Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT) - Walkthrough - by

Chapter 3 - The Valiant

Chapter 3 opens with your party at Dorter Trade City.  Buy some new stuff there, and head on to Goland Coal City for the easiest battle ever.  I recommend putting your weak people, or the characters that need some training, in this battle.

Battle 21 - Goland Coal City
Party-Ramza, Olan(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-1 Mediator, 2 Chemists, 3 Thieves
Objective-Save Olan!

This battle is so, so easy because Olan has Galaxy Stop, a magic spell that makes every single enemy on the battlefield be inflicted with Don't Move, Don't Act, and Stop.  So you can just bring your characters and slaughter them without fear of retaliation.  Do it quickly, though, because it doesn't last forever.

After you win the battle, you'll speak with Olan, but he won't join you(darn!).  Now buy some new stuff here and move on to Lesalia.

You'll have a little conversation with Zalbag and Alma, but will be assaulted by Zalmo, the Holy Priest.

Battle 22 - Back gate of Lesalia Castle
Party-Ramza, Alma(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-Zalmo(Holy Priest), 2 Monks, 3 Knights
Objective-Defeat Zalmo!

This is also a pretty easy battle.  Zalmo has some pretty powerful curing spells, so it might be best to kill off all the enemies first, before pummeling Zalmo.  Black Magic and Summon spells work really well here.  Also, Alma is exactly like Ovelia, having the exact same spells, namely, MBarrier.

After you defeat this, Zalmo will teleport away.  Alma will join you as a guest, but she won't fight in any battles, so I recommend you take away all her equipment and use it for yourself.

On the world map, a new path will open up to Orbonne Monastery.  That is your next destination.  I recommend you walk to Lionel Castle first to buy some equipment.  Once you're ready, walk to Orbonne Monastery.

You'll see a scene with Simon and Alma.  Alma will leave your party now, and you'll be given the opportunity to save.  Save in a different slot, to prevent yourself from being stuck in the Monastery(because some of the battles are pretty difficult).

Battle 23 - Underground Book Storage Second Floor
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-1 Chemist, 2 Time Mages, 3 Lancers
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

This is your first encounter against Lancers.  They have the exact same equipment as Knights, except that they use spears, which have a two square range attack.  They can also Jump, which inflicts major damage and allows them to get out of danger.  This is a pretty difficult battle if you rely too much on physical attacks.  For some reason, the Lancers have an incredibly high evade rate.  Bringing Agrias and a magic user is essential to winning, and if also helps immensely to have your own Lancers.  Anyway, take out the Lancers first, then the Chemist, and finally, the Time Mages.

Battle 24 - Underground Book Storage Third Floor
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Izlude(Knight Blade), 1 Summoner, 2 Knights, 2 Archers
Objective-Defeat Izlude!

This battle can be a pain if you don't have good range.  Wizards suck in this battle, because you'll be constantly bombarded by Archers, Summoners, and Izlude.  Izlude is a Knight, but he also has the Lancer's Jump ability, and he has an incredibly long jump range, and he's pretty fast, as well.  You should just rush Izlude and hope he doesn't jump.

Battle 25 - Underground Book Storage First Floor
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Wiegraf(White Knight), 1 Wizard, 2 Knights, 2 Archers
Objective-Defeat Wiegraf!

A wall separate you between Wiegraf and his forces, so this battle should be a bit easy.  Wiegraf will always walk through a small doorway and use Statis Sword on your characters, dealing major damage.  Have your characters surround Wiegraf and attack him, while Agrias uses Holy Sword Techniques.  If you don't defeat Wiegraf within 3 turns, then you're screwed.

After you beat this battle, Izlude will escape with Alma, and Wiegraf will die, but the Holy Zodiac Stone will revive him and turn him into Velius.  You won't fight him, though.  Simon will then come out and give you the Germonik Scriptures, and then die.

Now, on the world map, go to Brave Story, Treasures, and choose to read the Germonik Scriptures.  The book is very long, but just read the first page and exit.  Now, when you try to leave, you'll see a Wizard ask you if you read it or not.  I'm not sure if this affects anything, but I chose yes.  He'll then tell you that Alma is captive at Riovanes Castle, which is your destination.

