#102- The Mystery Menace-
rating- 6/10-boring, so unrealistic
Who's that pokemon? It's Zapdos! (his cry sounds constipated)
This episode starts out like that last one- ash tired and hungry (isn't he always hungry?). Well, as usual.Tracey, the one who sees everything, says Wow! to reaching Trovita City. The trio goes into the city, and (this is REAL STUPID..so unrealistic), BOTH Team Rocket and the Heroes fall into a hole, which happens to lead to a sewer. Then the heroes walk around in the sewer, and a vine starts to touch ash. First ash thought it was pikachu, but then he found out it wasn't and it was a vine. (Take a guess.. you should know what it is. there are only 5 pokemon who have vines). Then ash sends out bulbasaur to exterminate the "monster". The monster uses it's vines and takes away the bulbasaur. And in case you didn't know, the creature is in the water, so you can't see the creature and the vines take bulbasaur into the water.(how sad).
Then later officer jenny spots them and helps them up out of the sewer. (This is Sooo unrealistic), the trio gets. thrown into jail! It shows jenny and the mayor talking about the creature (mysterious) in the sewer. The weird thing is that the group isn't even scared! They are so confident! Anyway, the mayor finally reveals that he is trying to keep a secret about the "monster" in the sewer so the city doesn't panic and he will be re-elected mayor. But the "monster" is causing a lot of trouble- mainly stealing other's food and scaring people. The mayor doesn't carewhat a selfish person. Well, the show makes it REALLY obvious, and for a sneak peek, he does end up being "the bad guy" or, for you older people, antagonist. And by the way, the trio ends up getting out of jail. Ash yells to jenny that he needs his bulbasaur back! (This is stupid; the bulbasaur should have died a LONG time ago). So ash and his friends go back into the sewer.
          Then the scene changes to Team Rocket in the sewer walking around. Yes, you guessed it! They got scared from the stupid "monster" also! So instead of being scared, meowth lectures, they try this gay plan of Jessie making her hair over her face and meowth's mouth in James head, so they can scare other things! How pathetic. There's a picture of it above.
          Meanwhile, the mayor decides to take his exterminators to exterminate the "monster". They found team rocket in their gay costume. But it didn't satisfy the mayor, so he decided to make his exterminators close all the entrances to the sewer. Uh oh. Ash? Team rocket?

Then the scene changes to ash sending out his Muk to find some stuff. Later ash finds a tunnel in the water. They swim. And suddenly the scene changes to ash lying in some hay and his bulbasaur beside him. So of course he hugs it and says some stuff. Then Misty finds out that the "monster" is another bulbasaur twice the size of ash's. So did u guess right? It's either bulbasaur and his evolution or tentacool and his evolution. But it should have been tentacruel because they live in the water! Anyway, ash finds out that the bulbasaur belongs to the selfish mayor. So the group somehow finds a way out and brings the bulbasaur to the mayor. The mayor recalls that that bulbasaur was thrown into the sewer when the mayor was a little kid, why? Because it didn't evolve. No wonder the bulbasaur was so big. Well, later the mayor's bulbasaur vine whips the mayor, swings him around, gets flown into the sky, and falls down, hitting a statue which resembles himself. Meanwhile, pikachu uses thunder bolt on his exterminators. Done.
~The End~
Team rocket? They didn't do $#!+. Of course, they get stuck in the sewer.