Episode #117-Don't Touch That 'Dile

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Chikorita!

By Zidane

A fog covers a forest, shielding the characters and only showing their silouettes in the opening scene.

It does this so well that we think it's one of the Sabriba trilogy episodes.

But the announcer proves us wrong and tells us that Ash and the group are heading toward New Bark Town where Ash can sign up for the Johto League.

Pikachu points out to Ash to a branch, and Ash recognizes it, meaning only one thing:

They've been walking around in circles!  Just like the Indigo League!  Misty yells at him for doing so, so Ash gives the power to Misty and asks her to lead.  But Misty cannot, and Ash and Misty end up fighting like a married couple.

But Brock breaks them up and tells them to be more mature.

In a funny re-enaction of the Blair Witch project, the camera swerves in all directions as it looks at the forest.

Togepi jumps from Misty's undeveloped chest and flies toward the forest, so Pikachu and Ash follow it.

Only to see...


Suicine is the legendary dog of water, and is standing on a lone pillar in a lake, emitting a blue light around it.  But Suicine detects the vile humans and scurries over to the woods, only to have Ash trip and fall.

The rest of the group trips and falls down the cliff, with Jigglypuff following them.

The scene changes to three more silhouettes walking in the forest.  Team Rocket appears, but they are very hungry.

Realizing what Carl Lewis would do, Team Rocket run like heck until they are tired, but they spot some sort of building in front of them.

They enter it, but find a Professor looking into a microscope, thinking that the person who just opened and closed the door is Nurse Joy.

Jessie does a really good impersonation of Nurse Joy probably because that they're the same voice actor.  So the Professor points out that there's a Totodile in the room, and Meowth goes nuts.

It's not what you think!

A Totodile is latched on Meowth's leg, but it lets go and squirts some pure-blue urine on James' face.

Hmm, ammonia!

But Jessie realizes the advantage and takes the Totodile and runs for it out the door.

Meanwhile, Ash and the group have reached New Bark Town, the winds where new beginnings blow.  It's funny to note that New Bark Town is merely a few buildings in Gold/Silver version but in this it's a full-fledged city.

Brock tells him that to sign up for the Johto League, you must go to the Pokemon Center.  So Ash and the group walk toward the Pokemon Center, with Brock hoping to meet a Nurse Joy.

It's been a long time since we've  seen a Nurse Joy or an Officer Jenny in their regular uniforms rather than their Orange League versions.

Full of testosterone, Brock runs up to the counter and yells, "Nurse Jooyyy!" while doing a Silverbolt-like howl, but Chansey appears!

Chansey presses a red button, and Nurse Joy appears on a TV screen.  It appears that she's over at Elm laboratory, and will be back at 2:00.

But Ash looks at the clock and sees that it's 3:30, so they decide to wait.  But Brock will have none of it!  Brock nearly goes medieval on their asses and tells them to go on right over to the laboratory.

While passing by the laboratory, Brock notes a familiar face and sees Officer Jenny!  But Jenny, being the useless police officer that she is, hasn't even laid out the "Do Not Enter" police line.

Brock hits on her, but Misty drags him off.

So Brock and the group run into the laboratory.

Nurse Joy is shown talking to Professor Elm, scolding him for not supervising the stolen Totodile.  Ash and the group barge on in, but as Brock hits on Joy, Misty drags him off yet again and Jenny appears and tells them that barging in is illegal.

And she does absolutely nothing about it.

So Profesor Elm tells them about the stolen Totodile, and claims that a girl was supposed to pick it up.

Elm takes them outside and introduces us to the three starters of Pokemon Gold/Silver, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile.  Ash has a flashback and remembers Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Elm concludes that Ash is from Pallet, so the group asks him if he knows Professor Oak.

Professor Elm says that he does, but he is rather snobbish and claims that Professor Samuel Oak(Samuel?  Hah!) is his personal enemy and that he is superior to Oak.

Does that mean he's a bisexual?

No, it just means that he studies unusual Pokemon behavior rather than Pokemon and human relationships.

Ash remembers the first day he got his Pokemon so he decides to help find the stolen Totodile.

Meanwhile, Totodile has latched itself onto Jessie's hair and Jessie is screaming in rage while running, with James and Meowth to crack jokes at her.

What a joke.

Jenny has finally taken a hint and has sent Growlithe to find Team Rocket.  Meanwhile, Jessie can't seem to get Totodile out of her hair, so Meowth goes to make a phone call to the Boss to tell them the good news.

Blam!  Meowth never makes it because he's going to take all the credit.  While Jessie and Meowth bicker, James nearly makes the phone call, but is interrupted by Growlithe finding them.

Team Rocket does their motto, but Jessie claims that they're inseparable.  That is, Totodile and Jessie.

So Team Rocket runs off, but Ash sends out Bulbasaur!

Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip and trips over Team Rocket and successfully pulls off Totodile!

Jessie notes her split ends, but James continues the battle and sends out Weezing.  Weezing uses Smokescreen, but Charizard is called out and he clears it up.

James sends out Victreebel, which still eats his head, so Jessie sends out Lickitung, but Squirtle takes care of it.  Finally, the ground finale starts.

Charizard uses Flamethrower, Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf, Squirtle uses Water Gun, and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt at the same time, combining into an elemental blast and blowing Team Rocket away.

Ash and the group tell Oak the good news, but Oak says, "They always interrupt my soap operas!"

Oh yeah, sure, he's watching a soap opera.  With plenty of soap, if you catch my drift.

But Elm cuts in.  Totodile walks out of the room, and Joy picks him up.  Ash reminds Nurse Joy that he needs to be registered for the Johto League, so Nurse Joy slides his pokedex into a slot and he's registered.

That easy.

And Ash and the group leave the Pokemon Center to go to Violet City, where their first gym battle awaits.

The End.