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Chapter 2 - The Manipulator and the Subservient

The flashback ends now.  You'll see Ramza in his older form speak to Gafgarion and Agrias, and they will agree to help rescue Princess Ovelia.  Rad, Alicia, and Lavian will also join you.

Now take a moment to look at the equipment that Gafgarion and Agrias have.  You'll notice that they basically have about twice the HP that everyone has.  This is because they have very, very good equipment.

Also what's weird is that Ramza can wear heavy armor even if he's a Squire.  That means that Ramza's basically exactly the same as a Squire or as a Knight.  He can even equip shields as a Squire.  I don't know why that is, maybe it's a bug or something.  You should also learn the new ability that was added to Ramza's Squire class.

Anyway, save your game, and walk to Dorter Trade City.  You'll automatically get attacked there, even though it's a blue dot.

Battle 10 - Dorter Trade City
Party-Ramza, Gafgarion(Guest), Agrias(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-2 Thieves, 2 Wizards, 2 Archers
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

This battle is extremely easy, because of two things:


Gafgarion and Agrias will do most of the work here, dealing heavy damage to all the enemies with Night and Statis Sword.  You just have to watch out for the Wizards, as usual, they can deal heavy damage to you.  After you win, buy some new equipment at Dorter.  A new path will then open up.  I recommend walking back to Igros Castle and buying everyone some new equipment.  When you're ready, step on to Araguay Woods...

Battle 11 - Araguay Woods
Party-Ramza, Gafgarion(Guest), Agrias(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-1 Black Goblin, 5 Goblins
Objective-Save Boco or Defeat all enemies!

This is such an easy battle.  It's entirely against weak monsters, and since they're all goblins, they're all weak against ice.  Bringing a summoner that knows Shiva and a Wizard that knows Ice 2/3 will make this battle SO easy, but it's already simple without them.

After this battle, Boco will join your party.  I recommend you throw him out right away, because Chocobos kind of suck in the game.  But if this is your first time playing, use them, and see if you like'em or not.  Just be aware that they quickly become obsolete.  Another reason why I don't like Chocobos is because they flood your character bank.  Boco will constantly lay eggs, and they'll really strain up your characters.

Before you move on to the next battle, convert Gafgarion into a Time Mage and remove all of his equipment.  Then, use his equipment for yourself(namely, the Cross Helmet and the armor).

Battle 12 - Zirekile Falls
Party-Ramza, Agrias(Guest), Delita(Holy Knight Guest), Ovelia(Princess Guest), 3 others
Enemies-Gafgarion(Dark Knight), 5 Knights
Objective-Protect Ovelia!

Gafgarion will betray you here.  If you remove all of his equipment, then this will make the battle pathetically easy.  You can just go kill Gafgarion in one hit.  Delita is also extremely powerful.  He's basically Agrias, but he does twice the damage that she can do.  Just make sure no one harms Ovelia, and let her cast the extremely powerful MBarrier, as this will give her every single good status effect in the game.

After the battle, Delita won't join you, but Ovelia will.  Remove all of her equipment, and give it to yourself.

A new path will open up to Zaland Fort City.  Walk there to initiate the next battle.

Battle 13 - Zaland Fort City
Party-Ramza, Agrias(Guest), Mustadio(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-2 Knights, 2 Archers, 2 Wizards
Objective-Save Mustadio or Defeat all enemies!

Choose to defeat all enemies to make this battle immensely.  Mustadio is an engineer, meaning he equips a gun.  His gun has an incredible range, so he'll be shooting everyone down.  If you want to make things really easy, bring a Red Chocobo and make it stand next to Mustadio so that he casts Choco Meteor on the enemies.  Anyway, for this battle, the Wizards are your biggest threat.  I recommend bringing your own Wizard/Summoner to go kill them.  Ramza, and another character should go after the Archers and Knights.

Once you finish this battle, Mustadio will join you as a guest.  Next battle is at Bariaus Hill.

