Episode #18-Beauty on the Beach

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Pidgeotto!

By Zidane

Ah, the infamous lost episode!  Kids WB banned this episode from America because in a brief moment in this episode, James entered a beauty contest looking very "woman", wearing a bikini and inflatable breasts.  I guess Kids WB realized their mistake or the Lost Episode Campaign worked because they showed the missing episode on June 24th!  Well, enough of my ranting, on with the summary!

Well, this episode begins with something we haven't seen in a while.  A flashback from the previous episode!  The narrator begins to tell us what happened before, on the Island of the Giant Pokemon and Porta Vista.

Next comes the title sequence, read by Ash.  However, the title sequence is changed.  Instead of the words being written letter by letter, the words suddenly appear similar to "The Drew Carey Show" format.

The scene changes to a beach on Porta Vista.  You see Ash scream "Yeah!", and a bunch of his clothes flying into the air.

It's not what you think!

Both him and Brock, wearing swimming trunks, leap into the ice-cold water, hoping to calm their erections.

Misty walks over to the water, and asks them how the water is.

Both Ash and Brock stare at her with no expressions fixed on their faces, and even Pikachu does this!

Misty asks what is wrong.

Brock and Ash walk out of the water.  Ooh, erections can't wait now, can't they?  Ash then does a very stupid thing!  "Nothing, Misty.  It's just weird to see you looking like a girl!"

Misty blushes a bit, then throws something that looks like a Masterball at Ash, knocking him into the water senseless.

I assume that in the Japanese Version, Ash probably said, "Hey Misty, nice thong.", or something like that, because then why would Misty blush and then pummel him?  Of course, they edited it out here.

A triangular formation rises out of the water nearby, and it is revealed to be Team Rocket's Mecha-Gyarados!  Team Rocket does their motto a little differently this time.  Jessie says that there are tons of wealthy people on the beach, and that it is time to live high in the skies!

Hey, they're not trying to steal Pokemon!

Scene changes again to a boat speeding through the water at a drastically slow speed.  Ash, Misty, and Brock are shown on it, and Ash proceeds to comment on how Brock must have borrowed the boat.  "You must have some really wealthy friends, Brock!"

Brock then says that he didn't borrow the boat.

Misty is angered, and yells at Ash for making her walk on the boat.  Ash just says that he was following Brock.  Brock then says that he was just following Pikachu.

"We're in trouble!"  The group says in unison.  What, is this now the stupid cartoon Dungeons and Dragons?

Team Rocket spots a boat speeding toward them, namely, Ash's "borrowed boat", but they have no time to react.  The boat rams into Team Rocket, causing them to sink.  Ash is having trouble controlling the boat, much like how he has trouble controlling little Ash, and the boat ends up crashing into a dock.

During this situation, Ash makes a very eye-raising comment.  "Something broke!  I can't stop!"

Get your mind out of the gutter!

An old farmer man runs over to them, calling them little vandals, while saying that first they stole his boat, and then they destroyed his dock!

So it was his boat!

Ash dashes behind Misty, and pushes her in front, to her dismay.  The farmer loosens up and blushes, checking out Misty, and he then says that she reminds him of his granddaughter.  Misty then says that they will be willing to work for him to pay off any damages they have done.

The scene changes to Team Rocket coughing up water on the beach after their Mecha-Gyarados broke.   Meowth then makes a very leud comment.

"I wanted to hit the beach, but not like this."

Meowth exclaims that they must get money to repair their Mecha-Gyarados, and at this time, Nastina's sister, Brutella, walks over.

Notice that Nastina and Brutella have names that coordinate well with their personalities.  Nastina was rather nasty and cold(Not in that way!), and Brutella is very brutal.

Brutella tells them to get off of the beach, because that part of the beach is her restaurant, but James offers to be waiters, because they need the money.  Brutella tells them that working for her ain't no picnic, and that she can be very brutal.

James then makes a funny comment!  "Oh, we work with Jessie!  We know brutal!"

The scene changes to the restaurant of the old man whose dock was destroyed.  4Kids finally does something right for a change, and just leaves the Chinese words on the sign instead of blanking it out.  Ash and Brock are trying to get customers, but to no avail.  Instead, everyone is going to the restaurant next door, which just happens to be Brutella's Restaurant.

Jessie and James appear as waiters in the restaurant, and Jessie does the old pull-the-eye-down-and-stick-your-tongue-out routine at Ash.

Ash gasps in surprise as to what Team Rocket is doing here, and then Brock comments on how Jessie also looks good in that uniform too.

Do I detect some tension here?  James, you got some competition!

Team Rocket proceeds to put down the group.

Ash is angered at this.  A bit too angered, as displayed on this episode, so he decides to overadvertise the restaurant.  He sends Pikachu and Squirtle to hand out fliers, Pidgeottto to keep the charcoal warm, Charmander to help with flame-broiling, and Bulbasaur to help Misty be a waitress.

You can gradually see more people coming to their restaurant, and Team Rocket becomes jealous of their success.  Meowth decides that it's time for some sabotage-ey.

While Squirtle and Pikachu are handing out fliers, the fliers suddenly fly into the air, and Pikachu and Squirtle are forced to run after them.  Meowth appears with a large fan, blowing them away, then laughs and chuckles, "Heh.  Fliers."

