Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT) - Walkthrough - by

Chapter 4 - Somebody to Love

You'll notice right away that Ramza's appearance has changed.  First things first, buy stuff at Riovanes Castle.  There's some pretty good stuff you can buy now, like Carabini Mails and Ice Brands(I think).  When you're ready, go to Doguola Pass.

Battle 33 - Doguola Pass
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-1 Knight, 1 Archer, 2 Lancers, 2 Wizards
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

This battle isn't that difficult, despite the fact that there are Lancers.  Just bring your strong people and pummel them all.  I recommend going after the Wizards and Lancers first.

Before you move on to the next battle, equip the Chemist's Maintenance ability on as many people that you are going to bring as you can, because you're definitely going to get some equipment broken next.

Battle 34 - Bervenia Free City
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Meliadoul(Divine Knight), 1 Ninja, 2 Archers, 2 Summoners
Objective-Defeat Meliadoul!

Meliadoul is one strong Knight.  This is your first encounter against a unique class, the Divine Knight.  They have sword techniques that deal major damage and have a 100% chance of destroying your equipment(I believe in this battle that Meliadoul only has Shellbust Stab, which destroys armor).  The only way to prevent the breaking is the Chemist's Maintenance.  Meliadoul also has two good items that you may want to steal.  She has a Defender sword, which is the first Knight Sword you'll ever see, and is quite powerful.  She also has the Chantage, a perfume that always gives Reraise and Regen.  Use the old rush-the-boss routine in this battle to win.

Now move on.  I recommend bringing ranged attackers in the next battle.

Battle 35 - Finath River
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Completely random, but usually consists of all chocobos types, and a uribo
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

Yes, you prayed and prayed for it, and it's finally come true.  A battle full of nothing but Chocobos!  It's quite hard, though.  The Red Chocobo's Choco Meteor and the Black Chocobo's Choco Ball are quite powerful, and the yellow chocobos always heal themselves, and have monstrous range.  Also, sometimes you'll see a Uribo as well.  If you have a Mediator, I recommend you recruit it into your party, as it can give you some seriously nice stuff(when you poach it).

Next, go to Zeltennia.  You'll see a brief scene with Ramza and Delita in a church.

Battle 36 - Zeltennia Castle
Party-Ramza, Delita(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-Zalmo(Holy Priest), 2 Oracles, 3 Knights
Objective-Defeat Zalmo!

This is a pretty easy battle.  Delita is mega-powerful, as he does twice the damage that Agrias does.  Try not to get in his way, because he WILL aim sword techniques that hit you if you're next to the enemies he's targeting(especially Holy Explosion).

Once you're done here, you'll have a conversation with Delita, and he'll leave.  You now have to go to Bethla Garrison to stop the armies from colliding, but you have to walk through Bed Desert first...

Battle 37 - Bed Desert
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Balk(Engineer), 1 Wizard, 2 Knights, 2 Archers
Objective-Defeat Balk!

Now you know how much of a nightmare it is to fight Engineers.  Before the battle, Balk will launch a grenade at you, poisoning everyone.  Balk is quite powerful, as he has a Blaze Gun, which has an attack power of 20, and shoots ice elemental bullets.  Lancers and Ninjas really help in this battle.  You also might want to steal some of Balk's equipment(Blaze Gun, Flash Hat, Light Robe).

Haha, now you're at Bethla Garrison.  When you arrive there, you have a choice of attacking from the north wall or the south wall.  Now think about it.  If you were a military general, would you attack head on or from the behind?  Good, from the behind!  The South wall is slightly easier from the north wall, but I'll go over both anyway.

Battle 38 - North Wall of Bethla Garrison
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-1 Summoner, 1 Monk, 2 Archers, 2 Lancers
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

This battle is difficult because of the Summoner and the Lancers.  The Archer, even though it's on a high tower, doesn't do much damage.  Watch out for the Monk, though, because it knows Earth Slash, and if you're too slow, it'll hit all of your people with that attack.  Lancers with maxed out Jumps and maxed out vertical Jumps really help here.  Go after the Summoner and the Monks first, without going over the wall(so use a ranged attack to kill the Summoner.  Let the Lancers get somewhat close to the wall, and then assault them.

Battle 38 - South Wall of Bethla Garrison
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-1 Ninja, 2 Archers, 3 Knights, 1 Thief
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

There's a ninja, so go after it first.  The Archers are pretty annoying in this battle, but they shouldn't be able to do too much damage to be a big trouble.  Agrias, Lancers, and Wizards that know Flare really help in this battle.  The Knights are so slow and don't have a far move range, so save them for last.

