Episode #101-Get Along Little, Pokemon

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Chansey!

Written by Zidane

The announcer announces that Ash and Co. are travelling through the canyons of Mandarin Island(they're still on that island?) and are heading to the next gym locating at Trovita City(very gay name.).  Ash and Misty are worn out, and are asking Tracey when they might reach Trovita.  Tracey then tells them in about 3 days.

Okay, so walking in a hot deserted canyon is bad enough, but for 3 days?

Ash decides that he can't do it anymore and asks Tracey where is the nearby town.  He then says that they could reach it by tomorrow morning.  Ash and Misty whine again, and Ash then says that they didn't get much exercise riding on Lapras' back!

Yeah, go Ash!  Get rid of that horrid monster and get your groove on!  Whoo!

While Tracey is talking to Ash and Misty about Lapras, some big ol' clouds begin forming behind him, and before they can react, it begins to rain hard.

Ash then says that he'd rather be hot and tired than be wet and tired.  Being wet and tired is pretty cool, but being hot and tired makes you feel worse.  I wonder why he said that?

Tracey tells them to go under a big rock, but a large lightning bolt streaks from the sky and hits something.  Ash and the group look to see what it is, and it turns out to be a bunch of Magnemite having freaky Magnemite love!  Electricity is being generated from all sides, and for some stupid reason, Ash uses his pokedex on Magnemite, even though he's already seen this pokemon twice.

Suddenly, a Jolteon with one hell of a weird voice appears on the rock that the group is resting on, yelling "Jolt!  Jolt!".

What the heck happened to Jolteon's voice?  It used to be exactly like Flareon and Vaporeon's voice but now it sounds like some constipated man who ate too many Arby's Roast Beef sandwiches.

Jolteon lets out a burst of electricity, and the Magnemite are attracted to it, so they begin to follow Jolteon.  A man in a wagon suddenly appears, yelling out the words "Hop in, pilgrims."


Ash and the group "hop in", getting freaked out by the man.  Many lightning bolts begin to hit the Magnemites.

The scene changes to after the storm, and Ash is asking "A Magnemite ranch?".  It turns out that the man uses Magnemites to absorb electricity and give it to the people in the city.  He then blows his whistle, and Tracey times the reaction time to be 2 seconds.  The man begins to check all the Magnemites by putting tweezers on them, and squeezing tightly, damaging but a few limbs(If Magnemites had any).

Ash and Misty are disturbed by the way he calls all his Magnemites by numbers, since he nicknamed them all accordingly.  The man then proceeds to tell where all the Magnemite are, and their numbers.  Ash and Misty look very angry, saying that they all look the same.

However, Number 6 is wandering away, so the man tells Jolteon to go "Round it up".  Jolteon lets out a burst of electricity, so number 6 is back.  It turns out that Number 6 is a black sheep!(Did anyone watch that movie with David Spade?)  All it does is give him a heap of trouble.

Pikachu and Togepi wander around, but a Magnemite approaches Pikachu, followed by another, two more, four more, and then the whole lot of them begin to perform salutory rape on Pikachu!

At least 30 Magnemite are around Pikachu, giving him all they got, and Ash tries to save Pikachu from being a virgin, but the Magnemite let out a Thunderbolt, and Ash is fried instantly.

Everyone asks if Ash is alright.

"I'm just dandy."

I'm just dandy?  Who wrote this script, Jefferson Davis?

The man then tells Ash that he is one tough little hombre(Heather Locklear?).  Jolteon begins to lead the Magnemites again, and the man orders the wagon to follow.(Powered by Tauros).

After some cheesy cowboy music, the man asks Ash to take over, but Ash does a horrible job as the wagon bounces around on the ground, making it very unwary to Misty and Tracey in the back.  Misty says that they are going to the nearest town, and the man answers that she is in luck, because that is exactly where he is going.

The scene changes to rainfall again, and a large lightning bolt strikes the group of Magnemites, powering them up once again.

The scene changes again to daylight, and the group is resting.  Ash tells the man that he is going to the Orange League, and after some conversation, it's revealed that the man's name is Ethan.

Ethan Allen, perhaps?

Team Rocket's binoculars are revealed, and Meowth then says "Pikachu, Magnemite, Jolteon...  That's a real power posse."

