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Chapter 1 - The Meager

Prepare to play one of the most difficult RPG's of all time!

When you first start up the game, you'll see the historian Alazlam explain to you about the origins of the Lion War, and the result of the creation of a hero named Delita.  But what we see with our eyes isn't necessarily the truth.  The true hero is Ramza...

You'll be asked to state your name and your birthday.  I don't know if the birthday plays any significance in the game, but just for fun, I used February 11(my real one).

Watch the nice video that follows.

The game opens at Orbonne Monastery, where Princess Ovelia is praying, under the watch of Simon the Priest and Agrias the Holy Knight.  Ramza and the Dark Knight mercenary Gafgarion will walk in to greet them.  But a wounded female knight stumbles into the monastery, and you'll be thrown into a battle against the perpetrators outside.

It turns out to be troops from Goltana.  This begins the first battle of the game.

Battle 1 - Orbonne Monastery, Introduction Battle
Party-Ramza, Gafgarion(Guest), Agrias(Guest), Rad(Squire), Alicia(Knight), Lavian(Knight)
Enemies-3 Archers, 1 Knight, 1 Chemist
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

This is a really easy battle, obviously, since it's the introduction.  You'll only be able to control Ramza, as the other characters will be controlled by the AI.  Just have Ramza attack some people to earn some experience.  Gafgarion and Agrias should do most of the work here, thanks to their Night Sword and Statis Sword sword technique.

After the battle, the Princess will be kidnapped by Holy Knight Delita.  Ramza remembers him as his friend, and the flashback begins...

Read through the introductory scene, and you'll see Ramza and Delita, much younger than ever.  You'll be asked to exterminate some thieves in the Magic City Gariland.

Battle 2 - Magic City Gariland
Party-Ramza, Delita(Guest), 4 other characters
Enemies-1 Chemist, 2 Squires(m), 2 Squires(f)
Objective-Defeat all enemies

This can be a tough battle if you're not used to the game.  The biggest mistake most people make on this battle is not choosing 4 other characters to accompany you, so that only Ramza and Delita fight.  Press R1 and L1 to choose your characters to fight.  Try to take out the Chemist quickly, as he can heal the enemies.  Otherwise, this shouldn't be a difficult battle.  Also try not to let your people die too.  By that, I mean when they die, a counter appears over their head.  Do not let that counter reach 0, because then your character will transform into a crystal/treasure chest, and you lose them permanently.

After the battle, you'll be on the World Map.  Take some time to see what characters you have.  To do this, press Triangle, and then Formations.  You'll see all your characters.  Scroll over each of them, checking their Brave and Faith.  Brave determines a character's physical prowess, faith determines their magic.

Higher brave results in a stronger physical power, but also in taking more damage from physical attacks.  The same goes for faith.

At this time, avoid job changes.

You should shop at the city first, though.  I recommend buying Broad Swords for all your Squires, as you'll really need it.  Also make sure you have 10 Potions and 5 Phoenix Downs.

Now for the abilities.  When you go to the Formations screen, press Triangle when you're highlighting a characters.  The menu that pops up allows you to change their items, change and learn abilities, change jobs, and remove them.  To learn abilities, press Ability, and then Learn.  Check everyone's JP.  Make "Item" as everyone's secondary command, and make sure everybody knows Potion.  If possible, even make them know Phoenix Down, which cost 90 JP.  When you're done, move on to Mandalia Plains.

Battle 3 - Mandalia Plains
Party-Ramza, Delita(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-1 Thief, 1 Red Panther, 3 Squires
Objectives-Save Algus or Defeat All Enemies!

I recommend you choose not to save Algus in this battle.  The reason for this is because everyone gets a temporary +10 brave for doing this, and plus you don't have to worry about Algus dying.  This battle is pretty easy, though.  Just keep attacking the enemies, and heal when necessary.  When you're finished, Algus will join as a guest.

Now move on to Igros Castle.  You'll see a couple of scenes with the death of Balbanes and some scenes with Teta, Alma, and Zalbag.

