Episode #120-Roll On, Pokemon

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Hoot Hoot!

By Zidane

<--Skips about 5 minutes of the episode, which mainly consists of Ash and the group walking on the road, encountering a Donphan, and Brock getting his ass handed down to him on a stick when his Onix loses to it-->

"OK!  I'll try something new!" Yells Ash.  Ash whirls out a pokeball, looks at it for a second, and calls out...  Heracross!

Yes, the idiot horny bastard that Ash caught earlier is now being used!  Let's watch.

Ash orders Heracross to Tackle Donphan, which sends it flying, but like cats, Donphan always lands on its feet, and proceeds to roll and smash toward Heracross.

Ash orders Heracross to stop it using its Horn Attack.

Don't you mean Horny Attack?

Apparently, Heracross's definition of horny is sticking its horn where Donphan's armor is, and he does it well!  Donphan is smashed toward a tree, but a green-haired(!) trainer interrupts and stops the battle.

Cuddling toward the hurt Donphan, she yells, "So, you thought you could steal my Donphan!"

Ash, being the dumbass he is, acts like some prissy boy and says that he doesn't do it, and even though he really didn't know, it seems like he did.

But Brock has sprung to action, and in a great re-interaction of the Indigo League, Brock falls head-over-heels in love with this green haired lady.

And proceeds to do something quite disturbing!

Looking into her eyes, blushing, and going into "trippy" mode, Brock proceeds to use his hands and cup her breasts!  No joke!  Hahahahahahahahaha!

But looking at her breasts has revealed even more, and Brock notices a tiger-eyed rod shaped Stone on her necklace.  Rochelle, the girl, is surprised, and Brock asks what exactly the stone.

"It's amberite!" yells Rochelle.  Brock is pleased as this, but Ash wants to challenge Rochelle to a battle.  Rochelle declines, and asks him not to catch anymore Donphan in this area because they all belong to her.

Digimon Emperor, any one?

Brock, with hearts afloat all over him, and heart beating, begins fantasizing about Rochelle while calling her beautiful and nice.

"Is he talking about the Rock?" Asks Ash.  He just doens't get it, doesn't he?

But Misty knows a lot more about breast touching than he does(hahahaha!), and corrects him.  "I think he's talking about Rochelle."

The scene cuts to Jessie, who is looking over a small cliff, while James is looking down at the bottom of the cliff.  Meowth explains their sinister plan, which is to get a lot of amberite and get rich.

We are then treated to a sexy scene of Jessie, wearing a queen's robe, and revealing a lot more leg than she usually does(except for that classic scene in one of those Todd episodes).

Meowth explains that he overhead a few people saying that Donphan are used for sniffing out(Get your mind out of the gutter!) amberite, and having one is like a gold mine.

Meanwhile, Rochelle is beginning to train with the all too weak Donphan, by putting a amberite stone in front of its nose and asking for its scent(at that rate, it might as well be cocaine!), but fireworks explode in the air, and it is revealed to be Team Rocket!  Jessie fires a bazooka net at Donphan, and Donphan is captured!

The Meowth Balloon lands somewhere, and Jessie orders it to sniff out some amberite or else.  But a certain someone who took modern dance as a lad(or a lass!  hehe) insists that they must treat the Donphan with kindness so James sets a green bush in front of Donphan!  Donphan gets stoned on some wacky tobaccy, coca bush, and marijuana hemp leaf, and it is because of that that he agrees to work with Team Rocket.

Damn drug addicts!  They can't speak Spanish!  Except for Brendan Frasier.

Rochelle has taken herself to the forest now, and is now reduced to having to call out Donphan's name in a freaky ecstasy style sort of way, so Ash and the group spot her.  Brock doesn't open his eyes wide enough, and grabs her hands instead of her breasts.

"She can't stand to be away from me!" Brock says.

Rochelle gives a description of the culprits, but as usual, Ash and the group recognize it as Team Rocket!

Speaking of whom, they have successfully made Donphan eat the wacky tobaccy, coca bush, and marijuana hemp leaf bush, and now Donphan is in a state of happiness and bliss!

Not to mention getting high.

But Jessie, probably the result of a bad childhood, has none of it and asks that Donphan to stop pigging out and get some amberite!  But James again insists that kindness is #1, and it works!  Donphan sniffs the ground, and detects something to the west a bit, and TR begins to dig.

Meanwhile, Rochelle blows her whistle, which causes her whole herd of Donphan to rush over to her.  It seems as though Rochelle trained all those Donphan to respond to her whistle, but TR stole the youngest one who hasn't been trained yet.


The Donphan are then released to go search for the youngest.

Meanwhile, if you have captioning, it says [ Moans and Groans ].

It's not what you think!

It's actually Team Rocket dug in their own hole.  James begs Donophan to find Amberite, but Donphan detects the Donphan herd and runs toward it.

"Uh-oh!  They must be this Donphan's friends!" yells Meowth, after watching "Master of the House" of Beast Machines and close observation of the aerodrones.


Ash and the group spot TR, so Team Rocket does yet another souped up version of their motto.  Ash and the gang realize that TR just wanted Donphan to get Amberite.  Before this situation can be handled discretely, Team Rocket decides to battle and James sends out Victreebel while Jessie sends out Arbok.

As usual, Victreebel clamps on to James, because anything that ends with "bell" likes to kill James.

Get it?

Oh well, that southern Jessie-clone sex goddess will never be mentioned anyway.

"I'll protect you from these 3!" yells Brock, as he sends out Onix.

Onix wraps around Victreebel, but Victreebel uses Sleep Powder, which ends up disabling Onix's usefulness.

So it's Ash and Misty to the rescue!  Ash sends out Heracross, while Misty sends out a weak Poliwag.  After a series of SEVERAL attacks, Team Rocket is beaten again, and blast off into the air.

Rochelle thanks them for their help, and asks Ash if there's anything she can do to repay him.

Of course, any of us would know Ash by now, so Ash asks for a battle with her oldest Donphan!

And ends up getting his ass handed down to him on a stick.  In short, Heracross gets his ass and horn kicked in the battle.

And Rochelle even breaks Brock's heart by saying that she actually fell in love with French Pikachu, who is happy to show off her armpit hair and prostitute heritage.

The End.