Pokemon, I Choose You!
Who's That Pokemon?     It's Pikachu!!
The first episode of Pokemon starts with Ash watching a Pokemon League Tournament, a match with Gengar vs. Nidorino (sound familiar? A-hem... Red Version GB) Ash's mom comes in and tells him to go to bed so that he can wake up early next morning to get a Pokemon from the famous Pro. Oak. Ash is having a dream about catching Pokemon, and he throws his Pokeball shaped alarm clock as a Pokeball in his dreams against the wall and breaks it. Now, guess what? He'll be late! Ha ha... poor Ash. Anyways, he wakes up next morning and runs to Oak's house in his PJ's!!! I mean is that humiliating or what? Haha.
          After he arrived, Gary is right there with a Pokeball in hand. Ash asks what is in the Pokeball, but Gary refuses to tell, obviously thinking that Ash will choose someone that is strong against his Pokemon. So Ash meets Oak, and he tries to choose Charmander, but the Pokeball was... empty!! Poor Ash, for the second time. Then he tries to take the others, but they were all chosen too. Oak gives Ash a lecture about waking up early, and try again next year, but Ash is determined, so Oak gives him Pikachu. Ash picks Pikachu up and... Pikachu!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ouch! Ash got fried... really bad too. Poor Ash (3rd time). So he goes outside and finds his own fans, way smaller than Gary's (Gary has a HUGE crowd with his own team of cute cheerleaders. Anyways... Ash tries to put Pikachu in a Pokeball, but Pikachu just keeps on hitting it back to Ash. Ash's mom thinks it's awfully cute and says Aww, that's so cute, they;re playing catch! Now, Ash's mom embarassed him big time with telling him to be careful and etc, and get this! Ash's mom gives him his cloth's etc, but that isn't it though. Ash's mom shows the whole crowd of what, 70 people, that Ash wears tidy - whites without even knowing it! Poor Ash (4th time). So Ash starts his Journey with Pikachu "following," if you can call getting tied to a rope and dragged by your trainer following him. At least Ash is smart to wear rubber gloves.
          After a while, Ash finds a Pidgey, checks his Pokedex, Dexter, and decided to fight. But Pikachu was just sitting there on a tree branch, disobeying and humiliating Ash in the worst possible way, to show that Ash was a total idiot, can't even control his level 5 Pikachu. Poor Ash (5th time). So Ash decides to attack it himself. Bad choice. The pigey used Sand Attack and Ash was already beaten. Poor Ash (6th time). Just then, a Rattata came out of his backpack and stole a piece of cheese or something, and Ash checks Dexter, and Dexter saids that Rattatas usually live in the forest, but sometimes they come out of the forest and steal food from stupid and pathetic trainers. Haha... humiliated by his own Pokedex. Poor Ash(7th time). Anyways, he sees another bird Pokemon, thought it was Pidgey, and threw a rock. It turned out to be a Spearow, so it got mad and attacked Pikachu. Ash was worried about Pikachu, but soon found the Spearow flying away from a nasty thundershock by Pikachu. Then Misty comes along, and played around with Pikachu.
          After Misty left, Ash had more bad luck. Let's put it this way. You mess with Spearows, your gonna get hurt. So a group of Spearows, led by a Fearow, Attacked Ash and Pikachu. Well, now Ash runs away with Pikachu, meets Misty again by a lake. Ash takes Misty's bike and rode away. Ash, being his usual clumsy self, rode of a cliff. That little incident let the Pokemon catch up. As they dived in for the kill, Ash tries to protect Pikachu, Pikachu starts to like Ash, Pikachu jumps on Ash's shoulder and jumps at the Spearows and the one Fearow, and PPIIIIKKAAAAACCHHHUUU!!!!!!! The angry and hurt Pokemon runs away, and the day was saved. A rainbow comes out, and Ash spotted a Houou, A.K.A. Golden Bird. And the episode ends with Ash and Pikachu becoming friends.

THE END - By Dark Mew