#70- To Master the Onixpected | Rating 7/10

Whos that pokemon? its alakazam!

    The episode starts with Brock and Ash watching a TV show with all of the
trainers of the pokemon league in it. Bruno, Agatha, Lance, and Lorelie are
all in it (it's a show of them all fighting, like the one ash is watching in
the first episode).

Bruno appears to be fighting really hard, but Ash has to continue his
training for the pokemon league. Misty turns off the TV and they argue. his
mom comes and says Bruno is around mount hide away. (i think) such a stupid
name no offence to pplz who think it good name.

    They decide to go visit Bruno, the rock and fighting type trainer for
tips on how to train his pokemon. It is rumored that Bruno lives in the
mountains where large Onix's roam around. The gang head for the mountain but
are confused when they reach the side of the mountain. A large track was made
in the rock, as if someone dragged something heavy on it. It lead a path to
the top of the mountain.

Then, a large Onix comes charging at them angrily. The large onix is much
larger and heavier than most onix. Bruno pulls them of the track behind a
large boulder to save them. Bruno brings them to his home, a cave at the top
of the mountain.

    Ash and co. thank Bruno for saving them from the onix. Bruno explains
that the onix grew so big because of the fertile soil and rock on the
mountain. Ash asks Bruno for his wise advise, but bruno refuses to tell him.
Then they beg and they do physical training. He asks Ash to peal a stick.
After he does, he starts eating/ drinking his soup...doesnt look too good.
Bruno then suddenly turns into a lazy slob. He stops caring about his guests.
Team Rocket thinks that if they just have a strong pokemon, they will start
winning (thats supposed to be a secret from Bruno) . Team rocket follows the
track and gets to the Onix. the onix starts crashing about and makes loud
noise so ash and co. go there. Team rocket goes to a cave and the onix starts
banging his head against the top of the cave. Onix still rages after several
attemps of overpowering it by Misty, Ash and brock but Bruno sooths the large
Onix by dodging all attacks (he is fighting it by him self. and he jumps on
the head. then Onix allows bruno to meditate and he reaches inside one of the
crevices of Onix and takes out a Sandslash. Apparently the Onix normally was
a calm creature but lately had a pain on him. Again, Ash is sidetracked from
his training for the pokemon league as they return home.
The End- by Nbakjj@aol.com