Episode #102-The Mystery Menace

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Zapdos!

By Zidane

The scene starts with the group walking in something that resembles a desert.  Ash is lagging behind, with cap pointing toward the ground.  He then raises his head and asks, "Hey, if you guys are hungry, do you wanna get something to eat?"

Did you guys ever notice that the beginning of all the Orange League episodes always start with either Lapras or Ash saying that he wants something to eat?

Tracey spots something ahead, and the group hurries over to see what's the matter.  The announcer then says that they have finally arrived on Trovitopolis(Not Trovita Island).  It seems okay on the surface, but deep underneath, a secret lurks.

It's gold, I tell you!  It's gold!

Team Rocket is spying on the group, and Meowth explains that they have dug the ultimate hole.  All you have to do is press the trigger, and dynamite explodes where Pikachu is.  Team Rocket start to do their motto, but Meowth interrupts them and tells them not to give away their position.  James presses the button, but nothing happens.

Not for long!

The ground underneath Team Rocket explodes, and Team Rocket ends up falling into their own hole!

Ash hears Team Rocket scream, and before you know it, something explodes under the group, and Ash, Misty, and Tracey have fallen under a hole.

Ash and Misty wake up, but Tracey has gotten his chubby self stuck in a hole.  Ash and Misty try to get him out in a very disturbing scene, but Tracey eventually wriggles out.

They break an opening in the hole they have fallen into, and end up in a sewer.  Tracey then says that it's easy now to get out because all they have to do is find a manhole.  While exploring the sewers, Ash hears a bell ring, but Misty and Tracey say that his ears are probably still ringing from the fall.  Ash hears it again, and a huge vine touches him on the back.  Ash assumes that it is Pikachu, and tries to talk to Pikachu and say that he doesn't have time, but Pikachu is in front of him.  Ash turns around, and sees...

A huge vine!  What a surprise!

A huge vine is extending out of the water, getting jiggy in the air while touching Ash(Not in that way!).  Ash tries to use Pikachu against it, but Misty reminds him that water conducts electricity.  Ash then sends out Bulbasaur, and Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf on the vine.  However, the vine whips all the leaves, and wraps around Bulbasaur and takes it down in the water.  Ash attempts to save Bulbasaur, but Misty and Tracey stop him.

While Misty and Tracey are restraining Ash, a beam of light shines down on them(It's a UFO!).  It's Officer Jenny!

Officer Jenny offers a rope to help them out, but Ash is still determined to go and get his Bulbasaur.  Misty and Tracey then tie him up on the rope, and Jenny pulls them up.

Ash, Misty, and Tracey are thrown into jail(!), and Ash begins to pound on the door, saying that it's unfair and to let him out at once.  Officer Jenny opens the door, smacking Ash on the right side of the head.  She then says that they are free to go.

However, a voice then says "I hope you're not planning on releasing these three, Officer."

The voice comes through the door, and it's revealed to be...

Rush Limbaugh?

The fattest guy ever walks through the door, and it's then revealed that this fat guy is the mayor!  Tracey looks in awe and anger that anything could be chubbier than him.  The mayor wants to keep the group in jail for one more week, but Jenny proves him wrong and says that she can't keep them in jail if they weren't charged for a crime.

Jenny begins to tell them that they encountered a monster down there, but the mayor tries to stop her.  Ash starts to talk about this, but the mayor threatens to arrest them for endangering public safety.  The mayor then says that he has an election next week, and if people find out that he's letting a monster run amok in the sewers, then he'll be ruined.  Finally, Officer Jenny tells him that they can't keep it a secret anymore.

Jenny begins to tell them them about the monster, and how it steals people's food.

Nurse Joy suddenly breaks through the door, mad as hell at big head Limbaugh.  Joy is angry at Limbaugh because of some plan that he wants to initiate.

It is then revealed that the mayor wants to send a SWAT team to go down there and exterminate the monster.

After some arguing, the mayor ignores them and says that he's the mayor and he's the one that's responsible for the city.

The scene changes to the group talking to Professor Oak, and Professor Oak, tired of having 24/7 sex with Mrs. Ketchum, finally does something for them.  It's not much, though.  He tells them that the creature could be a new species of Pokemon, and that they must come up with some way to make sure that the SWAT Team doesn't reach the creature.

Ash, Misty, and Tracey are exploring the city, and see that the mayor is one pompous obese man.  Not only has the mayor put his own statue in the city, he has also put campaign posters everywhere and even has his own trademark symbol, a red "M".

The scene changes again to the mayor talking to the SWAT Team.

After the "Who's That Pokemon", Nurse Joy has found an entrance for the group to go in.  Team Rocket is tired, and Meowth says, "I just wanna get something to eat."

What, so he's Ash now?

The vine comes out of the water and massages Meowth's chin, and Meowth likes it!(Mikey likes it!)  Meowth then says "No matter how much you pet me, you can't calm my hunger pains."  James, surprised that Meowth is flirting with him, tells him that he isn't doing anything.  The vine rubs across Meowth's face, obviously to the brink of ecstasy on the little cat, but Team Rocket finds out that there's a vine next to them!

