Episode #122-Flower Power

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Spinarak!

By Zidane

It appears that Ash and his friends are still on the way to Violet City, and after getting sidetracked for about 5 times, they have finally gotten out of the woods.

Ash looks down, and spots several buildings, and yells, "Wow!  A real city!"

Well, duh.  Brock explains to him that this is Florando City.  Of course, that city doesn't exist in Pokemon Gold/Silver, so it's just made up stuff.

"I have to go in there and protect the girls!" yells Brock, dreaming of all of the luscious women that will be surrounding around him if it was humanly possible.

"I think they need to be protected from you." Misty protests.

Hahahahahaha!   It's about time Brock realized that slipping on latex rubber on little Brock will prevent pregnancy!  Or if you can't, give the girl a shot, will ya?!

The title screen is read, and the episode is titled, "Flower Power".  Beginning to think that this episode is about a drug addict or a survivor of the '99 Woodstock.

"What should we do?" Asks Ash, as they are walking on the streets of the fake city.

A woman "conveniently" walks over and tells them to go to the Pokemon Exhibition, where trainers put on shows with their Pokemon.  Instantly, a signal goes off in Ash's brain to start doing so, so he asks Misty and Brock if he could put on a show.

"Sure!" yells Brock, anything to chap the old man's ass.

"No, I mean a television show." says Ash, breaking the surprise.  What an imbecile.

The music(not singing) for What Kind of Pokemon Are You plays, and Ash and the group walk into the Pokemon Exhibition.  We see a Flareon jumping through a fire ring, and people clapping at it for some stupid reason since that Flareon IS fire.

We also see an Alakazam bending a big dipper while holding its little dipper in its other hand.

Get your mind out of the gutter!

But Ash and the group are attracted to where a large group has formed.  A girl, probably stoned on some hot pot or crack, has ordered her two Bellossom to do awesome acrobatic stunts in front of the audience so the audience won't notice she's getting high.

Excellent strategy.

The two Bellossom have been forced to put on wonderful smiles or else they'll have their little drugs taken away from them, withdrawal following.

One Bellossom crouches down, and puts her hands together.  But before she can vomit all over her hands, the other Bellossom jumps on it and descends high into the air, to get some of the refreshing smell of fumes and polluted drugs.

Mmm, psychedelic!

But apparently this Bellossom is a beginner druggie and flies off course in the air, and lands in Ash's arms.

The girl runs over to Ash and asks if he's alright, and he says he is.

The girl and Ash and the group have a toast to each other, but Ash and the group say that the toast is for her and her wonderful show, even though she messed up badly and nearly knocked out an audience member.  Well, you gotta do that if you don't want the drug addict to get mad.

"So, you are going to perform the Belle-Loop-De-Loop at the festival tomorrow?" Asks Ash, curious if she's going to mess up again.

She explains that it was their original plan, but now it's changed because they keep messing up recently.

"Belle used to do it so perfectly, but now it's all messed up." Says the girl.  Apparently she's so high that she doesn't realize that Bellossom did it perfectly before, but it's bad now because it was introduced to illegal drugs.

Enter Team Rocket.

"Something smells festive in the air!" Jessie says.  James agrees with her, and they figure that there's gonna be a big Pokemon show.  Jessie and James decide to put on a show of their own to show off their talents, but Meowth says, "I wish you had any talent to show off!"

Instantly, Spanish music plays, and we see Jessie dressed up in a black outfit dancing the Flamenco.  And then we see...

James in a ballerina outfit from The Misty Mermaid!

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!   It's about time!

Notice the look of shock on Meowth's face as he looks up Jame's dress.(Hey, no joke, he really does, but I don't have a screenshot)

"What am I supposed to do?  Dance?" Asks Meowth.  "Let us do all the dancing!" Jessie says, "just be yourself!"

So their show is actually Meowth.  "Gather 'round, folks, and see the one and only, amazing talking Meowth!"  This attracts a group of people, and Meowth says, "What am I gonna say?"

This instantly attracts a ton of people, but Meowth has stage fright, and ends up speaking in regular Meowth language.

Jessie and James bring him backstage.  Meowth exclaims that he has no lines, so Jessie quickly writes a script full of jokes on it.

Meowth goes out, and says, "Hey, what does a Pokemon say when it sneezes?  Peek-aa--chooo!!!!"

