Episode #107-Pokemon Food Fight

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Marowak!

By Zidane

Note: This episode debuted in the US on April 19th, 2000, starting the new season of Pokemon in the wrong order.  Also note that the intro to this episode has been drastically shortened and there is even a little Poke-Quiz at the beginning, asking what is Snorlax's most powerful attack.  The answer?  Hyper Beam.

The announcer begins by telling us that a powerful storm has left the sea un-sailable and has stranded Ash and the group on the island for already an entire week.

Pikachu get splashed in the face while looking down on the rocks, and Ash exclaims that they might be stranded on the island forever.

Right, and then Skipper and Fidel Castro will share custody.

No, I'm just kidding of course.  Misty exclaims that he better be wrong as usual or else they'll run out of food for both them and their pokemon.

Yes, as usual the topic of choice is of course, food.


Tracey says that it shouldn't be too hard to feed the Pokemon because his Pokemon Trainer's Guide tells him that this island has lots of good plants that Pokemon love to eat.

Does it also tell you where to get the Silph Scope?

Tracey finds one of those plants and begins to pull at it, but somehow the plants move up and it is revealed that a human is wearing the plants on his head!

A Gary/Tracey hybrid having an orgy in Tahiti emerges and scolds Tracey like his mother, saying that just because Tracey's bigger, he thinks he can just pick on a short guy like him.

The hybrid introduces himself as Gulzar, the greatest grass trainer in the Orange Islands.  Of course, one must be a social retard to be a grass trainer(No offense Erika) since they're so weak to so many elements.  Unless, of course, if you're playing the Pokemon TCG.

Tracey apologizes and then says that they were just looking for something to eat, but Gulzar gets angry again and tells them they just because he grows flowers in his hair, they can just go on and take them to feed their Pokemon.

Grows flowers on his hair?

The argument continues, until finally Gulzar challenges them to a match.  Ash, of course, accepts.

The battle begins!  Gulzar sends out a Gloom, which represents just how good this guy is.  In other words, he sucks.

Ash, being the idiot he is, uses his pokedex on Gloom for the third time(once when he fought Erika and the second time when he visited the Greenhouse with the fake Leaf Stone).  The pokedex tells him that Gloom is weak against fire and flying types, so Ash decides to send out Charizard, who already obeys by now.

However, Squirtle comes out!  Ash decides to make due with what he has and orders Squirtle to do a Water Gun, but it doesn't do anything to Gloom.

Misty is angered at him for doing this, and they argue, but finally Ash recalls Squirtle and attempts to send out Charizard again, but upon throwing it, he drops the pokeball on a rock, breaking the pokeball, and instead Snorlax comes out!

Ash begs Snorlax to wake up, and decides to recall him, when he realizes that the pokeball has been broken.  Gulzar is angered at the sleeping and orders Gloom to do a mighty Solar Beam attack on Snorlax.  Snorlax is blown against a rock, and Snorlax wakes up, and attempts to eat Gloom!  Gulzar recalls Gloom, but Snorlax walks over to Gulzar and eats his head flowers!  Gulzar cries, but just to make it worse, Snorlax takes off Gulzar's towel and eats his lunch that his mommy prepared for him!

Gulzar is outraged and leaves, but Ash apologizes.  Ash tells him that he cannot recall Snorlax, so Gulzar tells him that the nearest Pokemon Center is a few miles away over a tall mountain.  Upon realizing that, Gulzar taunts them and runs off.

Ash and the group realize their situation, but they have an idea.  Ash and Tracey pull Snorlax over the mountain with ropes while Misty keeps logs under him to keep him rolling!  Brilliant!  However, Ash is tired, and they can't rest now, so Tracey gets an idea and decides to put an apple in front of Snorlax and chase him up the mountain!

However, Snorlax eats the apple before they get a chance to do anything.  However, Misty gets an idea to use a lure to get Snorlax up the mountain, and Ash decides to be the lure!

In a hilarious scene, Ash gets to be dressed up as a giant apple to lure Snorlax up the mountain, but Misty and Tracey are cracking him and Tracey is calling him ripe.

Well, guess Tom Ato was for nothing, huh?

Snorlax spots Ash and chases him up the mountain at incredible speeds, and Tracey observes.  However, Snorlax catches Ash, and takes a bite out of him, but he can't make it through the apple.

Ash then says that he broke his core.

Ooohh..  I guess that means he can't have any children!

Ash makes a joke and says that he's an apple for a day and he needs a doctor right away.

However, Misty gets another idea as she sees a river.  They decide to build a raft and float Snorlax down the river.  However, as they're doing this, they descend down a waterfall.

Ash and the group are hopelessly trying to save their own lives in the water, but Gulzar appears and tells them to just stand up.  They have arrived at the Pokemon Center!

However, Ash asks if they all have broken pokeballs, but Gulzar says that they're not that dumb.  Ash is enraged, but Misty taunts Ash and tells him "Ooo..  I like him.  Don't you?"

It's a threesome!

Nurse Joy announces that the food supplies should be arriving any minute now.  Gulzar explains that this island has no airport or seaport, so the supplies have to be delivered by plane.

If they have no airport, how is that possible?

Ash finds out as a very old style plane(World War I style) flies over the hospital and paradrops supplies on them.

However, Team Rocket spots this, and Meowth emerges controlling a Mecha-Meowth!  It's pretty cool.  Meowth fires a grabber at the supplies and brings it down toward him.  The people follow the trail.

They find Team Rocket at their supplies.  Team Rocket does their motto, and Meowth says that he's ready to fight all night in his Mecha-Meowthinator.  Team Rocket decides that they'll let go of the supplies if they have Pikachu.  Ash is enraged by this, and protects Pikachu.

However, James decides to make the world safe for democracy and wants to let the people decide.  Seeing as how those people would want Pikachu to lose, Gulzar tells them that this is a selfish deal.

Tracey is surprised and says that you can't judge a book by its cover, referring to Gulzar, and Misty says that the grass is always greener if it's on somebody's head.

Team Rocket decides to battle them.  Pikachu is sent against the Mecha-Meowthinator.  Pikachu Thunderbolts Meowth, but it does nothing, so Meowth turns on the Power Swipes, which is basically a drill against Pikachu.  Pikachu dodges all the Powe Swipes successfully, but retreats to Ash.  Team Rocket taunts Ash, but Snorlax wakes up and arrives to save the day!

Meowth turns the Power Swipes to overdrive, but Snorlax dodges them all with agility that Jet Li would be proud of.  Meowth destroys the claws when he punches them into rock, but he decides to send the Turbo Skull-Bash at Snorlax!  The Mecha-Meowthinator's head flies at Snorlax, but does nothing. Meowth finally does the Turbo Body Slam, but that just sends Meowth flying at Snorlax, and Team Rocket is defeated!

Ash gets his pokeball repaired by Nurse Joy.

At the end of this episode, instead of having Pikachu's Jukebox, they had Meowth's Party instead in English!

The End.