Episode #104-Bound for Trouble

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Charizard!

By Zidane

The announcer starts the show off by saying that after Ash has earned the Third Badge from Trovita Island, he is now stuck on an island.

It's time to go to rant mode.  But he already has his third AND fourth badge, doesn't he?  This episode is played out of order.  People in Canada, worship YTV and thank them for not being so idiotic like Kids WB as they do play ALL the new episodes in order and daily.

The group is huddled around what appears to be a map of the island.  Pikachu's attention is caught be an X on the map, but the group pays him no need.

Misty exclaims that this island is famous for having bigger-than-usual Pokemon.

Island of the Giant Pokemon, anyone?

Tracey, being an expert on being bigger-than-usual, says that there are tons of fruit trees on the island, so that may be the reason why they're so big.

The group walks down a road, until they see a perfectly good basket of fruit right in the middle of the road.

Ash is very happy and runs toward it, but Misty sees the flaw in this and "rewinds" him back to where he is standing.

To Master The Onix-Pected, anyone?

Misty explains that any dolt should be able to tell that a fruit basket in the middle of the road would obviously be a trap.  Ash agrees, and spots a fruit tree right next to it.

Of course, that might just be Togepi talking.

So the group walks over to the tree.  However, they fall down a hole!

An apple from the tree drops into the hole, and Ash grabs it and eats it!

And finds that his teeth are more broken than Dark Golduck.

Team Rocket appears and reveal that they dug the hole!  Jessie stands over the hole, as Ash should have gotten a good ol' look at her.  Team Rocket does their motto, and Meowth exclaims that they used reverse psychology to trick them into going near the tree.

It's not reverse psychology, it's perverse psychology!

Pikachu jumps out of the hole to give a shock to Team Rocket, but Team Rocket first uses "patent protected" shock protectors and then sends out Arbok and Weezing.  Arbok uses Poison Sting, which should leave holes in Pikachu.  Weezing uses Poison Gas, which should leave Pikachu impotent as the men from World War I.

Meowth wraps it up and binds a ring around Pikachu.

Yeah, good finish.

The ring locks, and Pikachu is stuck to Meowth as Meowth also locks his ring!  Meowth explains that there is absolutely no way to escape Meowth now, as their binded together.

Team Rocket escapes on their Meowth balloon.  When they land, Meowth taunts Pikachu, but whilst doing that, a giant Pidgeot flies over and grabs Pikachu and Meowth!

Return to Pallet Town, anyone?

Pikachu and Meowth are hanging by their wingnuts in the air by Pidgeot's claws, as Pidgeot is copping more than a feel on them.  Meowth is devastated, and asks Pikachu to do something, so Pikachu uses a Thundershock!

And Meowth gets roasted.

Meowth tells Pikachu to aim for Pidgeot, but Meowth is roasted yet again, but Pidgeot is electrocuted.  Hmm, beefy!  Meowth and Pikachu are dropped, but Meowth pushes Pikachu to the bottom so that Pikachu can break his fall.

However, Pikachu pushes Meowth to the bottom!  They begin to repeatedly do this to break each other's fall, but Pikachu ends up being victorious.

Jessie and James survey the scene, and explain the problem to each other.  They both think that Meowth doesn't have the brains to get Pikachu and himself out of this mess.

Whilst kneeling down, Jessie's legs are positioned just right, and James then says "Maybe we'll get lucky!"

Ash and the group arrive and find Team Rocket.  Ash demands Pikachu, but Team Rocket have no clue where they have gone, and take off in the Meowth Balloon to find them.

Tracey gets an idea and decides to send Marril out to spot them.  Dumb-ass Marril pops out, and they order him to scan for a giant Pidgeot, and he finds it.

Marril leads them to a control spire(getting to another anime, I see).  Ash spots what appears to be a nest up there, so he decides to climb it.

The scene changes to Pikachu and Meowth.  Pikachu and Meowth hit a fork in the road, but they go in different directions!  They are pulled back, but Meowth wants to decide to go, but Pikachu shocks him!  Meowth then agrees to follow Pikachu.

Things get worse as the line gets stuck in a tree!  Again, Meowth wants Pikachu to come over to his side, but Pikachu threatens to shock him, so he reluctantly agrees.

Meowth gets the insane idea of pulling a fast one on Pikachu(yeah, like that ever worked before) so that he will please the boss!(Get your mind out of the gutter!)

However, Pikachu sees through his plan, and shock him.

Ash reaches the top of the nest, but finds that there's nothing there!

