Episode #126-The Chikorita Rescue

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Quagsire!

By Zidane

It's fun to note that this episode begins with the Lord of the 'UNKNOWN' Tower Japanese music for the movie trailer.

Without the Revelation Lugia music at the end.

Anyway, Brock has noticed that Little Brock has somehow become even littler, if that's possible.  "Boy, it's freezing!" He yells, trying to warm himself up.

Misty looks over to a mountain covered with snow, and notes that it must be Winter over there.  And this episode played in the Spring.  Brock begins to fantasize about skiing and himself staying at the lodge, with girls in parkas all around him.  Notice the sigh of ecstasy that Brock makes.  Brock says that he has hit on the perfect sport for him.  Downhill Skiing.

Yeah right, Brock.  We all know what you're hitting!

But Ash appears to have found something even better, as he points to a Chikorita sniffing the tobacco-laden grass near the trio.

Misty smells something heavenly, but before Brock can mention Erika ever again, Ash seems to have a flashback about Casey's Chikorita and its Sweet Scent.

Remembering how Casey's Chikorita nearly whupped his Pikachu's ass, Ash uses the pokedex on Chikorita and prepares to catch it.

"If this Chikorita belongs to anyone, tell me!" yells Ash, hoping to not make the same mistake with catching the horny Heracross.

Brock and Misty fall to the ground, and Ash tells the Chikorita that he's gonna capture it World War I style, but without submarines, Germans, and innocent bystanders.  Of course, Chikorita gets pretty angry, and it's helicopter-blade leaf on the head swirls away from Ash.

"I Choose You, Bulbasaur!" yells Ash.

It's fun to note that Pokemon The Johto Journies has finally started playing Gold/Silver Version music on the television show, rather than using the same Red/Blue/Yellow music.  The music played is the "Battle a Pokemon Trainer" music.

In a flash, Bulbasaur appears right in front of Ash, looking at one of its kind in front of it.  Both Chikorita and Bulbsaur execute(heh) their Razor Leaf attacks, but they end up cutting right through each other.  Bulbasaur Tackles Chikorita, but Chikorita is not dazed at all.

"That Chikorita is one tough cookie!" claims Brock.

Tough Cookie?  Hahahahahahahahaha!  Many people might not find that funny, but if you know me in reality, then you'll know why I laughed at that.

Chikorita uses its Vine Whip(How?) on Bulbasaur and knocks it out cold.  So Ash recalls Bulbasaur and sends out Charizard!

Of course, everyone's first instinct on what's going to happen next is to see Charizard have some BBQ Chikorita in a few seconds, but Chikorita is not a chicken, so it tackles first!

Charizard, however, has already gone to High School, and puts its foot in front of Chikorita, stopping it in its tracks while its still trying to Tackle.  Ash orders Charizard to use Flamethrower, but already that's a stupid move, because Charizard has Vine Whipped Charizard, making Charizard...

Fry Ash's face!

Charizard resumes the attack and burns Chikorita's Razor Leaf, but just as its about to Tackle, Chikorita uses Vine Whip and sends Charizard flying into a canyon, taking Chikorita with it.  Charizard slams head-first into the canyon, as does Chikorita.

A few brain cells fried, no problem.

But Charizard lives!  The big hulking dragon is recalled by Ash.  However, Chikorita doesn't look so good, so Ash picks him up and runs toward the nearest Pokemon Center.

At the center, Nurse Joy walks out and tells them that Chikorita should be fine.

And Brock goes into goofy mode.

"How could I ever forget you?  You have such small hands, but they're very gentle and caring.  Dare I ask, may these gentle and caring hands heal my humble Pokemon?(Get your mind out of the gutter!)  And once you've done that, you can heal my aching..."

Misty, of course, drags him away.  A siren suddenly sounds, and Jessie and James disguised as doctors race into the room, putting Chikorita on a stretcher and putting it into their ambulance.

We get to see Nurse Joy express one of her few emotions, big surprise.  Notice her voice change.

"I haven't seen you before.  Just where are you from?" Asks Joy.  Jessie and James can't take it anymore, so they bask into the sunlight, and throw off all their clothes...

And land in their TR clothes!  It's Dr. Jessie and Dr. James!  Hoorah!

James order Weezing to use Smokescreen, so the big, dumb, hulking behemoth waddles on over to the back of the vehicle and uses Smokescreen.

Everyone's first instinct is to cough like crazy.  Ash's first move is to chase after the ambulance, so he takes Pikachu with him and chases it uphill.