Now a new path will open to Riovanes, but you have to go through several areas to get to it.

Battle 26 - Grog Hill
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-1 Thief, 1 Archer, 2 Squires, 2 Chemists
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

Hahaha, this battle is so easy.  You're up against some pretty low job classes.  The enemies usually line up in a straight line on the stairs, so bringing a Monk with Earth Slash and Agrias with Holy Explosion will make this battle real easy.

You'll have a little conversation with Olan, again.  Now move on to Yardow.

Battle 27 - Yardow Fort City
Party-Ramza, Rafa(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-Malak(Hell Knight), 3 Ninjas, 2 Summoners
Objective-Save Rafa!

Despite the fact that you're up against 3 ninjas, this battle isn't that difficult.  The Ninjas will always line up a straight line like the last battle in front of the stairs, so bring a Monk with Earth Slash and Agrias with Holy Explosion to kill them first.  Malak is so weak he should go down quickly.  Be careful not to let Rafa die, because you have to protect her.

Now move on to the next destination.

Battle 28 - Yuguo Woods
Party-Ramza, Rafa(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-1 Ghoul, 1 Ghost, 1 Revnant, 2 Time Mages(undead), 2 Wizards(undead)
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

This is an interesting battle.  All of the enemies are undead except for the Revnant.  So Mustadio will help immensely with his Seal Evil attack.  Bringing a Priest with curing spells and reviving spells and a Wizard with Fire spells will also make this battle real easy.  I recommend taking out the Wizards first.

Now your next destination is Riovanes Castle.  Riovanes Castle contains the last battles of Chapter 3, and they're all relatively difficult.  You also have to face off against Wiegraf in his Zodiac form.  Before you move on, I recommend you convert Ramza into a Chemist and get 400 JP to learn Auto-Potion.  Also, buy at least 10 X-Potions.  I also must stress that you must make RAMZA A NINJA!  The last battle of Riovanes basically requires this.  A Ninja requires a Lv. 3 Archer, Lv. 2 Geomancer, and Lv. 4 Thief.  Once Ramza's a Ninja, make sure he has the Equip Sword ability from the Knight, and give him two Platinum Swords.  Also go back to Lesalia and buy the best equipment for everyone, because you're gonna be needing it.  Once you're done, step on Riovanes.  Prepare to experience the bloodiest scenes in FF Tactics!

Battle 29 - At the gate of Riovanes Castle
Party-Ramza, Rafa(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-Malak(Hell Knight), 3 Archers, 3 Knights
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

This can be a difficult battle if you're not prepared.  The Archer's are the biggest threat, as they are on the top of the castle raining down arrows on you.  I recommend sending Agrias or a Ninja in the first squad, and your ranged attackers in the second.  The reason for this is because the first squad gets to climb up the castle, while the second is too far away.  Mustadio is pretty useful here, since he can totally stop the two Knights in the water(one of them is floating).  A Wizard and Lancer also helps, since they can take care of the slow Knights easily.

Once you're done, you'll be able to save your game.  SAVE IN A DIFFERENT SLOT.  Trust me, you must do this.  Now, you have to do some preparation for the next battle.  Make Ramza a Ninja or a Lancer(I prefer Ninja).  If he's a Ninja, give him the following abilities and items:

Equip Sword

Platinum Sword
Platinum Sword
Green Beret
Power Sleeve
Sprint Shoes

This will jack up his speed to 10 or 11, and he'll have an amazing attack as well.  Now if he's a Lancer, give him the following:

Anything works well here...

Diamond Shield
Platina Armor
Germinas Boots

Now, throw out all your Potions and Hi-Potions, and make sure you have at least 10 X-Potions.  If you can't become a Lancer or a Ninja, then use the following tactic.  Make Ramza a Squire, and make sure he knows Yell and Accumulate.  Give him Item as a secondary command, and still give him Auto-Potion.  When you're ready, proceed to the next battle.

Battle 30 - Inside of Riovanes Castle
Enemy-Wiegraf(White Knight)
Objective-Defeat Wiegraf!

