#101- Get Along Little, Pokemon
Whos that Pokemon? It's Chansey!
Another episode without the beginning of Lapras. Infact, it shows the trio running in some sort of a desert, really tired, with tracey explaining that they are too tired because they didn't get enough exercise! Then ash admits and says, "yeah, we been always riding on lapras".
Then a thunderstorm hit. The heroes ran again, and misty fell behind. Then Ash helped her up, and his hands were placed on misty's body (oh.how nice). Anyway, later the group found out that that the thunder was absorbed my a bunch (9) of magnimites. Just when the group were staring at the magnimites, a jolteon came along, saying "jolt, jolt". Then the trainer of the magnimites and the jolteon offered the group a ride on his wagon from the 1800s, run
 by not buffalos, or ox, but..tauros! The trainer, or rancherEithan, told ash about his job of having the magnimites 
absorb electricity from thunder and powering up a town called trinity.  And then..when all is fine..you guessed it.
Team Rocket had the plan of stealing the magnimites, jolteon, and pikachu (what else?)They're plan of getting a horesshoe magnet half the size of  the giant meowth balloon and attaching to the balloon (impossible, a hot air balloon can't carry something that weighs about 8 tons), was successful. They sucked up all the magnimites and grabbed the jolteon and pikachu with their pathetic "anti-shock" pliers. Then, as usual, somehow, the group wins. Jolteon pin-missiled team rocket, which caused them to drop off the balloon to the ground. Then jolteon "rounded up" the magnimites with his Thunder Wave move. Then jessie gets super mad (isn't she always?) and sends out arbok. Arbok tackes jolteon and jolteon flies and hits eithan, damaging his arm. (I never know arbok was that strong?) And of couse, pikachu saves the day (or not) moment, by thunder bolting the balloon.
The End.
Anyways.Eithan tells ash to do the task of getting the magnimites to Trovita Town for him, since eithan is injured 
(and where the hek did he get that cast from?)  As usual, ash says "You can count on me!". He rides on 1 tauros, having the magnimites follow him Then one of the magmites waunders off. Ash retrives it, and holdes it in his handthen relizes that.. (again)..
Team Rocket and their retarded plan rubbing some plastic on them selves to generate static electricty. (hey, this show will make kids fail science!) But their plan was half successful. Their 1st shot drew the magmites, but later, pikachu used thunder wave to "round them up". IT's not too effective, so then the magmite in ashes arms breaks
 out and does a act of heroism. He uses all his power and also does thunder wave.then.it evolves into magneton 
(how lucky). Of course, magneton's powers are great, so his thunder wave successfully "rounded up" the 
magnimites and team rocket loses again. Oh, what happened? They got totally fried when the magnmites and pikachu did a combined electric attack. (what about tauros?) and the they "blasted off again"! And they don't 
intefere again in this episode.

Of course, you all guessed right, ash gets to Trovita Town and deliviers electricty to the town. Then as usual..
Eithan says "Bye" and the group says "Bye" and the nurse joys say "take care", and jenny says "be safe", and so on..

~The End~ this is real