You forgot Tauros!

Team Rocket decides to steal all the Magnemite.

Ethan gets  a call, and it is revealed that the town they are supposed to visit is totally out of electricity.  So Ethan decides to ride to the town and help them out with his Magnemite.

Jolteon detects something, as several of the Magnemites begin to fly away from their location and over a canyon.  Ethan orders Jolteon to find out what's going on, and it turns out that Team Rocket is attracting all the Magnemites with...

The best damn magnet there ever is!

Their Meowth Balloon is armed with a magnet roughly the size of the balloon itself, and all the Magnemites are stuck to it, glad that something that's not alive is giving it something that something alive couldn't give it.(Get your mind in the gutter!)

After the "Who's That Pokemon?", Team Rocket flies away with the Magnemite, and after some conversation, James brings out a favorite child toy of mine and uses it on Jolteon and Pikachu.  The toy is one of those Nabber Grabbers where you press a button and a grabber extends a long distance and grabs something.  The grabber takes Jolteon and Pikachu, but Pikachu does Thunderbolt.

And gets his ass handed down to him on a stick.

The grabber is shockproof, but Ethan orders the Jolteon to do Pin Missile, which breaks open the grabber but somehow does not damage the balloon!

Pikachu and Jolteon fall, and Jolteon proceeds to do Thunderwave, which makes the Magneton disregard the magnet and have some hot loving with Jolteon.  Jessie sends Arbok at Jolteon, and Arbok Tackles Jolteon, injuring the electric dog and causing Ethan's arm to break because of Jolteon slamming against it into a rock.  Pikachu uses Thunderbolt against Team Rocket, and they blast off again.

Ethan cannot use the wagon anymore, and Ash says that he can't do it.

Surprise, surprise!  Ash, being the action hero, decides to do it.  Ethan tells Ash to bring Number 1-9 to the town to give them electricity.

While traveling through the land, all the Magnemites begin to fly away.  Pikachu does Thunderwave, so they all come back.  Ash stops and takes a rest to count up all the Magnemite.  He only counts 8, and since he had 9 to begin with, he's missing one!  It turns out he's missing Number 6, the black sheep.  Ash finds Number 6 near a waterfall, but Number 6 begins acting strangely as it begins flying toward a top of a canyon.

Ash looks at the canyon, and sees Meowth using an electromagnetic machine powered by static electricity, in which James rubs the generator on his hair and Jessie rubs the generator in her armpits.  Ash takes off with the Magnemite, and Team Rocket follow him, until he reaches the site.

Team Rocket discover his site, so they aim the machine at all the Magnemites, and they all begin to be attracted to Meowth's machine.  Pikachu is too tired, and cannot do anything.  However, also being an action hero, Pikachu does a Thunderbolt, which touches the Magnemite group attached to Meowth's machine, so the Magnemites are back to Pikachu.  Meowth is carried off at the electricity, but Jessie and James do their static dance and a war between who has the strongest electricity ensues.

Pikachu is weaker, since it's so tired, but Number 6 walks right into the middle of Pikachu and Meowth's electricity, giving it an enormous power surge.  Magnemite releases a large blast of electricity at Meowth, which proceeds to break away the Magnemite group.  All the Magnemite begin to circle around Number 6, and after a brief moment, Magnemite evolves to the mighty Magneton.

Ash orders then all to do a combined Thunderbolt attack.

Team Rocket gets their ass fried.

After regrouping, Ash finally reaches the town, and at this time, it begins to play the music for "The Time Has Come".(Just the music, no singing.)

Ethan, Misty, and Tracey finally reach the town, and see that the town has regained electricity.

Ethan and Ash exchange words, and after some talking about Ash joined Ethan, Ash refuses and says that he must continue on his quest for the Orange League.

"Good bye, Amigo." says Ethan.

Ash is greatly disturbed by his usage of Spanish, and decides to translate.  "Good bye, friend."

Hey, and that's the end!

Liked this episode a little bit, but they should have made it a bit more action packed, like Digimon.  You also might notice that Digimon jumps right into the action on Scene 1 but it takes several moments for Pokemon to jump into action.  However, jumping right into action is usually not very good, since it portrays Saban's spirit in his "Power Rangers" creation.