This is a tough battle.  It's one on one with Wiegraf.  If you did as I said, then this battle should actually be relatively easy.  Whenever he does Lightning Stab, you should be able to heal 150 HP, which is about how much Lightning Stab does.  If you're a Ninja, then just run up to Wiegraf and keep pummelling him, healing when necessary(or if Auto-Potion doesn't activate).  If you're a Lancer, keep jumping on Wiegraf(remember, if you haven't learned any Jump techniques, you can only jump one square).  If you're a Squire, then keep running away from him, using Yell every turn.  Keep doing this until your speed is maxed out.  Then, keep running around and use Accumulate every turn.  Keep doing this until your attack is maxed out.  Then, when your HP is full, run up to Wiegraf and attack him.  You should be able to kill him in one hit.  You can also make Ramza a Chemist and attack him with a gun if you want.  Anyway, once you beat him, he'll teleport away, then teleport back, and then transform into his Zodiac-charged form, Velius.

Battle 31 - Inside of Riovanes Castle
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemy-Velius(Warlock), 3 Archaic Demons
Objective-Defeat Velius!

This is a tough battle if you're unprepared.  Velius summons 3 Archaic Demons, which have amazing attacks(Giga Flare and Dark Holy).  Giga Flare looks cool, but does crap, but Dark Holy is really powerful, and can kill any of your characters in two hits.  Velius is also pretty tough.  He usually always summons Clops, which is ALWAYS a one-hit kill move, since it does 250+ damage.  When you see him summon Clops, pay attention to who he aims it to.  Clops takes a long time to charge, so you'll basically always be able to move away.  If Ramza is a Ninja and has the equipment I recommended, then he should be able to go twice in a row in the beginning of the battle.  While Velius is charging, pay attention to who he aims the Clops to, and move that character AWAY from all of your characters.  Then send your other characters away from the Clops guy an go pummel Velius.  I brought Ramza, a Lancer, a Knight with Two Swords, Agrias, and a Wizard with Flare.  When you defeat him, he'll blow up, and you'll receive his Holy Stone.  But it isn't over yet...

You'll see a scene with Barinten against Rafa.  Rafa will attempt to kill Barinten, but Malak will save her just in time.  Barinten will then be thrown off the roof of Riovanes, and the Marquis of Elmdor, along with two Assassins, Celia and Lede, will show up, asking for Rafa's Holy Stone.  It's time to fight them.

Battle 32 - Roof of Riovanes Castle
Party-Ramza, Rafa(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-Elmdor(Arc Knight), Celia(Assassin), Lede(Assassin)
Objective-Sava Rafa!

Argh!  I hate this battle.  Most people get stuck on this battle, and most of them say it's impossible.  This is because Rafa always dies before you can even act.  Here's how it usually goes:  Elmdor will always stand next to Rafa and use Muramasa, draining about 100 HP away from Rafa.  Rafa will go next, and will go attack one of the Assassins.  Then the Assassins will kill her, and you'll lose.  If this happens, you've got really bad luck and your speed is too low.  I actually beat this battle once without any preparation, but that was because Rafa was actually smart and ran away instead of attacking the Assassins.  Celia and Lede have a speed of 8, and Elmdor has 9.  If you gave Ramza the equipment I recommended, then he should have a speed of 10 or 11.  So Ramza will go first.  Here's how it goes:  When Ramza goes first, walk over to the Assassin with the lowest HP, and attack them.  If you're lucky, both attacks with hit, and you'll win immediately.  But usually one of them misses.  After that, the Marquis will go over and use Muramasa, damaging both Ramza and Rafa.  At this time, RAFA SHOULD MOVE AWAY and cast Heaven Thunder on the Marquis.  If she does this, you're saved.  The Assassins should then cream Ramza with either Ultima or Stop Bracelet, and one of your other characters should get Shadow Stitched.  You can then send your forces to go kill off the Assassin that Ramza attacked.

After this, you'll see a few bloody scenes.  Malak will be revived by the Holy Stone, and Ramza will walk into the chamberroom, where all the dead Knights and Izlude are, and pick up the Holy Stone that was left behind.

Congratulations, you've completed Chapter 3!