Team Rocket runs like hell, and finally escape.  James, however, hears footsteps, and a flashlight appears.  James then sends out Weezing in fear that it is the monster.  Weezing does Smokescreen, and it's revealed that the flashlight belongs to Ash and the group.  Team Rocket runs away again, but Misty finds out that her Togepi is gone!

Pikachu points to where it is.  Togepi is walking toward the sewer waterfall!  However, Misty reaches and grabs it just in time, but Ash then stutters and points out that something is behind her.

Misty turns around, and sees the vine again, and the vine wraps around Togepi.

Jealous, Misty?

Negligent mother Misty decides to give up her title and fight for the freaky egg thing.  However, the vine pulls Togepi AND Misty into the water.

Okeee...  this episode is getting freaky now.

Action Hero Ash decides to take drastic measures.  He knows that he's going to the sewers, so he then says that he's brought his secret weapon.

Yasser Arafat?

No, it's Muk!

Ash sends out Muk, but all work and no play makes Muk a dull gay!  Muk jumps on Ash, happy to see him and also putting his charms in Ash's jeans.(Ewwww)


Team Rocket is resting again, but James hears the footsteps again.  Meowth is angered at their runaway plan, and decides to scare the monster!  Jessie puts her hair over her face and pulls it, and James wears Meowth on his head while stretching his mouth down.  Hey, Team Rocket is attempting to scare up some tail!

Team Rocket, in their scare up some tail positions, run after the source of the footsteps, but it's then revealed that the footsteps belong to the SWAT Team!  One of the SWAT radios in the mayor saying that they have found 3 unidentified creatures in the sewers.  The mayor orders them to attack.

The SWAT Team bring out their putty guns and begin firing on Team Rocket, which proceeds to make them run like hell.

Putty guns?  Come on, if you want to kill a monster, you shoot it with real guns!

The SWAT Team then tells the mayor that they found no close identifications for the creature but found 3 life forms under the ground.  The mayor, stupid as he is, decides to seal the entire sanitation system with concrete in the city.

The scene changes to Muk leading the way for Ash and Tracey, but Muk stops at a point.  Ash realizes that the tunnel continues, but there's water, so they have to swim.  Ash and Tracey abandon Muk and start swimming in the tunnel.

Negligent Father Ash!

Ash emerges from the water, but the vine slaps him silly and knocks him out cold.

The scene changes to Nurse Joy arguing with the mayor.  Nurse Joy is saying that he can't seal the sewers because there are still 3 kids trapped under there.  The mayor then just says that he'll open it up after the election, and that kids shouldn't be playing in the sewers anyway.

Oh, this mayor's getting bitchy!

Ash recuperates, and sees Bulbasaur!  But Ash is touched by another vine(Get your mind out of the gutter!) and discovers that it's the monster.  Tracey then says that the monster is actually a Bulbasaur that is twice its normal size!

Tracey says that it's not wild, because it has a collar.  Ash goes to pet the Bulbasaur, but sees that his collar has a bell with the symbol "M" on it.

Water begins to sprout from the concrete, and the scene changes to the mayor taking a bath.  However, water explodes in his mansion, and the mayor is sent flying outside holding his hands over his penis, with only a towel on.

Ash, Misty, and Tracey walk over to the mayor, and Ash asks if this Bulbasaur is his.  It is then revealed that it is, and he just abandoned it into the sewers because it wouldn't evolve.

Man, the mayor sounds exactly like Gary when he's young!

Bulbasaur(the big one) lifts the mayor up into the air, with only a towel on, and Misty scolds him for abandoning his own Pokemon, and even after all those years, his Pokemon is still happy to see him.

The mayor then says that this can't come out now, because there are people all around him, gaping at his monstrous penis.

Gee, the ambassador has arrived, hasn't it?

The mayor then shouts out, "Stop!  I can't let the people see me like this!"

Well, if people from all over the city are seeing your genitals on national TV, do you think you'll win the election?



Misty demands for the mayor to apologize to his Pokemon, but the Limbaugh then says that he is the mayor and he will not apologize to the Pokemon.

The SWAT Team arrives, and the mayor tells them to open fire on Bulbasaur because that Pokemon is violating the law by holding the mayor hostage.

However, Pikachu gives them a taste of his electricity, and the SWAT Team is defeated!


Bulbasaur then spins the mayor round and round, bending his penis and being like a clown and bending it into a dog, right before he throws him off.

The mayor lands right into this statue.  And guess what parts landed?

His penis is stuck into his statue's right nipple!

After saying their goodbyes, Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy and the group leave each other, while making Nurse Joy care for the Bulbasaur.

Team Rocket are still trapped in the sewer, but a quick sneeze from Jessie frees them.

Hard to imagine, huh?

The End.