Battle 14 - Bariaus Hill
Party-Ramza, Agrias(Guest), Mustadio(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-2 Summoners, 2 Knights, 2 Archers
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

Finally, the first difficult battle of Chapter 2!  The summoners pose the only threat, their casting of Shiva and Ramuh means 80+ to your characters.  And, even worse, their summon spells can't affect their own people.  I recommend going after the Summoners first.  You should be able to take out the one on the left within 3 rounds, but the one on the right might take a while to kill.  A Wizard helps immensely in this battle.

After this, walk onto Lionel Castle.  Don't worry, there's no battle.  You'll see your characters talk to Cardinal Draclau about their situation, and Ovelia and Agrias will leave your party.  Leave the equipment on Agrias, though.

Now, buy some more stuff in Lionel Castle.  There should be a lot of stuff now, so you might find yourself short on money.  Sell all the useless stuff.

Now, a new path will open up to Mustadio's hometown, Goug Machine City.  But you have to pass through Zigolis Swamp on the way through...

Battle 15 - Zigolis Swamp
Party-Ramza, Mustadio(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-1 Bone Snatch, 1 Float Eye, 2 Skeletons, 2 Ghouls
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

This battle is really easy.  All of the enemies are undead. Wizards and Priests can seriously blaze through this battle.  A regular Fire spell should do more than 100 damage, and Priests cure spells can do major damage as well.  Of course, if anyone has the Item command, using a Phoenix Down will instantly kill any enemy here.  Just be sure not to step into the poisoned water.

Now move on to Goug Machine City.  When you arrive, Mustadio will leave your party.  You'll then be shifted onto the world map.  Take some time and buy two Romanda Guns.  Now make Ramza and another character a Chemist, and equip them with the Romanda Guns.  When you try to leave, you'll be thrown into a battle.

Battle 16 - Slums in Goug
Party-Ramza, Mustadio(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-2 Thieves, 2 Archers, 2 Summoners
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

This is quite a difficult battle.  Mustadio will die almost immediately, because he comes with no equipment and he's surrounded by thieves.  Lancers help immensely in this battle, since they can evade the Summoners' damaging spells and can deal major damage.  I recommend having Ramza and the other Chemist stay in the back and snipe out the Summoners and having a Wizard cast Black Magic on the Summoners and Archers.  If you have a Knight or Archer, send them to go attack the Archers.  Eventually, you'll win this battle.

After the battle, Mustadio will join you as a regular character!  This is cool now, because you can control him.  The only bad news is that he can now be killed permanently, and for some reason, he's forgotten all of his Sniping abilities.

The Cardinal's injustice has now been exposed.  Now Lionel Castle becomes a red dot, and you have to go there.  But first, you must walk onto Bariaus Valley...

Battle 17 - Bariaus Valley
Party-Ramza, Agrias(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-2 Wizards, 2 Archers, 2 Knights
Objective-Save Agrias!

This battle is so easy.  Agrias, unlike Mustadio, actually comes with equipment, and she can pretty much take care of herself with Statis Sword.  Go after the Wizards first, then the Knights, and finally the Archers.  Since you'll be split into two groups, send your fighters with Ramza and your long-range people and Lancers in the second squad.  It shouldn't be too hard.

After this battle, Agrias will also join you as a regular character!  Agrias is so powerful and is definitely one of the best characters in the game.  Make sure you learn all of her Holy Sword abilities.

The next battle, at Golgorand Execution Site, is the single HARDEST battle in the game.  To make this battle immensely easier, I recommend you train Agrias so that she gets 700 JP to learn Lightning Stab.  It will make things much easier.  But the bad part is that since your path is sealed off, the only place you can train is at Bariaus Valley, which is a swamp, making mobility difficult.  And plus, Agrias starts out as a slow character, so it'll be a bit difficult to train her.  Even worse, you usually have to fight two extremely difficult enemies at Bariaus Valley.  The Vampire, and the Mindflare.  The Vampire can turn any one of your characters into Stone from a far range, and the MindFlare can berserk/confuse your characters from a far range.  Good luck, because you'll need it.  I recommend leveling up to Level 20 for the next battle.  Also, if you haven't gotten a Lancer yet, GET IT NOW.  It really helps also.  To get a Lancer, you need a Lv. 3 Thief.  Auto-Potion also helps for the next battle.  When you're ready, walk onto Golgorand Execution Site.

