Episode #103-Misty Meets Her Match

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Scyther!

By Zidane

The episode starts off with the announcer saying that Ash is heading towards Trovita Island looking to get his third badge.

Now, they played this episode right after Charizard Chills, so he has to re-earn the badge right after he got it.  Doesn't make sense?  Ask Kids WB and get stoned.

While they are approaching the island, Ash sees that there are spikes rising out of the ocean around the island.  Tracey tells him that those spikes formed when Trovita Island rose out of the ocean millions of years ago.

That is a very pathetic attempt to reference the legendary island of Atlantis.  Guess the translated at Kids WB and 4Kids must be stoned, too.

However, the group sees a girl holding on to a Seel in the spikes, and she just happens to be in a whirlpool!

The title screen is read, and the girl begins calling out for her brother.  Her brother comes out and yells "Mahri!", which is obviously his sister's name.

He uses his binoculars and sees that a boat is near Mahri, and sees that Misty jumps into the water with Staryu.  Misty swims over to the girl with Staryu, and rescues the girl back onto Lapras.  The boy is impressed.

Team Rocket is spying on them through their Mecha-Magikarp, and Jessie orders them to go "Full speed ahead!".  Meowth and James say "Aye, aye, sir!"

Sir???  I thought James was the transvestite.

However, the controls are frozen, and Team Rocket finds that they are sucked into a whirlpool!

They bring her to shore, and Misty tells her that you shouldn't swim alone and you should swim with people or Seel around!  Doesn't make sense again?  Just get stoned and understand.

The boy runs over to Mahri, and he thanks Misty for saving her, while telling her that she's amazing.  Misty is flattered, and he asks for her name, and she answers.

The man then tells Misty that it will give him great pleasure if she could stay here for a while.

Great pleasure?!?!?!?!  Those are the worst lines I have ever heard!  Whoo hoo hoo hoo!  Boy, he's horny.

The man's assistants bring over a whole flotilla of flowers to Misty and the man snaps and asks for music.  One of his assistants brings over a radio while classical music plays.  The man grabs Misty and begins dancing with her(with imaginary bubbles and hearts all around them.)

The man tells Misty that he will be honored if Misty stays for a while.  It'll also give him great pleasure!

The man introduces himself as the Trovita Island Gym leader.  Ash is surprised, but goes to his regular dumb-ass trainer mode and demands a match.  Misty and the man ignore him, but his sister begs too, as does Ash.

The man hands Ash's ass down on a stick.

He says that he's being very rude, since he's interrupting a private conversation.

Ash retaliates saying that the man is rude, and the man replies saying that it's not rude, it's Rudy.  Rudy dances around like a ballerina(perhaps he took dancing as a lad, too?) while freaking tango music plays.

Very, very lame introduction, I might add.

Rudy and Ash begin attacking each other psychologically, and Rudy says that Ash must pass a test before fighting him.  Mahri tells him that he's gonna need a lot of luck to beat her big brother Rudy.

Personally, I can beat up the little creep much easier than she says.  Not at Pokemon battling, though.

The test begins!  Rudy explains that Ash must use his Pokemon to destroy every single target while riding on a fast boat.

The boat goes, and Ash uses Pikachu to electrocute the targets and destroy them.  Ash is feeling confident, so he turns to Rudy and says "Did you see that, Rudy?"

However, Rudy is engaged in other matters, and is busy complimenting Misty while getting ready to grope her.

Ash is outraged, so he sends out Charizard.  Tracey is apalled at this.

Why?  It's because this episode is before they played Charizard Chills, yet they played this episode after it in the United States.  Stupid Kids WB.

Charizard flies in front of the boat, and proceeds to Flamethrower everyone.  However, only Misty gets burned, and Ash apologizes.  Misty is angered at Ash as she realizes that he sent out Charizard just to get their attention.

Ash recalls Charizard, and totally cheats by sending out Bulbasaur and Squirtle to help out Pikachu.  However, Team Rocket interrupts as their Mecha-Magikarp rises up in front of the boat.  For some reason, the group does not notice Team Rocket.  James says that they target is right in front of them!

He is correct!

One of the targets drops right in front of Team Rocket, so Ash orders Squirtle to blast it.  Team Rocket is blasted into the air because of this.

Misty smiles at this, but Rudy doesn't seem so impressed...

Back at Pokemon Center, Rudy congratulates Ash for passing the test, and he generously offers him to use the exact same elements that Ash uses.  He also says that the win goes to the person who can beat the opponent best 2 out of 3.  Rudy asks Misty out for dinner.

Ash is shown making a video phone call to Professor Oak.  Ring, ring, ring!  Ring, ring, ring!  Phone call!  Phone call!

