Episode #112-Enter the Dragonite

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Tentacruel!

By Zidane

The announcer reviews our scenario from the last episode.  Ash has beaten two of Drake's Pokemon, so now it's Lapras vs. Gengar, who have just used their attacks and caused a huge explosion.

The explosion clears, and Lapras is shown defeated on a pile of rocks, but Gengar is also defeated!  Both Lapras and Gengar are recalled back.  The announcer then says that it's time to change the field because the third Pokemon match has already ended.

While this happens, Meowth is smoothing out his nails with a tool(I've seen it before, I just don't know what it's called) while Jessie and James plan how to capture Dragonite.  The plan is to have Ash weaken the Dragonite so that they can capture it.  James is afraid that the plan might not work, so Jessie whacks him for doubting them and she even makes a shot at Meowth for giving himself a manicure.

In a hilarious scene, Meowth then says, "For James, it'd be a manicure, but for me, it's a Meowth-a-Cure!"

James is gay!  James is gay!  Hooray!

The field is done transforming.  The announcer then announces that it's switched to a sandy, desert-like battleground.

Drake is in the mood for some grass(and no, it's not the kind that you cut and grow in your yard) and sends out Venusaur!  Venusaur appears before him, and bellows a mighty grunt while Drake eats some Pot Tarts.

The influence of the wacky tobaccy on Drake has not worn off yet.  Ash becomes one of the many victims of second-hand smoke, and in a stoned manner, he makes a very stupid mistake and sends out Tauros!

Ash, you schmuck.

Ash orders Tauros to use Fissure, but Tauros gets stuck in the ground because instead of being rock-solid, the ground is now sandy.

So Drake uses this to his advantage and orders Venusaur to use its most devastating attack, Solar Beam.  However, Solar Beam takes a while to charge(As we all know from using that weak attack from the GB game), so Ash orders Tauros to use Takedown!  Tauros emerges from the sand and charges toward Venusaur, only to do nothing but sink in the sand.

Ash orders Tauros to throw Venusaur into the air.  Venusaur is thrown, but Solarbeam is unleashed along the way, sending Tauros flying.  However, both Pokemon are undamaged.

Venusaur then unleashes about a gazillion vine whips at Tauros, at which Tauros dodges.  Tauros uses another Takedown, which knocks out Venusaur.

Drake is now down to 2 Pokemon.  He now sends out a strong Electabuzz.  Ash decides to switch from Tauros to Bulbasaur because Plant type Pokemon can absorb electric attacks.

So Electabuzz starts out with a Thunderbolt attack, which does absolutely nothing to Bulbasaur.  Bulbasaur retaliates with Razor Leaf, and Electabuzz is damaged!  Electabuzz uses Thunderbolt again, but now Bulbasaur uses Tackle!  Bulbasaur Tackle's Electabuzz, but Electabuzz retaliates with a devastating Thunder Punch, which knocks out Bulbasaur.

So Ash uses Charizard!  However, Electabuzz acts fast and Thunder Punches Charizard, then a Thunder.  Charizard is damaged, but he stops it by using Ember!  Charizard then uses Seismic Toss(which still has the same circumnavigating around the world effect) and defeats Electabuzz!

Drake has one Pokemon left, so he takes the pokeball out of his necklace!  The video dramatically slows down, as Drake enlarges the pokeball, and throws it into the battlefield...

Dragonite appears from the pokeball!  Ash is ready for this, however, and orders Charizard to use Flamethrower.  However, Dragonite counters with a Water Gun, which slices right through the Flamethrower and douses Charizard.

Ash orders Charizard to Fly, but Dragonite follows with lightning speed!  Dragonite fires Ice Beams at Charizard, but Charizard manages to dodge them all.  Charizard then goes spinning toward the ground, so when Dragonite is close enough, Charizard charges into Dragonite and Ash orders it to use Seismic Toss!

Charizard is not fast enough, though, and Dragonite is fast enough to slam it into the ground.  But Charizard refuses to give up!  It's tail flame grows larger, so Ash orders a Dragon Rage, while Dragonite counters with its own.  Both Dragon Rage's collide, as both Pokemon are damaged.  However, Charizard goes down!

Ash is happy that Charizard went down(some trainer he is) because now Dragonite is weakened!  Ash sends out Squirtle.  Squirtle is ordered to do a Hydro Pump attack, so Squirtle goes into its shell and begins firin' water everywhere, but Dragonite counters with a Water Gun, which fires Squirtle out of the sky!  Drake orders Dragonite to use Thunder, so Squirtle Withdraws.  After the attack, Dragonite uses Body Slam, but Squirtle stops it in midair with a Bubble attack.  But Dragonite pays no attention and just lands and Tail Whips Squirtle, knocking it out.

Team Rocket decides its time, but James asks for some nachos!  Jessie drags him along anyway.  Dragonite notices something in the air.  A net falls from the air and wraps around Dragonite, trapping him!  Team Rocket does their motto, but Drake interrupts, infuriated at their interruption of the battle.  Dragonite breaks free and makes a hole in the Meowth Balloon, sending Team Rocket flying.

"Now I'll never get my nachos!" Yells James, realizing that being a stadium vendor really is worth it.

The battle resumes as Ash sends out Tauros.  Tauros is ordered to go Takedown the Dragonite, so Drake decides Dragonite to do Fly!  Ash makes a very questionable move and orders Tauros to stay still.

Dragonite slams right into Tauros.

And Tauros is not knocked out!

The sand acted like a cushion, so Tauros absorbed the Body Slam and his horns have Dragonite held into the air!  Tauros launches Dragonite against the ground, but even the damaged Dragonite manages to sneak in a Thunder attack, which just about fries the skin off of Tauros' ass.

Hmm, beefy!

Seeing as how Dragonite is REALLY weakened now, and that he has only one last Pokemon, Ash sends out his last Pokemon.


Drake feels the hangover coming and decides to end the battle fast by making Dragonite use its most powerful attack, Hyper Beam!  Dragonite charges up and fires at Pikachu, but Pikachu uses its tail as a springboard and escapes to safety!  Pikachu jumps up on Dragonite's antennaes and lights up Dragonite like a lantern by using Thunder!

Dragonite is filled with even more electricity than George W. Bush ever saw in an electric chair(which is now an electric couch in the state of Texas, I might add) and Dragonite is defeated!

Dragonite is defeated!

Drake hands Ash the coveted Winner's Trophy, which is basically just a Gold pokeball with wings.

Ash's picture is taken, and his picture and his Pokemon's footprints are added in the Pokemon Hall of Fame!

Ash then makes a comment that proves to be a big spoiler for next season and something that makes us really want to watch Pokemon.

"Can't wait till Brock hears about this!"

The End.