"I don't see any twerps or that nurse!" yells Jessie, thinking that they're finally free.

But Ash is above them on a hill!  Ash jumps, lands on a white thing, and grabs its honker...

Get your mind out of the gutter!  Ash has landed onto the ambulance and is holding on for dear life on its siren.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy is worried about Ash and Chikorita, but Misty feels that he can do it anyway because he has all his Pokemon...

Or does he?  It appears he's left in such a hurry that he left his pokeball belt back at the center.  So Ash is left with only Pikachu.  Meanwhile, Ash is outside a frozen cabin, contemplating about what to do next.

Inside, Chikorita is freed from the ambulance and Jessie and James loom over it, menancingly.  However, Jessie pulls out a contract and coaxes Chikorita to sign it to join Team Rocket's arsenal of Pokemon.

But Ash breaks down the door!

Ash then does a very humorous version of the Team Rocket motto, but it's obvious that they tried to force rhymes because they made brash rhyme with Ash.  When most people don't even know what brash means(not me either).

"Hey, who told you to edit our motto!  That's copyrighted material!" yells Jessie!

Now I do believe that was never meant to be there.  4Kids would never make a line like that, unless...

Nintendo of America cut in!  That's right, I believe Nintendo of America inserted that line in for their lawsuit against Pokemon websites.  Nintendo of America makes any domain name related to Pokemon illegal, and then they make any website having the word "Pokemon" in it illegal, and now they're trying to make the ability to have a personal Pokemon page illegal.

What a bunch of dumbasses.  Nintendo of America is probably run by a bunch of Communists.

Ash, with Pikachu, begin throwing snowballs at Team Rocket, smacking them across the face.  Pikachu communicates to Chikorita in "Pokemon" language, and Chikorita, Pikachu, and Ash escape outside.

Meowth, however, has anticipated this, and presses a button.  Huge handcuffs whip around Chikorita, Pikachu, and Ash, but they end up escaping and rolling down a hill.  Things aren't looking too good for Ash as their rolling swells them into a giant snowball, and they eventually crash into a tree, snow falling all over them.

Team Rocket whizzes by, but doesn't notice the group because they're covered in snow.

"That was pretty fun, wasn't it, Pikachu" asks Ash, as he just had a very close experience to a sexual orgy.

But Chikorita uses this as its opportunity to escape, and runs off.  Noticing that it's beginning to snow, Ash and Pikachu escape into a cave.

While they're warming themselves up(Get your mind out of the gutter!), Ash begins to think about Chikorita.  And, of course, it's flashback time.

"I've got to get Chikorita!" yells Ash, as he stomps out of the cave.  Outside, Ash notices that something moves into the bushes.  As he walks over to the bushes, he looks down, and sees...

Two Nidoran busily having freaky Pokemon sex!  Hahahahaha!

"Avalanche!" yells Ash, just like he really wants it to happen.  The sound waves echo around the mountain, and an avalanche indeed does happen!

Ash falls down, and down, and finally lands face-down in snow, and looks up to see...

Chikorita!  Chikorita leaps into his chest, and Ash takes it back to the cave.

Getting ready for the next day, Ash stuffs both Chikorita and Pikachu in his chest, hoping to warm them all up.

And yes, it looks very, very disturbing.

The next morning, the cave has been covered in ice, but Ash breaks out of it.  Chikorita and Pikachu follow him like a bunch of slaves, but Team Rocket has appeared!

"Oh no, not them." Ash says, finding out that his fly is open and that little Ash is hanging out after a looonnng night of love.

"Let's play ball!" yells Meowth, as Jessie and James begin shoveling snow into a device.  Meowth begins firing snowballs at them, but Chikorita Razor Leafs them.  Pikachu then finishes them off rather quickly.

And hey, just at the right moment, Brock, Misty, and Nurse Joy arrive and take everyone to the Pokemon Center.

And so they say their goodbyes.  "It was a great pleasure meeting you, Nurse Joy.  If you ever need a Pokemon Breeder, don't hesitate to call me!"  Yells Brock.

Translation-"It has given me great pleasure meeting you, Nurse Joy!  If you ever want to get down and freaky, then call my number and I'll be there to knock one out!  Rememeber to have the shot!"

But Chikorita appears to have affection for Ash, and it does this by waving a long, curved thing in front of Ash's face...

Make of it if you will.

So Ash has gotten Chikorita!

The End.