Ash is explaining to Oak about the gym leader, but Tracey shows him a sketch he made of an Elekid that he saw in the woods.  He thinks it's an undiscovered Pokemon.

Damn Kids WB to hell!  Pokemon The Movie 2000 already came out by this time!

The scene changes to Misty enjoying a nice gourmet meal from Chef Boyardee.  No, just kidding, it's just Rudy.  Mahri tells her that she wishes that Misty was her big sister and that she would stay here forever.  Rudy gets nervous and changes the subject by showing Misty the Pokemon.

We are then introduced to the most horrifying and brutal scene of slavery, cruelty, greed, and modern poverty in the next scene.

We get to see Rudy's Pokemon dance!

While they dance, the Pokemon Dance Mix plays, so Rudy asks Misty to dance.  While dancing, Rudy makes a bad move and asks Misty to stay here forever.  Misty becomes very, very nervous, but Rudy expects an answer by the next day.

The scene changes to Team Rocket's Mecha-Magikarp stuck on a spike.  They are having trouble adjusting to the spike, as they are trying to create a balance so that they will stop tilting.

The position that Jessie and James are in at this time is VERY, VERY curious.  I believe something was lost in the translation.

Meowth is struggling as well, but a lock of Jessie's hair gets in his face.  However, that shouldn't be a problem, shouldn't it?  Meowth doesn't have a nose!

However, he still sneezes anyway, and sends the Magikarp back into the whirlpool.

Ash and the entire group arrive at the their battle location, which turns out to be on a top of a spike.  Ash sends out Pikachu first, and Rudy sends out Electabuzz, which is obviously superior to Pikachu.

Pikachu sends a Thunderbolt at Electabuzz, but Ash discovers that Electabuzz is just absorbing Pikachu's power and using it as his own.

Venus Williams, anyone?

Ash then orders Pikachu to do Quick Attack, but Electabuzz counters with another Quick Attack!  When they clash, Pikachu is blown away, and Electabuzz finishes it with a Thunderpunch.

The second Pokemon match is with grass types!  Ash sends out Bulbasaur, so Rudy sends out Exeggutor.  Again, Exeggutor is superior to Bulbasaur.

For some reason, Rudy asks for some music, and the classical Pokemon Fanfare music plays!  Exeggutor dances to this, so Ash orders Bulbasaur to do Razor Leaf.  However, Exeggutor dodges all the Razor Leafs, and does Egg Bomb!  Bulbasaur is blown away, as Exeggutor is approaching.

However, Ash orders a Sleep Powder!  Exeggutor is getting sleepy.  Meanwhile at the bottom of the spike, Team Rocket are climbing to the top, but Exeggutor falls down and knocks them all down!  Bulbasaur pulls Exeggutor to the top.

Rudy likes the sportsmanship, but claims that it's not going to make him go any easier.  The water match begins, so Ash sends out Squirtle while Rudy sends out Starmie.

Rudy orders Starmie to Water Gun Squirtle, so Squirtle also does a Water Gun!  The two water beams clash, so Squirtle continually fires water at Starmie, while Starmie dodges them all.  Starmie dodges them all curiously while spinning!

Rudy orders some music again, so the Pokemon Dance Mix plays!  Rudy then starts to dance like he was a transexual lad, and orders Starmie to spin around into a Thunderbolt!

Starmie spins around and Thunderbolts Squirtle!  Tracey is worried, but Rudy just asks Starmie to dance a victory dance!  Misty is angered at this and yells at Ash, telling him that only he can bring out Squirtle's real power.

Rudy then says something that every AAMR fan in the world have been waiting for years to say.  I, myself, am not an AAMR believer.

"She wants him..."

Ash then orders Squirtle to Water Gun the ground so that he pulls away from the electricity.  However, Squirtle flies too far, and flies off the island!  However, Squirtle goes back in his shell, and begins firing water rapidly around him, like a helicopter, and manages to get up back on the island!

Of course, that doesn't make sense, because a helicopter uses the blades to push air aside to fly, but water cannot do that!

Ash and Misty realize that Squirtle has just learned Hydro Pump!  Ash then orders Squirtle to do Hydro Pump on Starmie.  Starmie is blown away, so Squirtle finishes it off with a Skull Bash.  The battle goes to Ash!

The trainers begin to say goodbye later.  Rudy hands Ash his Spikeshell Badge, and Ash accepts it.  Rudy accepts the fact that Misty would rather be with Billy Bob Ash, so he gives her a last batch of roses.  Rudy tells Ash that he's a very lucky guy, but Ash asks how?

Rudy then says that he'll find out someday.

He'll find out someday?  Ash is 14!  He is 10 in the American version, but he's really 14!  Damn American translators.

Then the group leaves and Rudy's heart is shattered into a million pieces.

The End.