Episode #94-Snack Attack!

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Ivysaur!

By Zidane

Ash, Misty, and Tracey are traveling on Lapras(like always) until Tracey finally breaks the silence by pointing out thtire Pat they are headed toward Grapefruit Islands, a group of islands that is famous for growing humongous, gigantic grapefruits.  Ash tells Lapras to go full speed ahead(As if Lapras wasn't going fast enough) and they finally reach the island.  Ash sees one of the grapefruits, and pulls one down, until a lady that resembles Ash's mom(!) runs toward him and attempts to go medieval on his ass.  Ash blocks off her hits in an amazing display of courage and transforms into the all-powerful Lugia, and destroys the enokemon world.

The end.

No, just kidding!  Actually, Ash blocks off her hits but the group explains to her that they must have grapefruit otherwise they will surely pummel the Mrs. Ketchum wanna-be and leak sulfuric acid.

No, just kiddin' again!  The group explains to her that they were just looking around, and that they're not thieves.  What a great way to convince someone.  The girl actually believes them and relieves herself(Get ya mind out of the gutter!) by telling them why she got so steamed.  It turns out to be because a thief(!) is stealing all the grapefruits off of the islands.

Someone informs them that the thief has struck again, so they follow him.  The thief is very messy, as it even eats the branches. 

The man arrives again and tells them that the thief has struck again, but this time they actually find it.  It turns out to be a  Snorlax on Bulimia that must eat 900 pounds before it can finally go to sleep.  The girls' crew attempts to stop Snorlax, but nothing seems to work, and it continues to eat grapefruit.

Then Ash, smart as ever, gets this crazy idea that they should swipe all the grapefruit so that Snorlax will never reach it!  Hey, great idea Ash!  Have you thought what happens if Snorlax happens to see you?  They succeed in getting all the grapefruit, but Snorlax sees them and gobbles all the grapefruit they swiped.  Ash gets really pissed now, so he calls out Bulbasaur to fight it.  Bulbasaur Vine Whips and Razor Leafs it but nothing works, and in return, Snorlax tries out sumo-wrestling and crushes Bulbasaur into the ground.  Big pain.  Big, big pain.

Ash gets really mad and sends out Squirtle, but the same things happens.  Snorlax then proceeds to eat all the grapefruit off the entire island.  At the end of the island,  Snorlax gets ready to swim and starts swimming toward the next grapefruit island.

Team Rocket arrives on another grapefruit island, and Meowth gets the unheavenly good idea of swiping all the grapefruits.  They do, but get sideswiped by Snorlax and end up losing all the grapefruit they stole.

The terrible trio(Ash, Misty, and Tracey) arrive where Snorlax is, and this time, Misty attempts to fight Snorlax.  She first sends Staryu, but that doesn't work, so she sends Goldeen.  Snorlax attempts to eat Goldeen, and in hot-boiling anger, Misty recalls Goldeen and sends out...

Psyduck!  What a big help that was.  Recall him.

Ash decides to impress Misty so he sends out Pikachu to Thunderbolt Snorlax.  Snorlax gets hurt, but gets really mad at Ash and attempts to swipe him. 

The girl that they met earlier tells her crew to start collecting grapefruits again, so they listen and follow orders.

Now back to Snorlax.  Snorlax continues to eat all the grapefruit, but this time, instead of violence, Ash and the group try to use logical thinking to stop him.  They try massaging him, but that doesn't seem to work.  Yes, you heard right.  Massaging him.  Next James tries to by Hypno and tries to hypnotize it with his pendulum, but ends up falling asleep himself!  Misty then tries to make it go asleep by singing 1 Snorlax, 2 Snorlax, 3 Snorlax, 4 Snorlax, all the way to 100 Snorlax with her beautiful voice.  It doesn't seem to work, and Misty ends up falling asleep herself!  Jessie then comes up with the ultimate plan and tries to seduce Snorlax into coming into bed with her.

Great idea, Jessie, you're dressed up in a Snorlax costume!  That doesn't seem to work either.  Then finally Ash makes a foolproof plan.  He attempts to get little Jiggly to come so that it will sing Snorlax to sleep!

While stalling Snorlax, Ash finally gets Jigglypuff, and Jigglypuff sings Snorlax to sleep, but not before Thunderbolting it and catching it in a Pokeball.