#107- Pokemon Food Fight, 8/10
Who's That Pokemon? It's Marowak!

Notice the introduction is shortened greatly, which probably means the episode is longer! Yay! Or means that there's more commercials! NO!
This episode concentrates on a retarded kid with flowers in his hair. JUST KIDDING.

It starts out when the terrible trio are out thinking they are stranded on an island, and of course, the 1st thing ash thinks is he's goina starve to death. What about the toilet? Oh yeah, I forgot, the plants. Just then, Tracey explains that on this island, there are lots of PLANTS that pokemon like to eat!

Then Tracey goes and finds a bunch of flowers caved between some rocks. He tries to pull at them, but instead a kid emerges out between the rocks. He show's himself off as Gulzar, the greatest grass trainer in the orange islands! Yeah, I see his enthusiasm by wearing flowers on his head. You know how little kids LOVE to disguise themselves. If you are one, isn't it true?

Then Gulzar (he's reeeely got the guts) yells at Tracey, who's about 2 heads taller than that lil punk, and stupid Tracey actually apologized to that dumb kid. Well, it's Pokemon, and kids are supposed to learn from it.?(Team rocket isn't educational at all!)

The yelling comes to an end when Gulzar challenges someone to a match. You know what's next. Gulzar sends out Gloom, because they look alike (gloom has a flower on his head) and their names both start with G.  Right then, memory lost ash (I bet he was a victim of a MIB case) checks his pokedex again for gloom. Ash plans to send out charizard, but instead squirtle came out! So Gulzar's Grassy Gloom (GGG) takes a water gun from squirtle and starts jumping around excited like he reached his orgasm. Water feeds plants. So Ash recalls squirtle and plans to send out charizard again, (wasn't this a 1 on 1?) But instead, he drops the pokeball on a rock, and snorlax comes out! Having a pokemon so heavy in a pokeball dropped on a rock, it got broken. Ash tries to recall him, but a mal functioning pokeball won't do any good.

While ashey boy is complaining, impatient Gulzar just says, "Ok Gloom, use your SOLARBEAM." Supposing to be a strong move, this knocks snorlax to a rock. Fat HP Blubber wakes up and thinks GGG is it's breakfast! While Ash actually cares about GGG, he says, trying to be heroic, "NO, Stop Snorlax!" Gulzar attempts to save his GG (grassy Gloom) which won't stop snorlax, and Snorlax ate the flowers on Gulzar's head! YAY! Then as usual, Gulzar gets real pissed off, which Snorlax doesn't care, and he ate Gulzar's lunch that his momma made for him! YEY! Then, Gulzar, who had the guts to yell at Tracey, now has the guts to cry in front of Tracey and the others.

Ash is complaining about his broken pokeball. Super mad/sad Gulzar tells ash that the pokemon center is a few miles away, in a bad attitude. He points to a mountain, and says it's over the mountain, HAHA! (Hey at least he told the truth!) Then Gulzar gives the group an unwelcome goodbye, in other words, say something bad and leave.

So the group goes up the mountain, dragging snorlax while misty puts logs under snorlax to make the dragging easier. This scene looks demented. The group is too tired and no longer can drag snorlax. Later Tracey comes up with this crazy idea of luring the snorlax with an apple. Unfortunately, snorlax eats it, too bad tracey's too slow. Later Misty thinks of a dangerous idea of dressing Ash up as a apple for snorlax to chase. Luckily ash can run fast enough, and he got right on the top of the mountain. Just at that time, he fell, what a coincedience! Snorlax took a bite out of the hard and fake apple and yelled. The group came running up and released Ash from his costume.

The trio must find a way down. Misty sees a river and decides to float down the river. However, they come to a waterfall and they actually fell! The next scene shows the stupid group acting like their drowning. Then Gulzar appears and say "just stand up!" They do to realize the water's only like a foot deep! HM.if they fell from a WATERFALL, and the water's 1 foot deep, they must have cracked their bodies a LONG time ago! Another funny thing is that HOW did Gulzar get to the pokemon center? Shortcut? I guess so.

Ash walks to the pokemon center, and to a crowd of people. He finds out that their pokemon need food. Nurse Joy announces food will be coming in an instant. Later a sol plane drops a box of food with a parachute from the air. Who the heck would send food this way? At this time, when the food is falling, Meowth uses a Mecha-Meowthinator
, a robot where meowth controls it. He uses the grabber and brings the food to Team Rocket. Then Rocket does their motto, standing on top of the box. The people get really mad. So Team Rocket made a deal, "We'll give you this food, (described something like Lots of yummy chucky) if you give us your pikachu." The crowd mumbles, and looks like they'll want to sacrifice ash's pikachu. Then Ash defends himself, and Gulzar bails him out, explaining the people are selfish, the pikachu means a lot to ash.

Team Rocket then battles with Ash. Well, more like Mecha-Meowthinator
vs. Pikachu. Mecha-Meowthinator uses it's Power Swipes, where the claw of the meowthinator acts like a drill. The Meowthinator is very slow, so Pikachu didn't get hurt at all. But he got tired, and didn't want to fight anymore. Then, Snorlax came, he had a weird look in his eyes. Tracey explains that he cares for ash. Big Fat Blubber doesn't take any damage from any of Meowthinator's attacks, Power Swipes, Turbo Skull-Bash- which made Meowthinator lose the head, and on Turbo Body Slam- which sent meowth flying toward snorlax's stomach. (?body slam?) While meowth is still in snorlax's blubber, he aims toward team rocket, fires meowth and they are sent into water. Than Snorlax uses it's amazing move, hard to imagine such a sleepy pokemon use this move, but it's the mighty Hyper Beam. It comes from it's mouth, and fires at Team Rocket. You know whats next.
Ash then received his pokeball and recalled snorlax.

This time instead of Pikachu's Jukebox, they played Meowth's Party. It's kinda cool how they show a 3d meowth, as they never did that in pokemon before.
Well, this is it, I believe this is the longest episode summary as of 8/27/00.
~ By Goldporygon