Episode #106-The Pokemon Water War

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Tangela!

By Zidane

Ash and his friends land onto an island, and are ready to do some big city exploring.  Ash recalls Lapras, and Misty surveys the scene.

Ash is hungry again, as usual in every episode.  That's the very boring topic of choice every time they start an episode.  Damn, I hate the Orange League.

However, they hear some people running on over to the next building, and the title sequence starts.

Ash and the group follow the people and find that they are watching a building burn down.  However, it isn't a show.  Officer Jenny isn't allowing anyone near the building, but Misty decides to help anyway, and Ash follows her.  Misty sends out Staryu(for some reason, Psyduck doesn't make the goof where he comes out instead) and Ash sends out Squirtle.  The two pokemon begin watergunning the building, but it isn't doing anything.

However, this episode is already after Misty Meets Her Match, so Squirtle already knows Hydro Pump.  Why not use that?

Officer Jenny sees that the effort isn't enough, because the fire's spreading to the next building.  However, a fire truck arrives, and a large group of Wartortles jump out.

The burned building is about to crash, but the Wartortles get Ash, Misty, and their pokemon out of the way.  Squirtle looks up to see his evolved version before him.

The group of Wartortles all line up Revolutionary War style and begin watergunning the building.  Tracey is awed at their teamwork.

The entire building has burnt down.  Yeah, like that helped.  The captain of the Wartortle squad introduces himself as Captain Aidan.  He also introduces the group of Wartortles as Team Wartortle.

The group goes to a training camp, and you see Team Wartortle doing their own version of the same military song that is used during marching.  Captain Aidan introduces Team Blastoise as a team who puts out large fires, while Team Squirtle puts out fires in tight spots.  Team Wartortle, combined with Blastoise's power and Squirtle's maneuverability, make an unbeatable fire fighting force.

Articuno can freeze all their asses.

Tracey decides to make some sketches, but Squirtle seems disappointed.  Misty figures that Squirtle wanted to take out the fire himself, but couldn't do it so instead Team Wartortle did it.  Squirtle pulls out his old Squirtle Squad sunglasses, but Tracey is confused.  Ash explains the Squirtle Squad, and Tracey figures that not being able to put out the fire hurt his pride.

Remember that pride is one of the 7 deadly sins, but hey, I'm not Christian.

Ash gets an idea and asks Captain Aidan if he'll let Squirtle train with Team Wartortle.  Captain Aidan says that he's not sure if his Squirtle can stand up to his Wartortle.

Ash begs him to, so Aidan accepts.

Team Rocket is spying on them.  Meowth says "Attention, Pikachu Swipers" in the style of how someone would say "Attention, K-Mart shoppers!".  Team Rocket decides to capture Ash's Squirtle and all the Wartortle, but before this episode ends, it's obvious that they're going to lose horribly.

Aidan decides to make all the Wartortle and Squirtle do what looks like the 50-Yard Dash.  He blows the whistle, and off the pokemon go.

At this time, Kids WB and 4Kids do something they hasn't  been done since they started the TV show.  They play an original Japanese song!  And they didn't add it in, too, this was originally in here.  During the race, the song "Natsuyasumi Fan Club", or Track 2 of the Pokemon Best Collection CD, plays.

Squirtle and one Wartortle are beating everyone, but Squirtle is having trouble keeping up with the leading Wartortle.  However, Squirtle trips over a rock and begins to roll on the track, tripping over Wartortle as well and making the race a tie.

Aidan decides to let Squirtle do a full day training session with the Wartortle.

Aidan starts on the next exercise, where he'll fire discs into the air while the pokemon fire waterguns at it.  He says that he wants a full pressure assault.

All the Wartortles begin firing, and he begins to fire them faster.  All the Wartortles stop firing except one Wartortle and Squirtle, who keep knocking down the discs.  At this time, they play another original Japanese song!  While they're firing at the discs, the Japanese PokeRap plays in the background.

Hey, at that rate, they might as well be hurling Kathie Lee Gifford CDs into the air.

Tracey says that Squirtle and the one Wartortle are making the team do its best.

The whole team isn't doing anything!  Squirtle and Wartortle are the only ones firing!

A disc marked with an "R" symbol flies around, and Squirtle and Wartortle attempt to fire at it, but they keep missing.  The entire team chases after it, but they end up falling into a hole!

Team Rocket reveals themselves in their Meowth Balloon.  While they're doing their motto, James is still controlling the "R" disc, but for some reason, he blushes during the motto!

I believe something was lost in the translation.

Meowth takes a hand device and catches Pikachu, and Team Rocket stores him in a container that absorbs his electricity and makes it power a fan.  Team Rocket drifts off for a while of the fan, but James stops it and sends out Weezing!  Weezing sends out an entire column of smoke at the group, but Tracey sends out Scyther to blow it away.  Once its blown away, they see that Team Rocket has left.

Team Rocket, at their little cabin, bicker over who gets to choose the Pokemon.  Meowth tries, but James and Jessie disagree with that.  Meowth claws at them, and while doing that, Squirtle and Wartortle begin to form an idea...

The scene changes to the group inside a jeep.  Venonat is trying to detect Team Rocket, but Aidan gets a transmission from Officer Jenny that there's a fire in an apartment complex downtown.  Aidan complains that Team Blastoise should have been there, but Officer Jenny explains that they're blocked by an overturned truck.

That should be easy to take out.  Just Hydro Pump it away!

Team Squirtle is already putting out the fire, but it isn't enough.  Aidan doesn't know where Team Wartortle is.  Misty decides to help them out, and takes Staryu, Scyther, and Marril with her.

Scyther will get his ass burned.

Team Rocket are still bickering in their cabin about who gets the Wartortle, but the Wartortles begin flooding the entire cabin.  They move by jumping across one another in the net.

At this time, the tape I'm using to record the episode runs out, and I have to skip a few minutes of this episode to find another tape.

Ash and the group finally arrive on the scene.  However, they see a boy trapped in the apartment building.  Ash wants to help, but Aidan decides to send Squirtle and Wartortle to save the boy.  They are mounted on Blastoise' cannons, who have just arrived, and Blastoise fires them on to the apartment.  The boy is saved.

The scene changes to Ash and the group leaving the city.  After saying their goodbyes, they finally leave the city.

The End.

At the end of this episode, Kids WB played the Japanese Version of Meowth's Party!  I'm assuming this is a mistake, since Pokemon Around The World month is already over, and Kids WB never plays anything original(they never played anything Japanese in Pokemon Around The World month).