The audience is not impressed, and Meowth does another one.  "When does a Pokemon need to go to a doctor?  When it's bulb is sore!"

Instantly, the people begin leaving, but Jessie and James won't let that happen, and James exclaims that the funny stuff is coming!  He whispers in Meowth's ear, and Meowth reads the joke!  "Did you ever hear about the underweight Pokemon?  It's a Caterpie!"

James corrects the answer as "Butterfree" but the audience has already left.

Now, personally, these jokes really suck.  They should have done this.  "Hey, how do you circumcise Bill Clinton?  Just lift an intern's chin and start cutting!"

Or they could have said: "Any of you ever watch Gilligan's Island?  Apparently, it's about Gilligan crashing onto an island, and Skipper and Fidel Castro share custody."

For some strange reason, as Jessie talks in this scene, we get to hear her in her original voice, not in her fake voice that the voice actress uses to portray Jessie.  If you listen closely, you can tell the difference.

"Oh man, now they won't see me and James dance!  They would have been blown off their feet by my Flamenco!"  yells Jessie.

"I would have leaped off the stage!" yells James, still in the ballerina outfit.

So Team Rocket get a bulldozer and plummet through the festival, still dressed in their dance clothing.  Ash, however, stops them in the middle of the road, but the girl tells them that the festival belongs to the people, and that the people should fight them.

So a man uses Alakazam to do Psychic, and Team Rocket plummets to the ground.  But they are unscathed!  Jessie sends out Arbok, and James sends out Victreebel, but as usual, Victreebel clamps onto his head.

The girl uses her two Bellossom's to attack the two, so Jessie orders Arbok to use Poison Sting.  Poison Stings fly everywhere, but the two Bellossom dodge them all by dancing around.

How fake.

Victreebel and Arbok are both ordered to do their Wrap attacks, but Bellossom's dodge them and stomp on their heads.  The girl then orders Sleep Powder.

Belle and Bella leap into the air, get jiggy, and begin emitting drug-polluted fumes at Arbok and Victreebel, putting them to sleep.  Jessie and James take off with their Pokemon.

The scene changes, and Jessie and James are shown in an alley, eating meatballs, along with Meowth.  James and Meowth fight over the last one, but Jessie casually forks the last one into her mouth.

An ad falls out of the air, and tells them of the Pokemon Talent Exhibition, which is the day after.

Meanwhile, Bailey is with Ash and the group outside.  Ash asks if she trained her Pokemon to dance, but she replies that she trained them to battle and dance, but when she saw them defeat Arbok, she focused on dancing.

Took a while for a drug addict to figure that out, huh?

Bailey begins saying that dancing is like battling, because rhythm and motion both are important, so Ash sends out Pikachu to try a few.  Pikachu follows Belle and Bella's steps perfectly, fearing for his lifes as the two drug addict Pokemon dance around the floor.

Weep for Pikachu.

The next day, the Pokemon Talent Exhibition starts, but Team Rocket has sabotaged it!  The announcers are gagged and tied up beneath the stage.  I do have to admit that this is a rather strange scene for a kid's show, since 4Kids has cut out some of the most ridiculous scenes in life, but leaving this in surprised me.

Jessie and James go onstage and welcome the oncoming players.  Bailey, along with a bunch of other people, walk onstage, and receive numerous amounts of applause.

But Meowth drops a net over them!  They are all taken into the air, and into the Meowth Balloon, and Team Rocket escapes into the air!

But Ash wants to appease druggie Bailey even more, and sends out Heracross!  Heracross sticks his horn on the ground, and as Pikachu walks onto it, Heracross launches Pikachu amazingly high, until Pikachu touches and shocks the balloon, sending Team Rocket crashing to the ground.

Jessie sends out Arbok and James sends out Victreebel to do battle with Pikachu.  Amazingly, the two Pokemon outmaneuver Pikachu, and as Pikachu is wrapped by Victreebel, about to be bitted by Arbok, Bailey frees her two Bellossom, and Belle and Bella do the new Twister attack(which is a Dragon attack, I might add) and send Team Rocket flying away.

And yeah, the conclusion of this episode mainly involves Bailey and her two Bellossom doing the Loop-D-Loop correctly, and the audience giving them massive amounts of cheers.

The End.