Battle 18 - Golgorand Execution Site
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Gafgarion(Dark Knight), 2 Archers, 2 Time Mages, 3 Knights
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

You know, if the objectives were to just kill Gafgarion, this would be such an easy battle.  But it's to DEFEAT ALL ENEMIES, so it's definitely the hardest battle in the game.  The biggest mistake most people make in this battle is to just rush Gafgarion and kill him within a turn.  That's a very bad strategy, because Gafgarion isn't the biggest threat in the battle.  All of the enemies work together very well, so disabling some of them and taking on the rest of them is the tactic to use.  But it's still difficult, since you're outnumbered 8 to 5.  The Knights will be dealing heavy damage with their attacks and they'll also be breaking your armor, while the Time Mages will make them faster and you slower, and while the Archers will be sniping down your weak and critical characters.  It all works together quite well.  If your characters still don't know Phoenix Down, you're screwed, because you're definitely gonna be doing some reviving in this battle.  I recommend bringing Agrias and Mustadio with Ramza and two other random people in the second squad(I put a Lancer and a Chemist).  Magic really sucks in this battle also, because chances are your Wizard will die before it's spell goes off.

For my strategy, I had Agrias do Lightning Stab on the Knights, and I had Ramza(Ninja) go attack and kill them.  Mustadio disabled the Archers and Time Mages with Arm Aim, while healing himself(for some reason, the archers like to shoot at Mustadio).  I made the Lancer jump on the Archer, and I made the Chemist shoot the Archers.  Eventually, the Knights died, the Archers died, and only the Time Mages and Gafgarion were left over.  I had Ramza and Agrias go after Gafgarion, because Mustadio was dead already.  The Lancer single-handedly killed off the rest of the Time Mages.  And of course, I eventually revived Mustadio before he transformed into a crystal/treasure box.

Finally, after this nightmare battle, you'll gain access to the world map.  Your next destination is Lionel Castle, but you can move past it to other cities, so go buy some equipment at Igros.  I recommend buying 5 Defense Rings.  When you're ready, return to Lionel for the last battles of Chapter 2.

Battle 19 - At the gate of Lionel Castle
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Gafgarion(Dark Knight), 1 Summoner, 2 Archers, 3 Knights
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

It's amazing how geography alters the difficulty of a battle, isn't it?  This battle isn't too difficult if you play your cards right.  First of all, Ramza must open the gate so that your other characters can go kill Gafgarion.  I recommend making Ramza a Monk for this battle, because you're constantly going to be taking hits from Gafgarion, and Chakra is the best way to heal yourself from it.  Now, for your other characters.  Wizards and Summoners are really useful here, since the enemies are clumped up.  Send Agrias and the Wizard to go kill the Summoner.  You should be able to hit several enemies at once, because usually there are two knights around the Summoner, so you can hit them too.  Anyway, after you kill off the enemies, make your characters walk through the gate and go kill Gafgarion.

Battle 20 - Inside of Lionel Castle
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Objective-Defeat Queklain!

If you did what I said and bought the 5 Defense Rings, equip them now, because they'll make this battle pathetically easy.  Queklain has a nasty spell, Nightmare, that aims at multiple characters and inflicts Sleep and Death Sentense.  The Defense Ring nullifies both of these status effects.  If you wear one, then he can only cast Bio attacks on you, which are much less annoying.  But if you don't have the Defense Rings, then keep your characters spread apart.  When he first does nightmare, don't attempt to remedy the status effects with your okay characters.  Instead. go after Queklain.  What Queklain will do is continuously cast Nightmare on your afflicted characters, so that the okay characters will just keep attacking him.  Queklain has about 350 HP.  A Wizard with Flare can take him out in one hit.  Or a Summoner with Lich can take him out in one hit.  Once you defeat him, you'll receive a Zodiac Stone.

Congratulations, you've completed Chapter 2!