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Diablo II/ Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Published by Blizzard Entertainment, who brought us the incredible WarCraft and StarCraft series, Diablo II continues the game from Diablo I, adding more classes, more options, more replayability, more monsters, more everything.  It undoubtedly contains one of the most simple and easy-to-learn systems ever in a video game.

The main goal in Diablo II is to fight and kill Diablo and his minions, and in the Expansion, to dethrone Baal.  This quest takes your character all over the world, as you run across the fields, endlessly fighting off the endless minions and monsters of Diablo.  However, that is only the Single Player.  The Multi Player allows you to team up against Diablo's minions, or you can choose to do battle with each other.

Playing Diablo II is relatively simple: If you want to attack something, just left-click it, and your character will run over and strike it.  If you want to use a special attack/spell on something, right-click it.  Occasionally, when monsters get killed, they drop items, and you can pick them up by clicking on them.  Pressing Alt makes them easier to see by illuminating them with text.  Each character can also wear equipment, like armor, helms, weapons, typical RPG fare, and all equipment has certain properties to them, which you can use to your advantage.  It's really that simple.

Yup, that's really all there is to the game.  And yet, Diablo II is wildly addictive, definitely because of the multiplayer feature.  There's just a certain charm to wasting your friends and enemies in a game with ease or with with effort that makes this game's replayability so high.

Anyway, you can find sections and strategies on all the characters BELOW.

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