Episode #97-Tracey Gets Bugged

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Pinsir!

By Zidane

The announcer tells that our heroes(Well, they're not that much of a hero) are heading toward Murcott Island.  The group reaches the island, and Ash finally recalls Lapras, that bumbling monstrosity.  Tracey sends out Venonat and Marril for no apparent reason, and he explains that he has wanted to go to this island for a long time.  Misty suddenly screams in horror as a gigantic Beedrill flies past her, and Tracey explains that the reason he wants to go here is because of the bugs.

Big mistake Tracey.

Misty is reluctant to go to the island, as she is extremely afraid of bugs(I thought she got over that!  Why isn't she afraid of Venonat?).  Tracey attempts to go bitchy and say that Misty is chicken, but Misty does the same and stomps on his foot.  Misty finally agrees to follow them into the forest.

In the forest, the group spots a group of Caterpie, but upon Deja Vu, Misty drags Ash away so she can have him all to herself(Getting a little late, isn't it, Misty?).  However, Venonat and Marril start going bonkers, and they soon find out it's because Ash and Misty are heading toward a Pinsir!

The group runs away from it, and Venonat and Marril detect something and lead them to an open forest.  They follow the path, and find an injured Scyther laying on the ground, almost lifeless.  Ash and Tracey attempt to help it, but the Scyther refuses and tries to fight them.  Tracey then gets the idea of catching it and taking it to the Pokemon Center, so he tells Venonat to Sleep Powder.  Venonat gets jiggy in the air, and finally puts Scyther to sleep.  Tracey catches it, and they head toward the Pokemon Center.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is hovering above the island, trying to spot the twerps, but the same Beedrill that scared Misty flies right through their balloon, sending them hurtling toward the ground.  Jessie and James note that this island is all buggy, but a swarm of Scythers soon interrupt their conversation...

At the Pokemon Center, Scyther doesn't seem to be healing fast enough like the Gameboy, and Nurse Joy says that it will take a long time for Scyther to fully recover.  Scyther seems to be angry at Tracey, but Nurse Joy explains that it was beaten by a challenger.  This Scyther was the leader of the swarm(much like the Zerg, if you've played StarCraft) but once in a while a challenger comes to beat the leader to become the leader.  The challenger won, and there you have it.  This Scyther is beaten up and kicked out of the swarm.

The group is calling Professor Oak, and he explains that Tracey must do something to make Scyther feel better and happy(Get your mind out of the gutter!).

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has successfully evaded the Scyther swarm, but James and Meowth soon discover that Jessie's hair has been cut off.  She now has the same hairstyle as James!  Jessie goes absolutely bonkers over this and starts running back towards the Scythers, hoping to knock some sense into them.  James and Meowth stop her and tell her that they can get them back by capturing the whole lot of them.  Team Rocket style.

Tracey is talking and comforting Scyther, attempting to make it feel better about its loss.  Perhaps Tracey is not as STRAIGHT as he looks and has other tastes, as well?

Team Rocket spies on the Scythers playing in the water, and first Jessie fires a cannon that projects a sort of super glue.  The super glues gets on the Scythers and they can't move.  Then Meowth fires a cannon that projects the same ol' net.  The Scythers are caught!  The leader of the Scyther cries out in despair.

Tracey's Scyther in the Poke Center hears the cry, and attempts to go fly out and help, but falls down, since it's too tired.  The group decides to help Scyther and go where he's going.

Jessie is crying in spite of her lost hair, and she tells the story of why her hair is so valued.  It's her only friend from her childhood!  But her cry soon turns into a maniacal laugh, and she goes American Psycho on the netted Scythers.  James and Meowth begin to fear.

However, just when Jessie is going to give them capital punishment, Tracey's Scyther cuts the net open, and the glued Scythers are free.  The group takes their cue to point and laugh at Jessie's hairstyle.  Misty even quotes "Hey!  I like your new hairstyle!  Who cut it, a barber or a butcher!".  Jessie goes ape-shit over the comment, and Team Rocket begin to do their motto as follows:

"You insult my hair!  Prepare for trouble!"
"It used to be there, but now it's stubble!"
"To protect my head from humiliation!"
"Too bad her hair went on vacation!"
"My gorgeous hair was my one true love!"
"They went together like a hand in glove!"
"Now my hair's short, but it won't be for long!"
"And it won't stop our Jessie from doing what's wrong!"

The group is greatly disturbed by their new motto, but Team Rocket breaks the silence as they send out all their pokemon during they were saying the motto.  James attempt to get Pikachu, as he makes Weezing do Smokescreen, but Tracey's injured Scyther jumps in front of the group and does Swords Dance, blowing away all the smoke.  Team Rocket points and laughs at Scyther, saying that it's a weakling, but Scyther stands his ground.  Team Rocket sends their pokemon at him, but Scyther defeats them all with his Slash and Double Team attack.

Finally, Jessie is angered at his strength, and sends Arbok at him one last time.  The leader of the Scyther, now covered in glue, jumps in front of Tracey's Scyther, blocking off all the hits.  The two Scythers beat Arbok, and the injured Scyther gives Team Rocket a haircut again!  Heh heh.  Meowth is stripping of his fur, and Jessie and James have mohawks!  Team Rocket finally gives up and runs away.

The two Scythers settle their differences(Get your mind out of the gutter!), and Tracey finally gets the privilege of saying "I caught Scyther!"

This greatly disturbs Ash, and he begins to teach him how to do it Ashy-style.

The End