Now, when you've defeated one of the walls, you arrive at the clashing point for the two armies.  To stop the armies, you must create a barrier between them.

Battle 39 - In front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-2 Wizards, 2 Archers, 4 Knights
Objective-Pull both switches to flood Bethla Garrison.

This battle looks really hard, since everyone's higher than you, but it really isn't.  Your objective is to hit both switches to open the floodgate, but it might not be immediately obvious where they are.  They are under two Knights that can't move, and the switches actually look like diagonal wood floors.  I recommend going after the Wizards first.  You should kill off all the enemies, and wait for the two Knights to crystallize to open the gates.

After this battle, you and Olan will save Orlandu from being executed.  Then, one of the best moments in Final Fantasy Tactics will occur.

ORLANDU WILL JOIN YOU!!!  YEAH!!!  Orlandu is the best character in the game, possessing all of Agrias's, Gafgarion's, and Meliadoul's Sword Techniques, while doing about four times the damage they can do.  He also comes with a full set of Crystal equipment, a Bracer, and the powerful Excalibur knight sword.  If you know how to do the weapon duplication trick, use it on the Excalibur and you'll get Excalibur's for everyone!

Now you have to head for Limberry Castle.  But you need to go through several areas to get there...

Battle 40 - Germinas Peak
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-1 Ninja, 2 Archers, 3 Thieves
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

Bringing Orlandu in this battle, and every other battle after this, will make the game ultra-easy.  So put him in.  I recommend you make Orlandu go after the Ninja first, with Night Sword.  Some of the thieves can steal your equipment, so be careful.  Also, the Archers have Ultimus Bow's, which are more powerful than Windslash Bows.

Battle 41 - Poeskas Lake
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-2 Revnants, 1 Summoner(Undead), 1 Oracle(Undead), 2 Archers(Undead)
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

Yay, another undead battle, like Yuguo Woods!  Again, use Mustadio and his Seal Evil techniques, as it will make things pathetically easy.  Remember that the Revnant is not undead, but Seal Evil still works on it(strangely).

Now it's time to assualt Limberry Castle.  Walk to it.

Battle 42 - At the gate of Limberry Castle
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Celia(Assassin), Lede(Assassin), 4 Apandas
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

Celia and Lede, and 4 ultra-powerful Apandas with bio-abilities, and you have to defeat them all?  What the hell?  Well, luckily, the objectives are wrong.  All you need to do is make either Celia or Lede to critical, and then you'll win.  It seems like a difficult battle, though.  Just send Orlandu and use a sword technique(I recommend Lightning Stab) and you'll win.

Before you go on to the next battle, I recommend you save in a different slot, because you can get some seriously nice stuff next.

Battle 43 - Inside Limberry Castle
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Elmdor(Arc Knight), Celia(Assassin), Lede(Assassin)
Objective-Defeat Elmdor!

This is a tough battle.  Elmdor has Teleport 2, allowing him to move ANYWHERE, he has the Samurai ability Blade Grasp, making it nearly impossible to land a physical attack on him, and he likes to Blood Suck your characters.  To prevent Blood Suck(although it actually works to my benefit), wear 108 Gems.  What Blood Suck does is it turns one of your characters into a zombie.  When it's that characters turn, then will go and blood suck someone else, spreading it around(and when everyone is bloodsucked, it's game over).  The good part is that the bloodsucked character usually blood sucks Elmdor(and it never misses against him, even with Blade Grasp) and it does around 100 damage to him.  Agrias and Orlandu are really useful here, since their sword techniques never miss.  Also, if you're interested, this is the best place for Ramza to learn the Ultima spell from Celia and Lede.  Just make Ramza a Squire, and whenever they aim an Ultima at somebody(if they don't aim at Ramza), just make Ramza stand next to it and let him get damaged(he must survive, though).  When it asks you to learn it, select yes and you'll learn Ultima.  The bad part is that Ultima is no longer the powerhouse spell it was in FF6, as it does around 100 damage and takes a long time to charge.  Also, Elmdor has a full set of Genji equipment on him.  Genji equipment is slight superior to your Crystal equipment, so you may want to consider stealing it.  But attempting to steal it makes the battle really hard, so you may want to kill off Celia and Lede first.  When you kill them, they'll transform into Ultima Demons, who have ultra powerful attacks but are nothing compared to their assassin counterparts.  Make sure you have a Knight do Speed Break on Elmdor before you even attempt stealing his equipment, and also steal his shield first to lower his evade rate.

