Episode #96-Meowth Rules!

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Magnemite!

By Zidane

Team Rocket is washed up ashore, where Meowth is complaining about how bad his life is.  Jessie tells him to be more positive and to look at James, but James takes it a bit too far by adoring a bottle cap and ends up angering Meowth.  James then tells him that the bottle cap is from a prized vintage bottle but Team Rocket ends up sighing and feeling sorry for him.  Then they spot Ash and the twerps riding on ol' Lapras(I'm going to be glad when the Orange League is over and the Jolt League starts because the same ol' Lapras scene is getting boring.  Plus, Brock returns in the Jolt League).

Anyway, Ash and Misty are talking, but something starts to glimmer in the water, and Tracey notes that it could be anything.  It turns out to be Team Rocket in their mecha-Magikarp, but Squirtle quickly takes care of this.  In a hilarious scene after Jessie and James have blasted off, Meowth walks over to Squirtle and says, "Hey, come on, buddy!  We can work something out!".  Meowth gets hit right in the spot but blasts off higher than Jessie and James.

The scene changes to a man dressed up in a strange cat costume, with nose and ears.  He explains that the Meowth of Bounty is destined to arrive any time now, as it is supposed to bring great fortune to his great civilization.  The tribe around him listen as they stare at the huge Golden Meowth behind the man.  Meowth lands on the island, but the natives end up taking him to the Golden Meowth.  Meowth has no idea what's going on, but thinks that he is going to be wasted by the natives.

When he's about to leave, the natives bow down to him and worship the "Great Meowth of Bounty".  Meowth realizes that they think he is a great Meowth and tells them that they must have him confused with someone else.  This surprises the natives, but the leader says that the Meowth of Bounty has special powers, so that it can talk.

Meowth is living in the rich life, as he orders the leader to do everything for him, but then they bring him Jessie and James and claim that they found those two on the island.  Meowth reluctantly tells them to kick them off the island.  Jessie and James get angry at Meowth for doing so, but still stay on the island anyway.

Ash and the group have arrived on the island, but the leader sees this and asks Meowth what to do.  Meowth realizes the danger of the situations and tells them to kick them out.  The natives send the Golden Meowth after the group and kick them off the island.

Finally, the natives decide to perform the ceremony to get rich.  They ask Meowth of he can do the Pay Day attack so that the entire civilization will get rich.  Meowth hesitates but finally tells them that he can't do the Pay Day attack because he spent all his smarts on learning English.  The tribe becomes troubled but they come up with a solution.  Meowth is to fight some really powerful pokemon so that it may get experience and remember Pay Day.

Meowth totally fails at the Pokemon Stadium, as he is crushed by a Nidoking and an Onix.  Jessie and James are watching, but while they are doing that, they cannot watch Meowth be beaten, so they throw out coins into the stadium, making the natives believe that Meowth has just done Pay Day.  James even throws out his lucky vintage bottle cap.

The natives celebrate in front of Meowth, as he is very happy, but then he sees that James' bottle cap is in the bowl.  Tears filled in his eyes, he tells them that he can only have happiness by two people, and proceeds to run off.

While Jessie and James are talking to each other while leaving the island, Meowth calls them, but Jessie and James run as fast as they can.  Meowth then breaks down and begins talking to himself about how Jessie and James are his only friends.  The natives come and tell him that they would be most pleased if Meowth would rule over them, but Meowth refuses and gives a very good philosophy.  True happiness is in your friends and not in wealth.

Meowth then leaves with Jessie and James, who have already revealed themselves, and they escape through the Magikarp submarine, which is somehow repaired.

The End.

One of the best episodes I've ever seen!  But it still doesn't beat out the classic "Go West, Young Meowth!".  It beats "Holy Matrinomy!", though.  This episode is one of the greatest because it is utterly funny and amazingly sad at the same time.