games more fair. Monster difficulty in hell has increased substantially, making MF much more difficult, even with the best items. Blizzard continues to please its gamers by producing at least one very popular game that makes any top 10 list. 

Diablo II's 1.10 patch has sparked many changes:

Ladder trading: We notice that there is absolutely no currency! So, it is rather difficult to trade without the currency of hexes or sojs. And on that topic, sojs are worth very much- 1 soj I have seen can get you a vex rune and many high level uniques. 

Character Classes: Character class ratios have changed drastically. Because barbarians and amazons have received so few improvements in 1.10, they have declined from their ridiculous amount in 1.09. Sorceresses have shifted their tree to cold; nearly 75% of all sorceresses are cold sorcs, for two distinct reasons: 1) The diminishing returns (or if you know math, the 2nd derivative) of Cold Mastery has been taken off, providing a linear increase, so cold sorcs now max cold mastery. 2) Because the "hacked" godly items in 1.09 have disappeared, sorcs find it difficult to find access to the ridiculous amount of mana they had in 1.09. Thus, they are unable to pay for Nova's ultra mana cost. If you have anything less than 1400 mana, your nova will deplete your mana very quickly.

Diablo II 1.10 Patch Information


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