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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 and quickly became one of the fastest selling video games in the world.  It was the game that made RPG's so immensely popular as they are today.  With stunning graphics, CG cutscenes that were groundbreaking at the time, and one of the most engrossing stories in an RPG, FFVII is a true classic.  What FFVII did for the RPG world was it revolutionized the genre and set a new standard for the term "great RPG".

FF7 used the materia system, new to the Final Fantasy series.  Armor and weapons all had a different number of slots, and placing materia, jewels that had magical properties to them that allows your character to learn abilities, inside the equipment would allow you to learn the skills inside the materia.  Certain combinations of Materia would yield different results, like an All and a Lightning materia would allow your character to blast Bolt attacks at all enemies.  In this way, the Materia system let you mix and match magic, creating your own combinations at will.

Undoubtedly the main reason why most people bought PlayStations and one of the reasons why the PS became the most popular system in competition with the N64, FF7 revolutionized every single aspect of gaming.  In terms of graphics, FF7 used beautiful pre-rendered backgrounds and blocky polygon sprites(which were pretty good at the time).  The soundtrack was a pure delight, containing a wide variety of styles and influences.

The gameplay and story were also first-rate.  The ATB(Active Time Battle) system used in earlier FF's is still the same here, allowing you to have as much time as you want to choose attacks or to make it more panicky and letting the enemies attack even when you're not ready.  Spanning across 3 discs, FF7 was a long and enriching game, sure to drag the player in and not let go until the very end.  The plot was also very well done, containing some of the most memorable characters and villains in the series.




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