Episode #115-A Tent Situation

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Omastar!

By Zidane

OK, so the episode begins with a bang.

Dang, I am sarcastic, aren't I?

Eh, forget it.  The announcer starts the episode by saying that after the victory at the Orange League, Ash is now returning to the place where his Pokemon journey first began.

And that, of course, would be Professor Oak's bedroom, with Mrs. Ketchum spread out on some all beef patties having it her way.

But alas, no, Ash is simply returning to Pallet Town, his hometown.  Misty makes a snide comment to Togepi(who, of course, doesn't know anything about this town but does now), and Tracey gets sparkles in his eyes like Regis Philbin.

Ol' Trace begins going through his sketches to see which ones he will show to Professor Oak, but Ash has a strange feeling and asks Tracey to do it at his house instead.

It's not what you think!

While the group scurries over to Pallet Town like a bunch of roaches, bushes ruffle, a white thing pops out, a microphone pops out...

But no, Charlie Sheen does not appear, it's Jigglypuff!  Hoorah!

Ash and his group are approaching Ash's house.

Realizing that the house is dark and that there's complete silence, Ash says, "I can't wait to see the look on my Mom's face!"

Yeah, how about full of ecstasy?

Before ringing his little doorbell, Ash takes a deep breath, knowing that he will indeed see something strange, and opens the door!  Well, surprise, surprise, the kitchen is completely dark.  Ash calls for anyone, and a familiar voice calls out, "Is that you, Ash?"

Boy, if the mother called that out, Oak would be mighty angry, huh?

Ash runs toward the dark kitchen quickly, and the camera even shakes like crazy like the Blair Witch Project.  The lights turn on...

And it's not Ash's mom, it's Squinty Eye!

Double Hoorah!

Brock is dressed up in his usual pink apron and green and orange vest.  Ash ends up sliding and crashing into his own stove.  Misty, looking forward to a sexual orgy, asks "Brock, what are you doing here?".  You can even feel the tension in her voice.  Squinty Eye gives Tracey, Ash, and Misty some tea to drink but doesn't seem to answer Misty's question.

So Misty thinks like a politician and restates her question.  Ash helps too, by asking "I thought you loved Valencia Island.  It looked like you were gonna stay there forever!"

And we are introduced to another flashback sequence where Brock says goodbye to Ash and Misty with sex vamp Ivy and her lesbian assistants waving, looking forward to something.

Ash says, "I thought you were gonna stay there with Professor Ivy!"

And Brock goes mad.

Brock, obviously under the influence of a solid combination of Ivy's drugs, Ivy's breasts, and sexual abuse, goes into psychodelic mode.  Brock proceeds to crouch into a fetal position, lie under the table, and mutter "I don't want to talk about it."

It appears as if Brock has either lost his memory from constant use of LSD or if he couldn't take Ivy's drugs, breasts, and sexual abuse anymore.  Tracey wonders what's wrong, and Misty answers "Maybe she dumped him!"

Dumped him indeed!

But before they can ask anymore questions, the door opens, and Mrs. Ketchum and Mimie appear in the door with groceries!  Ash goes to greet his Mom, but Mrs. Ketchum greets Pikachu while Ash greets the ground.

Misty, obviously worried about old Brocko and wondering what exactly did Ivy did to him, asks "How long has Brock been here?"

So Mrs. Ketchum starts another flashback sequence.

While Ketchum walks home with Mimie with groceries(the two are apparently too cheap to get a car), Ketchum steps on Squinty Eye's hat, and Brock yells "Ohh!"

Ketchum turns around, but doens't see Brock, so she does it again, and again, and again...

My, this is getting off track, isn't it?

Eventually, Brock wakes up from his blackout and begins to experience the hangover, so Ketchum brings him back to her house, but she gets the same results as Ash, with mentioning Professor Ivy's name resulting in Brock cowering in fear.

But Brock has proven quite useful and is doing most of the chores while Ketchum can bump away with Professor Oak.

Tracey reminds Ash to go to Professor Oak, but Ash blows him off and observes Brock, saying, "Now we'll never know what happened."

Misty, a seraph at romance, says, "Ash, Brock liked Professor Ivy!"

Ash: "I liked Professor Ivy, too!"

Misty, apalled at how Ash likes Ivy's breasts more than her, yells at Ash, saying, "You're just as immature as Gary."

And Ash goes into the fetal position and yells, "Don't mention that name!"