Personally, I laughed my ass off seeing Meowth say this.

While Charmander is helping flame-broil, Meowth pours fuel into the oven, proceeding to burn, burn burn!  (Gotta love that song!)

Meowth throws bananas where Misty and Bulbasaur are walking, and they end up spilling food all over the customers.  The customers begin leaving, until finally no one comes to the restaurant.

The scene changes to the entire group in the restaurant, dismayed and tired.  Ash finally reveals the old man's name as Moe as he says, "Moe, I'm sorry."

Moe then tells him that they tried their best, and that it was going good before all the accidents.  Misty concludes that those were not just accidents.  They must be planned, then, can't they?  Dimwits.

Brutella arrives at the restaurant, insulting him.  Brutella then says that he must pay her back his money by tomorrow.  Otherwise, Moe loses his cherished boat.

After the Who's That Pokemon, Moe is thinking that he could never get that much money by tomorrow, so he might as well give up the boat.  It is then revealed that he wants to take the boat on a cruise all around the world.

Ash is angry, and tells him to never give up his dream.  "Never give up your dream, no matter what!"

Oh, so Ash is quoting!

Ash than makes a total fool of himself by saying that he dreams of becoming a Pokemon master and even though it is pretty hard, he will never give up until it is achieved.

Not bad, for a kid that doesn't realize the love tension in the group.

The group encourages Moe that he can do it, but they can't seem to think up of a way they can raise the money in one day.

Professor Oak suddenly appears and offers to make a suggestion.  Ash's Mom appears also.

Ash is very surprised to see them both together, and even more surprised to see that they're both in their swimming suits.

Gee, I guess what could have they been doing before in their swimming suits on the BEACH?  Yeah, you know what I'm saying.

Professor Oak hands them a flier about the Porta Vista Beauty and Pokemon Costume Contest.  The winner of each category gets a $1,000 prize, but the real money-making idea is that they should advertise their restaurant at the contest, so that they will have many customers throughout the contest.  Not a bad idea!

At this time, the music for the Pokemon song "We All Live In A Pokemon World" plays, while Pidgeotto is handing out fliers to everyone.  The plan works, as there are tons of people at Moe's restaurant.  Brutella is enraged.

Brock manages to be the host of this competition, and the contest begins.  Brock introduces the first contestant, and it happens to be Misty!

Misty walks across the walkway, murmuring to herself that this is embarrassing and degrading.  Brock then says that this is Misty, the water pokemon, who is making quite a big splash here today.

Man, that's the first adult joke I've ever heard on Pokemon.  Splash!  Hahahaha!

Brock then announces that her Pokemon costume consists of Staryu and Squirtle imitating a flying saucer.

That's a very careless mistake.  It's Starmie and Squirtle!

At this time, Team Rocket is supposed to push Misty away and show off their fake cleavage, but they cut this scene out and go on to the cheering.

Brock then announces that a mysterious group known as the Rocket Booster have made their costume into a legendary Pokemon.

Rocket Boosters!  Hahahaha!  $3.99 a pack!

The result is a Koffing and Ekans Orgy in what appears to be an Omastar.  However, Gary appears and kicks it offstage.  Gary then taunts Ash by bringing along 6 of his fanclub members into the beauty contest.

Brock blushes, and then says that it's going to be tough choosing which is the most beautiful, but it's a good kind of tough!

Hahahahahahahaha!  Another adult joke!  Whoo!  I love this episode!

Misty is backstage, and she says, "With a good built-up like that, the fans won't even give me a second look!"

Not really...

Ash challenges Gary to a battle, but Gary refuses because he has no Pokemon to battle with!  Brutella finds out that her waiters are really Team Rocket, so she sends them to go wreck the beauty contest and to destroy Moe's restaurant.

Team Rocket cums(Whoops!  Sorry I spelled that wrong. Heh heh.)into the beauty contest with their Mecha-Gyarados and scare everyone away.  However, Ash sees the mistake, so he gets the microphone and tells everyone that the Gyarados is a phony.  Everyone stops.  Misty secretly smiles at him backstage...

Team Rocket is angry, so they fire a heat-seeking missile at Ash.

What, so they don't allow guns in Pokemon(ala The Legend of Dratini) but they allow heat-seeking missiles?  Dimwits.

Gary taunts Ash, but Ash sends out Charmander to send it back at Team Rocket.  Team Rocket runs for it, and consequently, they run right into Brutella's restaurant!  The heat-seeking missile finds its target, and the restaurant is destroyed.

The scene changes to Ash's mom holding a trophy and Ash-Tachi talking to her.  Ash and the group leave, and Ash's Mom looks at the trophy, which reads "First Place In Our Hearts, Ash Ketchum".

The End.

I got to admit, this episode was pretty good!  It was nice to see an episode that was dubbed great instead of those horribly dubbed Orange League episodes.  This just proves that the Indigo League is much better than the Orange League!  However, they did cut out the James with inflatable breasts scene and they even cut out the scene where Ash's mom enters the competition and wins!  How do you think she got the trophy?  In the Japanese Version, it was Ash's mom who won, not Ash!  Oh well, at least we got something we'll never get again: adult jokes!  Whoo!