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Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is the 9th installment to the Final Fantasy series.  It combines the best aspects of older FF games and combines them with the stuff we see today in games, like FMV's.  Instead of introducing totally new drastic concepts like in VII and VIII, it makes a bold return to the roots of Final Fantasy.  Gone are the futuristic settings and guns.  FFIX is the classic medieval time, deformed characters, swordplay, and saving princesses game that we all knew and loved back then in the '90s.

FF9 used the ability and class system, a very simple yet effective system that brings back all of the old character classes that we saw before.  Each character in Final Fantasy IX was a certain class, like a thief, white mage, or wizard.  Certain classes could only equip certain weapons and armor.  All weapons and armor had certain abilities on them, and equipping the weapon/armor on a character and fighting battles, earning AP would allow them to permanently learn these abilities.

Final Fantasy IX also brought back 4-character parties, in contrast to 3-character parties in FF7 and 8.  Although it was only the addition of one character, it created new strategies and tactics to be used in battle.  Limit breaks were also toned down a bit, since they were incredibly abusable in FF7 and 8.  They were called Trances, and only lasted for a limited time, activated by taking several hits from the enemy.  The summoning animations were shortened, definitely because of the incredibly long animations from FF8.

The soundtrack to Final Fantasy IX harkened back to the old style used in the old FF's, with more of the traditional stuff you'd hear from Uematsu rather than the more futuristic and experimental stuff that was present in 7 and 8.




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