#100- Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon
Whos that pokemon? It's venonat!
(This Episode contains names from the movie "West Side Story")
Yes! One of the (probably the 1st) orange island episodes that the beginning don't have a Lapras sailing to the island! Well, the beginning of this episode shows the heroes walking on the island. Then they meet a girl called Emily, and she lost her female nidoran called Maria (from west side story). Ash checks his pokedex and then the heroes start finding Maria. While they are finding Emily's nidoran, another guy comes to them and askes them to find a MALE nidaran called Tony (from west side story). Later marril finds them. The heroes and the boy and the girl find out that the 2 nidorans are flirting with each other. They are in love (duh). The group stares at how nicely the nidoran are treating each other, then later the owners take their nidorans. The nidorans feel bad because they have to part.

Later Team Rocket try to think of a plan to get those nidoran and give it to their boss (they listen to that dude? I'd jus battle that giovanni). 1st meowth tries to tell the nidoran to come with him, but refuse. Then the scene changes and shows misty telling ash that she is going to write 2 love letters to them, making them think that they like each other now. (stupid idea). Misty then shows off her knowledge about love. And of course including insults about Ash like "your not mature enough", sure enough, Ash (as always) says, NO, I'm mature. (sure.) Then Misty says that if 2 are together, they will get along and fall in love. (here's the good part). Then TRACY says that "That's the exact same thing happening with  you two". (HAHA!) Then ash and misty pause, then both yell to tracey saying, "ARE YOU CRAZY?". Then the scene changes to ash, misty, and tracy behind a tree watching the reaction of the love letters. (there must have been a meeting spot). Sure enough, the two meet and guess what happened They started fighting! Hehe. It was kinda stupid. Then.....
Team Rocket dressed up in a wedding gown comes walking, as usual, they snatch the nidorans, then doing their motto, taking off their costumes. Then the mewth ballon rises..with the nidorans.. "We must do something"! "Lets follow them" says ash. Then group follows the ballon to the team rocket hiding spot (what else can I call it?) as usual, they battle. 2 nidorans vs. victreebel and arbok. Pretty intense fight. And it was funny, (but can't explain what happened), well.heres one: while battleing, the owners both yelled out "Double Kick!" and both of them stuck their feet out simiultaniously. (is that okay?) anyway, team rocket get beaten (duh). And..the nidoran kiss. Guess what happened nextyou won't believe it.but THEY EVOLVED! And yes, the owners have a better relationship now. (aren't all pokemon episodes have good endings?) Later.(this is funny).the owners MARRY (omg) and shows the 3 bells on the church. But 1 thing..james is stuck on one of them, jessie is stuck on another one, victreeBEL(L)is on the other BELL.

~The end~