Episode #118-The Double Trouble Header

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Heracross!

By Zidane

Now Pokemon, in American, is supposed to be a cartoon that teaches us simplicity, winning, losing, glory, and persistance.

This episode is an exception.

This was not even qualified to be called an episode; it was merely an example of how stupid Baseball is and how often it interrupts network television.

Damn those TV censors.

Anyway, the episode starts with Ash heading to Violet City to compete for his First Gym Badge while departing from New Bark Town.  Misty spots something, and it is revealed to be a girl with blue hair imitating a spectator at a baseball game while her weak Chikorita is underneath her, spinning its leaf around like a chopper.

It seems that this girl worships the one and only Electabuzz and some stupid Baseball game while trying to fob off the fact that she sucks at Pokemon training.

Ash and the group are greatly disturbed by the girl's sense of sportsmanship, which is kicking Rattata ass with a weak Chikorita.

But the girl can't help but notice Ash and the group, and in pure anger, she rushes toward them!

Only to stop in front of cute Pikachu.  The girl picks up Pikachu, and touches its pinstripes, which rubbing her face HARD against its fur.

Ash, being the true hero, tells her that she'll get shocked.  But the girl is even more impressed and says, "Really?  I always wanted to feel that!  Make it do it!"

Beginning to wonder why she sucks so much?

Casey(the girl's name) will have none of it and YELLS at Pikachu to shock her.  And Pikachu does, but takes Ash along the way.

Casey explains that she loves yellow Pokemon, especially yellow Pokemon with stripes, and dreams that she will one day own an Elekid, Beedrill, Pikachu, and Electabuzz.

Brock recognizes this type of sportsmanship and figures that she's a fan of the Electabuzz Baseball Team.

But Ash knows that this team can't even score with prostitutes and says, "They always finish last!"

"But this year's gonna be different!  They're gonna beat everybody!" yells Casey.  We've all heard that song before, haven't we?

Ash actually seems a bit more mature in this episode.  "The Electabuzz Baseball Team is gonna squash everybody!" Yells Casey.

"They couldn't even squash a bug."

"Oh yeah?  Well, what about the hitters?"

"I've seen better swings on a playground!"

This is the first time I've ever seen Ash tell jokes and puns this way.  Casey is surprised as well, and goes ab-so-lu-te-ly ape-shit and challenges him to a battle.

What, is Casey hooked on Heroin?  Ash has a Charizard, Pikachu, and other Pokemon as well, which I estimate that they're all above Lvl. 50.

Even Ash is disturbed by this, and warns her of the challenge, but Casey, thinking like anyone who voted for George W. Bush, believes that Ash has underestimated her.

Okay, so the battle starts with Casey sending out her first Pokemon, which is a Pidgey.  "Oh, that takes me way back." says Ash, remembering how difficult they were to capture for him.

So Ash sends out Charizard!

Brock is surprised at this, because he hasn't yet learned that Charizard obeys Ash.

Charizard proceeds to fry some Casey ass, along with all of her Pokemon, a Pidgey, Rattata, and Chikorita.

Mmm, beefy!

Brock comforts Casey and tells her that it's alright that she lost, and Ash even tells her to shake hands and be friends.  But Casey lets out about a gallon-full of tears and runs away crying.


4Kids cues some sad and gloomy music here.  Idiots!  They should play some clown music right now, like at a carnival.  Casey is such a loser that she even trips while crying to herself while running.

A flashback sequence commences, and Casey's parents and relatives are shown cheering her on, telling her to never give up like the Electabuzz Baseball Team.

This pathetic excuse for a flashback inspires Casey to keep going, so she wipes off her tears and vows to herself to be the best trainer of all time and to avenge herself.

But Team Rocket interrupts and disguises themselves as Electabuzz Baseball fans.  Casey is definitely on drugs, and mistakes them for Electabuzz fans.

Jessie and James proceed to tell Casey that Ash is a cheater because there's a new rule that states that using a Charizard against new trainers is illegal.

So Casey is inspired again to fight Ash, thinking he's a cheater.  Ash taunts her yet again, saying that he'll win, but Casey claims that it's definitely gonna be different.

Casey sends out lil' weak Chikorita as her first Pokemon, so Ash sends out Pikachu.

However, Casey acts faster than before, and orders Chikorita to use Sweet Scent!  Pikachu is miffed, as Ash is, as they both get a feeling of euphoria as if they were on drugs.

Casey takes advantage of second-hand smoke and orders Chikorita to use Tackle, which damages Pikachu.  Meanwhile, Team Rocket is up at the scoreboard, disguised as ??? between the 0's.  Meowth touches a machine, and a bunch of very, very disturbing robots begin chanting "Gotta catch'em all...  Gotta catch'em all..."

It's this kind of freakish inspiration that allows Casey to power up.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but Chikorita uses its little leaf on its head as a blade and whirls it away.

But the ground opens, and a sort of tank with a spinning baseball bat as a cannon appears!  Casey assumes that it's Ash's way of cheating, but she is proved wrong as Pikachu steps in front of Chikorita to defend it!

The machine whacks them both into Team Rocket's hands, and they reveal themselves while doing a modified version of their motto.  Casey realizes her mistake, but Meowth doesn't give them a chance and activates a machine that fires baseballs at them!

Ash is whipped instantly, but Casey whirls out a baseball and begins hitting every single ball they fire at her.

Which is, totally impossible.

"Now she's batting 1,000!"  Brock says, knowing nothing about Baseball and that it's impossible to bat that much, considering that Casey really sucks at Pokemon and is probably even worse at batting.

In a very lame sequence(this is definitely one of the worst episodes of Pokemon ever.  No dodginess at all.), Ash sends out Squirtle and Bulbasaur, while Casey sends out Pidgey and Rattata, who begin to beat up TR.

But in a very funny scene, Rattata jumps toward James and bites him in the penis!  James already dysfunctional penis is now reduced to nothing.

Pikachu blows them away.

After TR is dealt with, Ash and the group say goodbye to Casey and her sucky Pokemon, but Ash decides to humor her(because Casey has no humor in her life) and say that she'll be a champion when he meets her again.


The End.