My, oh my, what EXACTLY HAS Gary done with Ash, anyway?  Tracey continues to remind, but Mrs. Ketchum decides to cook them some lunch with some chili Pizza Pot Pies.

Ash, having contracted Brock's drugs, begins to develop a tolerance and asks for the Pot Pies.

Pot Pies, get it?  Get it?

Even Mrs. Ketchum is under the influence, so she decides to cook them with quote, unquote, "Extra pepperoni."

Tracey can't take it anymore and yells, "I want to go to see Professor Oak!".

Mrs. Ketchum, obviously accustomed to "seeing" Professor Oak, likes this boy's style, and Ash then breaks through the drug influence and remembers that he has to bring the GS Ball to Oak.

After what, about 4-6 months?

Ash also pulls out his Orange League Trophy and hands it to Mrs. Ketchum, who honorably accepts.  Mrs. Ketchum quickly changes into her exercising clothes and begins using the Trophy as a dumbbell to exercise her hands for the meeting with Professor Oak.

But no, Mrs. Ketchum decides to stay home and tend to the trophy, so Ash and the gang head off to Professor Oak's laboratory(Brock included).  Tracey yells, "It's just like I imagined it!" as soon as he sees what Professor Oak's house looks like.

Ash finds the door unlocked(surprise, surprise?) and looks around in Professor Oak's house, seeing the entire house golden yellow and condoms scattered around the top floor.  But before Ash can do anything, one of the doors open, and Muk flies out and hideously gropes Ash!

Professor Oak emerges from underneath, but realizing that the others are watching him practice with Muk(if you catch my drift), Oak zips back his pants and greets them.  Ash brings out the GS Ball, and hands it to Oak.  Professor Oak places the GS Ball into a slot where he puts his other pokeballs.  Oak offers to take them on a tour of the Pokemon.

So the group goes outside, but along the way, Ash spots Snorlax, Kingler, and his whole herd of Tauros!  American dubbed Pokemon watchers will be confused at the scene, while Japanese Pokemon watchers will be just fine.

Tracey begins sketching the herd of Tauros, but Professor Oak notices him drawing and asks to take a look at it.  Tracey wets himself and shows him his sketches, but while Oak examines them, Tracey shakes and shivers like a 27 year old George W. Bush.

But deciding that the gourney is truly meant for Dick Cheney, Tracey looks at the bright side and says, "At least I'm not nervous!"

Oak begins to evaluate the sketches, but before he can, a large white tent covers Oak's laboratory, and the source of it is...

Team Rocket!  The same old Meowth balloon is holding up the tent.  Team Rocket does their motto, but Jessie is curious and asks why Brock is in town, which just causes him to go into fetal mode at the word of Professor Ivy.

So Jessie sends out Lickitung to do battle with Ash, and Ash uses Muk.  But Muk skips past Lickitung and proceeds to grope Jessie(and he's even in the correct position!)

Meowth then says, "Slobbering all over Jessie.  It's just revolting!"

James says, "Which one?"

I totally didn't get that joke.

James sends out Victreebel, but Victreebel gets his root whupped.  Lickitung also fails to lick Muk.

But now let's go to a difference scene, shall we?  Jigglypuff is examining the white tent around Oak's lab, but a dark figure shrouded in a blue cloak appears behind Jiggly.

James orders Victreebel to use Sleep Powder, and it works!  Muk is reduced to a pile of slime, but as Ash is about to switch Pokemon, Meowth sends electric rings around everyone.

Jessie brings in a giant vacuum, and turns it on.  The pokeballs in Prof. Oak's laboratory begin flying in there, but Tracey is more concerned with his sketches because they're also flying in there!

Meowth, knowing a bit more about sexual abuse and rape, slinks on over to Brock and asks, "Alright, it's time to let the cat outta the bag.  What is the real reason you returned?  Is it because you did something embarrassing in front of Professor Ivy!"

Hehe, Brock can't get it up!(If you catch my drift)

Brock, realizing that his dirty secret is out, covers his disfunctional penis, takes a parasol, and sits on the string like the world's loneliest crotch.

Heh heh.

But the tent rips apart!  Jiggly goes flying away into oblivion, and the same guy in the blue cloaks walks into the scene, rips off the cloak, and reveals himself to be Gary!  Gary sends out Nidoqueen.

In short, Gary kicks some Team Rocket ass.

After a rather pointless conversation(one that isn't worth mentioning here.), Ash challenges Gary to a battle.

Yes!  It's about time!

But the episode ends with a cliffhanger.  Who will win, Ash or Gary?