Episode #98-A Way Off Day Off

Who's That Pokemon?  It's Porygon!

By Zidane

The same old scene opens, as Ash, Misty, and Tracey are riding on Lapras(as usual).  Ash has suffered famine(as usual), and wants to go somewhere to eat.  Misty asks him why since he's been sitting there all day, but then Ash makes a total ass(try saying that 10 times fast) of himself by saying that he's been sitting there thinking of food all day.


Pikachu, being the little runt that he is, points out and yells his name that an island is nearby.  The group decides to go to that island and see if there's any food to eat.

As they approach the island, a round white thing appears out of the water, and it turns out to be none other than Jigglypuff, the annoying balloon Pokemon that he(or she) is.  You KNOW that people are definitely going to fall asleep, now, don't you?

They arrive on the island, and Pikachu and Togepi run ahead of them(Don't you notice that in the TV series, Pikachu and Togepi keep saying their names every few minutes but in the movies, they barely ever talk?).  Ash, trying to imitate negligent mother Misty, tells them not to go too far.  Misty decides to let her Pokemon off, and tells her Staryu and Goldeen to go out and have fun.  Ash tells his Lapras to join them.  What kind of fun, huh?  Come on, don't be a wussy(Titus).

Something drops on Ash's head, and as it falls to the ground, Ash picks it up.  He says it's some kind of fruit, and Misty says that it must have come from above(duh), so the group looks up.  It's revealed that it's none other than a Farfetch'd flying in the air, trying to piss off the team by crapping all over them.

Before Ash can go jujintsu on the Farfetch'd, he uses his pokedex to confirm if it really is, and of course, it is.  A whole flock of Farfetch'd fly out of nowhere now, and Ash recoils in fear of being pecked to death by the Farfetch'd.

Pikachu and Togepi come back, holding freaky yellow things in their hands, and Ash is happy because the yellow things are fruit!  The group goes deep into the forest in the island, and find tons of fruit scattered all over the trees.  Ash and Misty decide to dine on the fruit, but not before spitting it out in agony of the taste.  Tracey comes out and tells them that all the fruit are different, and that he has collected a few ripe fruit that everyone can eat.

Ash gets the sickenly good idea of having a day off on this uncharted island.  Way to go, Ash.  One more day added to your Orange League adventure.

The group sends out all their Pokemon, but Tracey finally gets the privilege of sending out Scyther as his own.  However, Scyther freaks out everyone by swinging its blades around, attempting to mow down anything in its path.  Togepi is not scared, since it's too young, and guys, you are going to love this!

Togepi gets horny on Scyther!

Togepi proceeds to run over to Scyther, and begins hugging its leg in a very disturbing manner.  Misty exclaims that Togepi is not scared, primarily because it's just turned on, and Ash tells his pokemon to follow Togepi's example.

Ash, you schmuck.

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and other Pokemon begin to look at Scyther, conveying a message to call them, but Ash sees that Charizard isn't doing anything.  Ash goes absolutely nuts at this, and yells at Charizard for not obeying.  Charizard is pissed, and attempts to fry Ash(that makes sense.  Get it, fry ash?), but ends up missing and frying Scyther.  Scyther doesn't get hurt, however, as he Swords Dance's it away, and now Scyther and Charizard are ready to go medieval on each other.

Ash and Misty are frightened, as Scyther and Charizard are very powerful Pokemon, but doesn't it seem obvious that Charizard is going to win?

Scyther and Charizard then proceed to act like Ash and Misty, by putting on that stubborn look we all know too well.

The scene changes to Team Rocket wearing nothing but their bathing suits on the same island having a vacation.  It must be noted that Jessie looks a lot like Lorelei when she has her glasses on.  Jessie says that she doesn't even want to think about stealing Pokemon, but their minds soon get interrupted when they see Togepi riding on Marril's tail in the shoreline.  Team Rocket get back to their old ways, and discover that the twerps are on the island.

Team Rocket spies on the group, but then James asks that they were supposed to forget about stealing Pokemon.  Jessie, boss as usual, tells them that this is an opportunity that they can't miss.

Ash and the group return to their old spot carrying ripe fruit, and find Snorlax and Scyther looking at a pile of food on the ground.  Before anything happens, however, Jigglypuff comes out!  Jigglypuff, of course, sings everyone to sleep and as usual, writes on everybody's face.  It's pretty funny how Jigglypuff wrote on Snorlax's face, as the Pokemon made Snorlax look like its eyes were open.

Misty tells Ash that they should maybe let Snorlax sleep a little longer, so they agree.

At this time, they play the song Together Forever(are you noticing that they're playing this song very often now?) while Ash, Misty, and Tracey are eating.

Tracey brings over fruit sandwiches, and Misty tries to get one, but Ash and Tracey point behind Misty, and it's revealed to be old grumpy Snorlax, who has somehow awakening from its sleep.  Snorlax eats all the fruit sandwiches in one bite.

The group is at a river washing the dishes because of Snorlax, and Tracey points out that Snorlax hasn't been eating as often as it was before.  Ash claims that this is because it's in the hands of a good trainer, but Misty plummets Ash's confidence by saying that Ash hasn't even trained Snorlax yet.

It's also noted that whenever Misty insults Ash, her eyes get half-closed like Professor Ivy and she begins to act quite sly toward Ash.  Maybe she's not insulting him, but instead luring him in so she can have Ashy-boy all to herself?  Hmm...

The group looks at Scyther, who is now performing ninjintsu on a rock surrounded by water.  Scyther is tired out, but right when Charizard looks at it, Scyther gets that old vein in the head.

The scene changes again a few hours later, where it is night and everyone is sleeping.  Misty and Tracey are sleeping(not together, this is a children's show!), but Ash seems to have disappeared.  It is then revealed that Ash is sitting on a rock overlooking a beach.

Ash then takes out his GS Ball, and begins pondering about what's inside it, and how is it different from a regular Pokeball.  Note that this is the main topic in the fourth movie, but we have to wait that long to see what's inside the GS Ball?  Why don't you just open it now, Ash?

Pikachu interrupts this great moment, and Ash puts away his GS and Pokeball.  Ash then looks into the night sky, and wonders if there's anything out there.  This is a clue about what's inside the GS Ball!

Then Ash takes out his two badges.  The old flashback scene ensues, and the song My Best Friends begins to play, as they show you again how Ash beat the two previous Orange League gym leaders.

The flashback ends, and now shows Tracey and Misty.  Tracey gets out of his sleeping bag, and then mumbles something about drawing a picture of Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos.

Heh, pretty funny.  Tracey is actually just sleepwalkiing, minus the walking, but his eyes are open!  Misty wakes up, but then a Sleep Powder from Team Rocket's Victreebel puts them both to sleep.  The Sleep Powder also puts all the other Pokemon to sleep.

Team Rocket attempts to snag the Pokemon, but can't seem to get Snorlax, and their rope suddenly gets cut apart.  Scyther appears, and Team Rocket then discovers that they didn't put all the pokemon to sleep.

Team Rocket then does their motto, but Jessie and James crash into a tree while doing it(They are doing their motto while hanging on their rope).  James attempts to stop the twerps by sending out the Weezing, but Scyther uses Swords Dance and blows it away.  At this time, Ash appears, and all the pokemon proceed to beat the living crap out of Team Rocket, making them blast off again.

Finally, the group leaves the island.

Team Rocket is still on the island, but after seeing a Farfetch'd, they decide to steal it, but a whole flock of FarFetch'd come, and end up leek slapping Team Rocket to oblivion.

Finally, this horrible episode is over.