Except a giant Pidgeot.

Ash is pushed off the spire by the Pidgeot, and after breaking his head 4 times and breaking every single bone in his body, he lands "SPLAT"! on the ground.

Miraculously, Action Hero Ash arises!  He continues to search for demented Pikachu, but Tracey questions his motives, so Misty replies by saying that she would do the same thing for Togepi.

Yup, that's definitely Togepi talking.

The scene changes to Meowth and Pikachu.  Pikachu moves on and smells something, but Meowth claims he can't detect anything.  That's because he doesn't have a nose!

However, Pikachu is correct as a giant Rhydon appears behind them!  Pikachu runs away, but Meowth is holding him down, but eventually, they run away from the Rhydon, but as Meowth is lagging, Pikachu encounters a cliff!

Meowth's lack of speed knocks Pikachu over the edge and they're both sent flying!  Rhydon continues to chase them down the cliff, so Pikachu and Meowth continue to run.  However, the chase is cut short as they encounter a dead end.

Pikachu tells Meowth that they have to battle Rhydon.  Meowth is confused, but Pikachu has a plan, so Meowth tickles Rhydon to get its mouth open, so Pikachu could shock its mouth!

It would also be easier to just shock its horn, since that worked well in "Riddle Me This".

Pikachu and Meowth congratulate each other.

The scene changes to Ash and the group.  They have arrived at the same location Pikachu and Meowth were earlier, and Tracey finds footprints of Meowth, Pikachu, and Rhydon!  The footprints lead to the edge of a cliff, so Ash slides down the cliff!

Team Rocket is overhead, as Jessie is getting sleepy.

Boy, seduction never works, doesn't it?

James is still looking out for them.

Meowth and Pikachu are still walking together, so Meowth asks Pikachu if he is as hungry as he is.  Pikachu answers yes, but when he does that, Meowth spots an apple in a nearby tree!

Meowth attempts to go Fury Swipe it down, but Pikachu pulls him down and Thundershocks it!  Pikachu gets the apple, but Meowth is devastated.  However, Pikachu cuts the apple in half and gives one half to Meowth!

Meowth begins thinking about all the trouble that Pikachu caused him in the past, as a flashback of the times that Pikachu shocked him starts.  At this time, the 2BA Master song You Can Do It If You Really Try plays for the first time on Pokemon TV.

Meowth says to Pikachu that if they worked together, they'd be a great team, but Pikachu has already fallen asleep!  Meowth then ignores it and says that he can dream.

During this scene, it is very interesting to see where Pikachu's hand is placed.

At morning, Pikachu wakes up, and Meowth puts his hand over his wingnuts just to check if anything happened.

Or if Charlie Sheen had been there.

A cry is heard, and the Pidgeot appears again!  Meowth and Pikachu are forced to run away, but a Rhydon comes across the opposite way!

Just when all is lost, Action Hero Ash sends out Snorlax to protect them!  Snorlax blocks Rhydon, and attacks him.

Pidgeot approaches the Meowth Balloon, so Jessie sends out Arbok to go Bite it.

In one of the most violent scenes ever shown in Pokemon, Snorlax Megapunches Rhydon and beats the living crap out of him.  Arbok viciously bites Pidgeot to send him flying.

I'm surprised that 4Kids and Kids WB allowed this scene to be shown, but we might as well thank them for not censoring it out.  They've done enough of that stuff.

Meowth runs toward Team Rocket in one of those lame "reunion" scenes with even the same music, but Pikachu runs toward Ash in another "reunion" scene!

Jessie tells Ash that he can pull as hard as he want, but he'll never open the lock as long as he doesn't have the key.

So Ash sends out Bulbasaur!  Jessie sends Arbok, but Pikachu takes care of it.  James then sends out Victreebel, which just makes things worse.

Bulbasaur Vine Whips them, sending Arbok and Victreebel flying, and the key into Ash's hands!  Meowth and Pikachu are freed.

However, it isn't over yet, as Meowth runs back to the Meowth Balloon for one final battle!

Jessie activates a machine on the balloon, and a missile launcher appears on the botton of it.

Ditto's Mysterious Mansion, anyone?

The missile launcher is about to fire, so Misty sends out Staryu.  Instead, Psyduck comes out!  Misty orders it to do Confusion, but Psyduck does nothing.

But Togepi does something!

The balloon blows up, but Ash and the group are left confused about who did it, but Misty finally figures out that it is Togepi!  Or maybe she just thinks that it might be Togepi.

Ash and Pikachu are reunited again.


The End.