Once you've defeated Elmdor, he'll invite you under the castle, and you'll have to fight his Zodiac form.

Battle 44 - Under Limberry Castle
Party-Ramza, Meliadoul(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-Zalera(Angel of Death), 2 Knights(undead), 1 Skeleton, 1 Bone Snatch, 1 Living Bone
Objective-Defeat Zalera!

This battle is pretty easy, despite the fact that Zalera has the exact same attacks as Queklain.  Meliadoul will join you as a guest for this battle, so you don't need to worry about the skeletons in the back.  Wizards and Summoners suck here, because chances are they'll die before their spells go off, and Zalera is rather fast.  Instead, bring characters like Agrias, Orlandu, and Knights with Two Sword to go for Zalera.

After you beat this battle, Meliadoul will join you as a normal character.  Meliadoul is pretty good, but I don't use her often, because her sword techniques don't work on monsters, only on humans.  But you should let her join anyway, because she has the powerful Save the Queen knight sword.

After this battle, look on the world map, and you'll see that Igros Castle has turned red.  That's your next destination.

Battle 45 - Inside of Igros Castle
Party-Ramza, Zalbag(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-Dycedarg(Lune Knight), 5 Knights
Objective-Defeat Dycedarg's Older Brother!(It should be defeat Ramza's older brother, Dycedarg!)

Alright, baby, screw brotherly love, it's time for BROTHERLY HATE!!!  In case you're confused by the objectives, you're supposed to defeat Dycedarg(your own brother).  Zalbag will join you as a guest for this battle, but he won't do much.  Bring Agrias, Orlandu, and Meliadoul for some cheap shots.  Just make them stand under the people and aim sword techniques at them.

But once you defeat Dycedarg, he'll die, but his Holy Zodiac Stone will revive him.  He'll teleport Zalbag away, and you'll have to fight him.

Battle 46 - Inside of Igros Castle
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Adramelk(Ghost of Fury)
Objective-Defeat Adramelk!

These Zodiac battles are getting easier than ever, aren't they?  Anyway, just bring Orlandu and Agrias and pummel him with Lightning Stab and Holy Explosion.  When Orlandu's HP gets low, steal it back with Night Sword.  Watch out though, because Adramelk knows the powerful Bahamut summon, which does 250+ damage.  After you defeat Adramelk, he'll utter the only cuss word in the game, as shown in this lovely image in the right.

After you kill your own brother, you'll see a scene with the Shrine Knights Vormav, Rofel, and Kletian finally killing off the High Priest at Murond Holy Place.  That's your next destination.

Battle 47 - St. Murond Temple
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-1 Priest, 1 Summoner, 2 Geomancers, 2 Mediators
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

Yay, Geomancers!  Geomancers have relatively high attack strength, and have some pretty weak Geomancy spells.  I recommend sending Orlandu in the back party and having him take out the two Mediators right away on the first turn.  In case you're interested, that Priest knows some Math Skills, so you may want to recruit him.

Battle 48 - Hall of St. Murond Temple
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Vormav(Divine Knight), Rofel(Divine Knight), Kletian(Sorceror)
Objective-Defeat Vormav!

The objective are actually wrong.  You just need to bring one of the enemies down to critical.  With this is mind, just make Orlandu aim a Lightning Stab at Kletian, and you'll win in one turn.

Battle 49 - Chapel of St. Murond Temple
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Zalbag(Arc Knight), 1 Ultima Demon, 2 Archaic Demons
Objective-Defeat Zalbag!

It's time to kill your own brother again!  I recommend equipping 108 Gems on everyone, to prevent the Blood Suck.  If you don't equip this, then this battle will be relatively difficult.  Just keep aiming attacks at Zalbag, and you'll win eventually.  If you still can't win, try killing off all the demons first, and then going after Zalbag.  He'll teleport away once you beat him.

Alright, now it's time for the final battles of FF Tactics.  I recommend doing the Cloud Quest and exploration of the Deep Dungeon now, which will be covered in a seperate section.  Once you've done these, proceed to the final destination, Orbonne Monastery, which is also where the game started out.

Battle 50 - Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-2 Knights, 1 Archer, 2 Monks
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

This battle is more of a warm-up for the battles to come.  That Archer has a really powerful bow, a Yoichi Bow, but if you have already completed the Deep Dungeon, then you already have the superior Perseus Bow.  Just bring Orlandu, Meliadoul, Agrias, and Beowulf and pounce through these enemies.  The harder battle are next to come.