Once you're at Igros Castle, buy Long Swords for all your Squires and Mythril Knifes for all your Chemists.  If you can't afford it, that's fine, because you're probably not going to be using half the characters you have anyway(most of the characters that are given to you have crummy brave and faith).

At this time, I recommend changing one of your characters with High Brave into a Knight and one of your characters with High Faith into a Wizard.  It'll really help.  Knights can wear Heavy armor, which can only be bought at Castles, so they generally have more HP than Squires.  Make sure to buy a Rod for your Wizard, and make sure the Wizard knows at least two magic spells(I like Bolt and Ice).

Now check everyone's JP.  If anyone has higher than 180 JP, then make them learn Counter Tackle or Move+1.  It doesn't really matter which one you choose.  After that, make sure to set the ability.  Now move on to Sweegy Woods.

Battle 4 - Sweegy Woods
Party-Ramza, Algus(Guest), Delita(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-1 Black Goblin, 1 Red Panther, 2 Black Goblins, 2 Bombs
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

If you've avoided job changes and haven't set any new abilities at this time, especially Item as a secondary command, then this battle will be ultra hard.  But if you've done as a I said and set Item as a secondary command, then this should be a breeze.  Just make sure you kill the bombs fast, because when their HP is low, and your characters are clumped up, then they'll self-destruct, causing major damage.

Just as a little note, but Bombs are weak against lightning(don't know why, it should ice) and goblins are very weak against ice.

After this battle, I recommend you walk back to Gariland and Igros and buy new equipment for everyone, because the next battle is a real toughie.  Make sure everyone is wearing Leather Outfits, not Clothes.  Make sure your Knights have the optimal equipment.  And lastly, make sure everyone has Item as a command, and make sure they know Phoenix Down, because you NEED it for the next battle.

Battle 5 - Slums of Dorter
Party-Ramza, Algus(Guest), Delita(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-2 Wizards, 1 Knight, 2 Archers
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

Argh, I hate this battle.  This is your first encounter against Wizards, and they're not fun to fight against.  That archer on the roof is also a pain to deal with.  Make sure everyone knows Phoenix Down, because you're gonna do some reviving in this battle.  Algus and Delita should automatically rush the Archer on the roof.  Do not assist them, and send your characters to assault the Knight and the Wizard.  Make sure your characters are not clumped in a cross position because the Wizards' black magic can hit multiple enemies in a cross position.  Again, make sure no one crystallizes/transforms into treasure box.  If any of the Wizards lock on to you(that is, they aim a spell directly on one of your characters), and you're fast enough to move, then move next to an enemy or the preferably, the Wizard, because they'll also be hit by the spell.

The next battle is even harder, so buy some more equipment, get more abilities and move on to Zeklaus Desert.

Battle 6 - Cellar of Sand Mouse
Party-Ramza, Algus(Guest), Delita(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-1 Archer, 1 Monk, 3 Knights
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

If you don't have a Wizard, this battle is nearly impossible to beat.  To make this battle really easy, bring a Wizard that knows Ice.  To make this battle incredibly easy, bring a Wizard that knows Ice 2.  Algus will always run a suicide mission and run for the doorway, attacking the Knights.  He will always block the doorway too.  All you have to do is make someone stand behind Algus when he dies, and the enemies will just stay still, allowing your Wizard to rain down spells on them.

After this battle, you'll be asked to return to Igros.  Take some time to buy new equipment at Dorter and Igros.  You'll then be asked to infiltrate the Thieves' Fort.

Battle 6 - Thieves' Fort
Party-Ramza, Algus(Guest), Delita(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-Miluda(Knight), 2 Priests, 3 Thieves
Objective-Defeat Miluda!

Again, if you don't have a Wizard, this can be a tough battle.  I recommend you train and let your Wizard learn Ice 2 before attempting this.  The Thieves suck, since they only carry dagger weapons to fight, but the Priests are annoying, as they cure the enemies, and also know Black Magic.  To beat this battle, always make your Wizard aim spells at Miluda, while your fighters go after the Priests.  Once you get Miluda to critical, you'll win.

