Episode #95-A Shipful of Shivers

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Gastly!

By Zidane

Ash and the group reach another unnamed island and decide to stay there.  In a call to Professor Oak, who is probably getting some Mrs. Oak, they discover that a 300-year old Orange League Trophy has been found on a ship and is now in the Pokemon Museum.  However, it is late at night, so they decide to look at it tomorrow.

Team Rocket breaks into the museum in hope of stealing the trophy.  Then in a Mission Impossible Impression, they lower James down, who proceeds to lift the cap off and take the trophy.  While they are running like hell outside, James trips over and makes an impression of himself on the ground.

The next day, everyone is around the museum wondering what's happening, and Officer Jenny explains to them that the trophy was stolen.  Ash and the group leave the museum in sadness, but end up finding Team Rocket in the bushes with the trophy!

They try to catch Team Rocket, who manages to find a Seadra boat and pedal away.  Ash gets on Lapras and follows them, but a big fog cuts in, making it hard to see.  Meanwhile, Team Rocket is riding, until they see a huge old ship floating in the seas.  Team Rocket decides to hide from the twerps, but when James tells them that the ship could be haunted, they turn around and see a flying sheet(!) and start running for their lives, only to fall under the floor.

Ash pretty soon sees the ship, and sees the Seadra next to it, so Team Rocket is on board.  They climb on the ship, but Misty drops Togepi down the hole where Team Rocket fell.  Ash and the group then proceed to look for Togepi.

While Team Rocket is searching for a way out, a sheet touches Jessie(not in that way!).  Jessie blames James for doing this, although we know this'll never happen, but instead, they turn around and see that it's actually a sheet!  Team Rocket wets themselves and begin to run away, but are stopped by another sheet!  They wet themselves again and run back, only to be pummeled by the two sheets and the trophy taken.

Togepi opens a door, but right when that happens, the two sheets fly in.

Ash, Misty, and Tracey open the door, and upon seeing a huge shadow, Misty is frightened, but then Ash, hero as ever, points out that it's Togepi.  However, Togepi is surrounded by the sheets, and the sheets soon reveal themselves to be Gastly and Haunter.

Ash tries to fight them, but it doesn't work, as the attacks keep going through them, but Team Rocket interrupts and says that the trophy was stolen by them and that they should have it.  They proceed to use their pokemon, which still do nothing, but Gastly does a Night Shade on Victreebel and Haunter does a Confuse Ray on Arbok, making it turn against Team Rocket.

Ash then sees the trophy, and tries to get it, but is blocked by Gastly and Haunter.  Gastly and Haunter mind-control Meowth and make him tell the story of why they cannot take the trophy.  The trophy actually belongs to their master, who happens to be a great pokemon trainer.  Gastly and Haunter project a holographic event in which an Orange League competition was held 300 years ago.  It's funny how the entire Pokemon stadium looks exactly like Greece.

The hologram disappears, and Ash finally understands.  Gastly and Haunter let Meowth go, but not before Night Shading them out of the ship.  Ash, Misty, and Tracey look as the ship disappears into the horizon in perfect position so you can see the moon(E.T reference!). 

The End!