Whos that pokemon? It's Machop!

#99- The Mandarian Island Miss Match



As usual, ash and his lapras sail around the orange islands. They get to Mandarian island.

While the heroes (uh, really) are having lunch, they find about a very talented pokemon demonstrator (and trainer) called Prima (prounced PREE-muh) (she is also known as Loreli- the 1st league trainer- ice, she has the exact same pokemon). She finds ash and the group and all go "oh my god", it's prima! She then looks out to the sea and says the sky is beautiful, ice is beautiful (I wonder why).

Anyway, ash wants to challenge her, but Prima doesn't. So ash finds another trainer, and battles him. 2v2. Ash uses squirtle, and the trainer uses persian. 1st squirtle used water gun, but persian dodged it. Persian then used thunderbolt (it looked cool, it came out it's eyes), and squirtle used withdraw. It didn't get hurt. Then squirtle used skull bash and busted the persian. Then that (oh.are you okay?) comes out. Then the trainer sends out tauros, it busts squirtle, then ash used charizard. 1st it fried ash, so ash turned into ash. Then it fried tauros. Charizard, return! Ash cried, uh missed. Missed again. Missed yet again. Then Prima uses slowbro and disables it. Pokeball got charizard. Prima has to do a pokemon battle demonstration, so she did it. She used cloyster and fought a alakazam or kadabra. MISTAKE- it was REAL FUNNY. When cloyster used take down on uh lets say kadabra, the kadabra said alakazam! Then it showed alakadam standing up. And no, it didn't evolve. She has skills, she beat them good. Later, she invited ash and friends to her house (she shouldn't have done that). Prima told ash some weird pokemon secrets like losing is good. It's part of being a trainer.


Later ash wanted to battle Prima, she finally agreed. Guess who won. No doubt Prima won. [if this summary sounds not enough "no doubt" prima won, watch the show, and you'll know what I mean.] it was a 1v1. Prima used Cloyster, and ash used Pikachu. "yes, a water type!" ash says. BIG MISTAKE! Pikachu, thunder bolt! Cloyster, withdraw! No damage done. Cloyster, take down! Pikachu,busted. Pikachu got up. Pikachu, aglity! Cloyster, reflect. Pikachu bumped into the reflection, busted again. Cloyster, aurora beam! Pikachu. Busted. And then.. finally, Team Rocket. This eposide was good because team rocket played a short part. So, team rocket says as usual, hand over pikachu. Then Prima sends out Jynx, and ice punches them. They freeze, then it blizzarded them and "team rocket is flying off again". Then as usual, the hereos leave, Bye! Bye! [waving hands], I will listen you what you[prima] told us! Bye!

 The end