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Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics was released on the heels of the highly-successful Final Fantasy VII.  Tactics introduced a whole new revolutionary concept to the FF series: strategy based battles.  Battles were fought on an isometric 3D field, and this entire new dimension to the game added a new amount of strategy to Final Fantasy Tactics.  However, this game was largely ignored, as it is only 1 disc.  But it's still an awesome game to play, definitely the Final Fantasy game with the most replay value and difficulty.

Final Fantasy Tactics used the Class system, taken directly from Final Fantasy V.  Each character in the game could change to a different class at any time, like a Knight, Priest, Wizard, etc...  Each class had several useful abilities, and fighting battles and gaining AP allowed the character to permanently learn these abilities.  It's definitely one of the most flexible systems used in any RPG.

The battle system was also incredible.  Battles were fought on isometric 3D fields, adding a new dimension to the game.  Battles were no longer a matter of selecting attacks and watching your character execute it; now, you had to choose where to execute to attack, and position yourself to maximize your chance of hitting.  For example, an attack had a much higher chance of hitting if it was aiming at the back of an enemy, instead of straight from the front.  This new battle system made Final Fantasy Tactics undoubtedly the most difficult out of all FF's.

The soundtrack in Final Fantasy Tactics is also a departure; not composed by Nobuo Uematsu, but definitely comparable to all of his works.  Tactics used a pure orchestral and symphonic style in its soundtrack, from grand majestic pieces to dark, brooding ones.

Zidane's Final Fantasy Tactics Walkthrough

FF Tactics is divided into four chapters.  So there is an individual page for each.

Chapter 1 - The Meager
Chapter 2 - The Manipulator and the Subservient
Chapter 3 - The Valiant
Chapter 4 - Somebody To Love

Cloud Quest

Deep Dungeon Guide


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