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Final Fantasy VII OST


Disc One  71:07
Opening ~ Bombing Mission
Makou Reactor
Anxious Heart
Tifa's Theme
Barett's Theme
Lurking In The Darkness
ShinRa Company
Flowers Blooming In The Church
Turk's Theme
Underneath The Rotting Pizza
Oppressed People
Honeybee Manor
Who Are You?
Don Of The Slums
Infiltrating ShinRa Tower
Still More Fighting
Red XIII's Theme
Crazy Motorcycle
Holding My Thoughts In My Heart

Disc Two  64:30
FFVII Main Theme
Ahead On Our Way
Good Night, Until Tomorrow
On That Day, 5 Years Ago
Farm Boy
Waltz De Chocobo
Electric De Chocobo
Cinco De Chocobo
Chasing The Black-Caped Man
Fortress Of The Condor
Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony
It's Difficult To Stand On Both Feet, Isn't It?
Trail Of Blood
J - E - N - O - V - A
Costa Del Sol
Mark Of The Traitor
Mining Town
Gold Saucer
Cait Chit's Theme
Sandy Badlands

Disc Three  69:58
Cosmo Canyon
Life Stream
Great Warrior
Descendant Of Shinobi
Those Chosen By The Planet
The Nightmare's Beginning
Cid's Theme
Steal The Tiny Bronco!
Stolen Materia
Racing Chocobos - Place Your Bets
Fiddle De Chocobo
A Great Success
Tango Of Tears
Interrupted By Fireworks
Forested Temple
You Can Hear The Cry Of The Planet
Aerith's Theme
Buried In The Snow
The Great Northern Cave
Who Am I?

Disc Four  68:36
ShinRa Army Wages A Full-Scale Attack
Weapon Raid
HighWind Takes To The Skies
A Secret, Sleeping In The Deep Sea
Parochial Town
Off The Edge Of Despair
On The Other Side Of The Mountain
Hurry Faster!
Sending A Dream Into The Universe
The Countdown Begins
If You Open Your Heart...
The Makou Cannon Is Fired ~ ShinRa Explodes
Judgment Day
Jenova Absolute
The Birth Of God
A One-Winged Angel
World Crisis
Staff Roll

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