Battle 51 - Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Rofel(Divine Knight), 1 Time Mage, 2 Wizards, 2 Summoners
Objective-Defeat Rofel!

This battle isn't too difficult, although you'll must likely get some equipment destroyed.  Have Orlandu run up to Rofel and pummel him with Sword techniques.  The Wizards, Time Mages, and Summoners can't do crap anymore, since their spells don't do sufficient damage like they did in the beginning.  If you're lucky, you can defeat Rofel before he gets a turn.  It's a little hard to do because Rofel has Defense Up.  Rofel also has a Save the Queen knight sword, if you want to steal it.

Once you beat him, you'll be sent to hell, or Murond Death City.  Rofel will also seal up the exit, so there's no turning back now.

Battle 52 - Murond Death City
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Kletian(Sorceror), 2 Ninjas, 2 Samurais, 2 Time Mages
Objective-Defeat Kletian!

Well, Kletian is a mage, and mages suck now, so this ought to be very easy.  Plus, his HP is really low, but he does have a range of the whole battlefield.  Just bring Orlandu and use sword techniques.  Also, if you're interested, Kletian has the best rod in the game: The Mace of Zeus.  It's ultra-powerful, but if you've explored the Deep Dungeon, you most likely already have it.  So just defeat him and move on.  Beware though, the next battle is tough.  Make sure to send your ranged attackers to the next one.

Battle 53 - Lost Sacred Precincts
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Balk(Engineer), 1 Hyudra, 1 Hydra, 1 Tiamat, 1 Dark Behemoth, 1 Chemist
Objective-Defeat Balk!

If you haven't been to the Deep Dungeon, or haven't been training very often, then this should be your first encounter against the strongest monsters of the game: The Behemoth Class and the Hydra Class.  These monsters have ultra-powerful attacks.  You should beware especially of the Hydra and Tiamat, as their Triple-Elemental attacks can kill any one of your character in one blow.  Balk is also a bit far away from you, so ranged attackers help.  I recommend you bring Orlandu, Worker 8, Mustadio(if he has a Blast Gun), and any other ranged attackers.  If you have too much trouble with this battle, then go after the Hyudra and Tiamat first(the orange and yellow one).  By the way, the Chemist has a Glacier Gun(which stupidly, fires fire bullets.  Bad translators) and Balk has a Blast Gun(the most powerful gun in the game, fires lightning bullets).

Now prepare to face off against Vormav.

Battle 54 - Graveyard of Airships
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Objective-Defeat Hashmalum!

It may seem a little weird that this wimpy little lion creature killed all those people at Riovanes.  But go after him with extreme prejudice and vengeance.  Orlandu and Agrias really help against him, and so does Worker 8.  Once you defeat him, he'll rip his own body apart to supply the energy to revive St. Ajora.  She will take Alma's body for herself.

Now it's time for the final battle of the game.  Equip the best equipment on everybody, and when you're ready, move on.

Battle 55 - Graveyard of Airships
Party-Ramza, Alma(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-Altima(Holy Angel), 4 Ultima Demons
Objective-Defeat Altima!

If you bring Orlandu, Agrias, and Beowulf, this battle will be really, really easy.  The first thing you should do right away is send Orlandu up and do Lightning Stab in the formation that is shown here.  It will hit Altima and kill off the two Ultima Demons.  Altima is also really weak against Beowulf's Drain Sword, so use that accordingly.  Alma will will just die in this battle, so leave her alone.  Altima will usually always teleport over to her and kill her right away, so use this opportunity to get in some more shots at Altima.  You should be able to defeat her within 3 rounds.  Once you defeat her, prepare for her next form.

Battle 56 - Graveyard of Airships
Party-Ramza, Alma(Guest), 4 others from the last battle
Enemies-Altima(Arch Angel)
Objective-Defeat Altima!

This time, the Ultima Demons disappear, so it may be a bit easier.  This form of Altima is even more weak to Beowulf's Drain Sword, so he should be able to do from 700-900 damage per hit.  Also, if you want to do some serious damage, give Orlandu the Chaos Blade and watch him do Holy Explosion.  You should be able to defeat Altima within 2 turns.  If you don't, you're screwed, because Altima's Grand Cross spell will basically mess up your whole party.

After you defeat Altima, you'll see the aftermath of the Lion War, and what becomes of Ramza and Alma, and even Delita and Ovelia.  Be sure to watch the credits(great music in the background) and the event that happens after it, because it's a nice resolution to the story, although I'm sure it will make more than a few people angry.

Congratulations, you've completed Final Fantasy Tactics!