Your party will then have a conversation with Miluda, but then she'll escape.

After this, remove all of your equipment from Algus.  Now return to Igros Castle.  Once you return, you'll see a scene where Delita's sister Teta is kidnapped, and Dycedarg ends up wounded.

Delita and Algus will end up arguing about saving Teta, and since Algus only cares about nobles, he doesn't care about Teta and says some harsh things.  He'll get bitch-slapped in the face, and Algus will leave.  Delita stays, though.

But before Algus leaves, he'll tell you that the Death Corps base is at Fort Zeakden.  Once you get back on the world map, a new path will open up there.  Walk onto Lenalia Plateau to initiate the next battle.

Battle 7 - Lenalia Plateau
Party-Ramza, Delita(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-Miluda(Knight), 1 Time Mage, 2 Wizards, 2 Knights
Objective-Defeat Miluda

This is your first encounter against Time Mages.  They can speed up the enemies, and slow you down.  Fortunately, this is a relatively easy battle.  Just rush Miluda, and you'll win.  Try not to get hit by the Wizards', but if you're fast enough to move, then stand next to Miluda so that she gets hurt too.  Bringing a Wizard and an Archer for this battle also really helps.

Now move on to Fovoham Plains.

Battle 8 - Windmill Shed
Party-Ramza, Delita(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-Wiegraf(White Knight), 1 Knight, 1 Chocobo, 2 Monks
Objective-Defeat Wiegraf

This is one tough battle.  Wiegraf is a White Knight, meaning he has all of Agrias' sword techniques that you saw in the first battle.  Make sure everyone knows Phoenix Down, because Wiegraf's Crush Punch has a high chance of instantly killing your characters.  Wiegraf also is equipped with a good shield and a good mantle, so it's nearly impossible to land a physical attack on him.  Kill all of the enemies first, and then go after Wiegraf, as this will make things immensely easier.

After this battle, there's only one more to go until the end of Chapter 1.  Walk back to Dorter Trade City and Igros Castle and buy the best equipment.  If you want to make things really easy for the last battle, turn Ramza into a Chemist and get 400 JP to learn Auto-Potion, and then throw out all your potions and buy Hi Potions to really utilize this.  Turn Ramza into a Knight/Squire/Monk afterwards.  Once you're ready, walk onto Fort Zeakden.

Battle 9 - Fort Zeakden
Party-Ramza, Delita(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-Algus(Knight with Equip Crossbow and Auto Potion), 2 Wizards(f), 3 Knights
Objective-Defeat Algus

This battle is a lot tougher than it looks.  Algus is ultra-powerful, as he is a Knight, with better equipment than you, has a crossbow, and has Auto-Potion, meaning he has a high chance of recovering 30 HP everyone you damage him.  Plus, this battle splits you into two parties, and your second party is so far away from the action.  Basically, there's three strategies for this battle:

1.Kill off all of the enemies, and then go after Algus last.  This is kinda hard to do, because the Female wizards have really high faith and do 80+ damage with each of their magic attacks.
2.Make everyone an Archer, and get on top of the fort and keep shooting arrows at Algus.  This is also a bit hard, because Algus has Auto Potion and arrows don't do that much damage.
3.This is the one that always works well for me.  Make Ramza a Squire, and make sure he has high speed.  At the beginning of the battle, when it's Ramza's turn, have him stand next to an enemy Knight and attack it.  The Wizards should then aim spells and lock on to Ramza.  Ramza should be quick enough to move aside.  Just make Ramza stand next to Algus, and he'll be killed by his own Wizards.  This tactic works best when Ramza has Auto Potion.

After you win the battle, Delita will pick up his dead sister Teta, and the fort will explode.

Congratulations, you've completed Chapter 1 of Final Fantasy Tactics!