Episode #109-The Wacky Watcher

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Poliwag!

By Zidane

Ash is busy showing off his four badges from the Orange League as he is finally ready to start the Orange League competition.

Just a note to all you people out there, but the Orange League competition only lasts two episodes while the whole Indigo League lasted several episodes.  Seems kind of dumb to watch all these boring episodes just to see 2 episodes full of battling, doesn't it?

Tracey gets an empty water and shoves it in the water, so Misty asks him if he's ever going to drink that water.  Tracey then answers by saying that it's strictly for research purposes.

However, Pikachu senses something, as a large figure appears underneath Lapras.  The large figure moves ahead, and rises out of the water!

We can almost guess it's Team Rocket, but it turns out to be a regular submarine.  A strange man opens it and looks around, writing things and using slide-rules, etc...  The man notices the group nearby, and tells them that it's rush hour.

What, he watched the movie?

Misty is confused about what could happen in the seas they're on.

The man cleverly uses repetition to tell them what's going to happen, but they don't get it.  Soon, a very large school of Magikarp tread by and nearly knocks Lapras down!

The man closes the hatch and decides to follow the Magikarp.  Meanwhile, Tracey notices that there are colored bands on the Magikarp.

So Ash decides to follow the Magikarp.  Tracey pulls out his map, and locates the spot they're going to go to.  It is Ring Island, which is supposed to be abandoned.

You might also notice that there's a faint red spot on the map.  PMS, anyone?

So they arrive on the island.  Lapras is recalled.  Ash and the group look on a stream, and see that the Magikarp are swimming upstream!

However, their conversation is interrupted as the man approaches them.

"Oh, great, non-union labor.  No time to organize, now."  Is what he says.

Non-Union Labor?  No time to organize?  I really, really believe something was lost in the translation, or maybe 4Kids is having trouble with employees.

We want higher wages!  When do we want it?  NOW!

The man gives each of them a big box to carry.  Tracey decides to make sketches of the Magikarp, but soon finds that he is splashed.  The man tells him that he needs a waterproof pen.

Misty and Ash are exhausted(Not in that way!), simply because watching Magikarp is bring.

"What's so interesting about Magikarp?  Once you've seen one, you've seen them all!" Is what Misty says.

Funny hearing that from the Cerulean Gym Leader.

The man introduces himself as Dr. Quincy T. Quackenpoker.  "I'm pretty sure that's my name, at least on my mother's side."

So the doctor sets up a machine that detects every Magikarp that goes by and makes frequency distribution tables on them.  Tracey and Ash note this.

The doctor then tells them that he put the colored bands on the Magikarp to tell time.  Magikarp with the red bands stayed there one year, blue for two years, etc...

The doctor says that Tracey is a Pokemon Watcher, so he should be interested in all this.

It doesn't matter if you're the guy who created Pokemon, no one's going to be interested in this.

Tracey is surprised that the doctor knows he's a watcher, so the doctor explains that he saw his sketchbook and binoculars and put 2 and 2 together.  "Clever, huh?" He says.

Ash then says that it's very clever.

Misty says that she's never seen anything so clever.

I believe something was lost in the translation.  I mean, come on, those are the lamest lines I've ever seen for a TV show!  They better get better translators at 4Kids.

The doctor then says, "Now that the plot's come to a screeching halt, let's see that sketchbook of yours, Tracey."

The plot came to a halt 4 minutes ago!

The doctor flips through the sketchbook, and upon seeing Tracey's drawing of Officer Jenny, he then says that he has a great future ahead of him.

Team Rocket spots them, so Jessie notes the amount of Magikarp around them.  Her plan is to capture all the Magikarp and to evolve them all to Gyarados to conquer the world!

Of course, training ALL those Magikarp would require a whole lot of prestige, which is something Team Rocket doesn't have.

Ash and the group note the Magikarp swimming up the waterfalls at high speeds, and Tracey exclaims that he's never seen them do that before.

I like to call that TM07, Waterfall.

Team Rocket is at the top, so James uses a net to catch a Magikarp.  However, the Magikarp escapes, and ends up pulling Team Rocket down all the waterfalls!

Ash hears screaming, and thinks that there could be trouble, but Dr. Quackenpoker tells him that if he misses the evolution of Magikarp, they'll be in trouble.

We get to see the "usual" clueless expressions on their faces before the "Who's That Pokemon" is initiated.

The group is watching the Magikarp, but Ash is impatient and wants to see them evolve.  Misty pours some green coffee(I really mean it, it's green coffee) for the doctor.

The doctor explains that he is interested in all Pokemon, but Magikarp interest him most of all because when he was a boy, he woke up with a Magikarp in his pajamas.


Oh, they sure "interest" him most of all.  For all you Magikarp, we like to call that "scared straight".

At night, the group is watching the Magikarp, but suddenly the water changes!  Team Rocket's Mecha-Magikarp appears and captures all the Magikarp.

So Ash decides to shock them as they reveal themselves, but the doctor tells him not to because it'll give the Magikarp the shock of their lives.

The doctor threatens the Mecha-Magikarp to leave or else he'll sink them.

Yeah, he'll sink them exactly like he'll sunk that Magikarp in his pajamas!

Team Rocket begins throwing Magikarps at Ash and the group, and while doing that, they capture Pikachu!  However, once they do, one of the Magikarp has attached itself to James' head a la Victreebel.  Jessie and Meowth attempt to take it off, but they fail, so the doctor tells them that they have to be gentle to remove it.

During this time, Ash escapes with Pikachu!

One of the Magikarp begins evolving, so as they evolve, Team Rocket is blown away!

Some of the Magikarp evolve, so the doctor gives Tracey some equipment and tells him to count the Gyarados.

After that, Tracey exclaims that 70% of the Magikarp evolved.

So they learned something new, but we learned nothing.  What a waste of time.

Yawn.  The End.