Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT) - Walkthrough - by

The Cloud Subquest

You can get Cloud anytime after you defeat Adramelk at Igros Castle.  However, I recommend you start doing the Cloud quest after Murond Holy Place.

To start the quest, you MUST HAVE MUSTADIO IN YOUR PARTY.  If you dismissed him, or if he already died, then you can forget about getting Cloud.  YOU MUST ALSO HAVE BOUGHT A FLOWER FROM AERIS IN ZARGHIDADAS TRADE CITY!!!  But if you still have him, and bought a flower, then walk to Goug Machine City.  Besrodio will show you a new machine he found that reacts to your Zodiac Stone.

Now go to Goland Coal City.  Go to the bar, and listen to the rumor "Ghosts of Colliery".  Once you hear the rumor, walk to Lesalia and go to the bar there.  Ramza will agree to take the job, and when you leave, Beowulf the Temple Knight in the bar will join you as a guest.

Now, equip Beowulf with the best equipment, and set Yin Yang Magic as his secondary ability.  When you're ready, notice that Goland Coal City is now red.  Walk there to start the series of battles.

Cloud Battle 1 - Colliery Underground Third Floor
Party-Ramza, Beowulf(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-5 Chemists
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

Does this look like it's underground?  Anyway, you're against nothing but Chemists, so this ought to be easy.  Just bring Orlandu, Agrias, and Meliadoul and rip'em all apart.

Cloud Battle 2 - Colliery Underground Second Floor
Party-Ramza, Beowulf(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-1 Chemist, 1 Behemoth, 1 King Behemoth, 2 Thieves
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

It get sharder.  Behemoths and King Behemoths have a pretty good attack strength, but Orlandu and Agrias should be able to kill them quickly enough.  Your first move in this battle should be to have Orlandu go over to the Thief and using Holy Explosion on him, damaging the thief and the behemoth behind him.  By the way, that Chemist has a Blaze Gun, which has an attack power of 20 and fires ice bullets, so you may want to steal it(or just invite him into your party).

After this battle, make sure you have some room in your formations menu.  You can have a maximum of 16 characters, so dismiss all your weak characters.  I recommend dismissing Malak and any other low level characters that you don't use anymore.  Remember to take their equipment off first, though.

Cloud Battle 3 - Colliery Underground First Floor
Party-Ramza, Beowulf(Guest), 4 others
Enemies-1 Uribo, 2 Blue Dragons, 2 Chemists
Objective-Defeat all enemies!

The blue dragons are very powerful, but Beowulf should be able to disable them pretty quickly.  I recommend bringing a Mediator or someone who knows Talk Skill to invite that Uribo.  Otherwise, this isn't a difficult battle.

Cloud Battle 4 - Underground Passage in Goland
Party-Ramza, Beowulf(Guest), Reis(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-1 Archaic Demon, 2 Ochus, 2 Plagues
Objective-Save Reis!

Luckily, Plagues are no longer as difficult as they were in FF4.  But you should still be wary of them, as they can petrify you at a long distance.  Just be sure to keep Reis healed.  That Archaic Demon is stupid, since Giga Flare looks so cool but does crap damage.

Once you beat this battle, both Reis the Holy Dragon and Beowulf will join you as normal characters.  Beowulf will also hand you a Zodiac stone.

Now, head back to Goug.  Ramza will place the Zodiac stone in the machine, and the machine will transform into Worker 8.  You'll see a funny scene with them, and then Worker 8 will join you.  Worker 8 can't use equipment, nor can he change jobs, but he's quite powerful, and his Dispose attack has an amazing range of 8 squares.

Once you leave Goug, Besrodio will get another machine for you.  You now need another Zodiac stone to activate it.

Now head over to Zeltennia Castle.  Go to the bar, and listen to the Cursed Island rumor.  Once you've heard it, a new path will open up to Nelveska Temple on the world map.  Beware, though, the next battle is difficult, so bring your strong people, and whatever you do, DON't bring magic users in the next battle.

Cloud Battle 5 - Nelveska Temple
Party-Ramza, 4 others
Enemies-Worker 7(Steel Giant), 2 Hyudras, 3 Cockatrices
Objective-Defeat Worker 7!

This battle is not as easy as it looks.  Worker 7 is exactly like Worker 8, and since they both have NO FAITH, they are immune to magic.  Plus, the Hyudras and Cockatrices are extremely powerful.  The Cockatrices can petrify your characters, and the Hyudras have monstrous attack power.  I recommend bring Ramza, Orlandu, Beowulf(with Germinas Boots and Move-Find Item), Agrias, and Worker 8.  Just go after Worker 8 and beat the snot out of him.  Once you defeat him, he'll come back to life with only 1 HP.  Kill him again to win this battle.

By the way, if you're interested(and you should be), there are two ultimate equipment in this level.  On top of those two pillars where they Hyudras are are the best shield and spear in the game.  You MUST have a character with LOW BRAVE with Move-Find Item get those, so I recommend Beowulf.  But those pillars are really high, so you need a Jump of 7 to get up there.  But if you bring Worker 8, then you don't that high a jump.  Just make Worker 8 stand next to a pillar, and Beowulf will be able to use Worker 8 as a stepping stone to get the items.

Here they are:

Even thought he items are called "Escutcheon" and "Javelin", they are actually much more powerful than their original counterparts.  The ultimate Javelin has an attack power of 30, which is amazing, and the Escutcheon has a really high magic and physical block percentage.  Note that the image for the Escutcheon is wrong; the ultimate Escutcheon looks slightly different.

Also, on the three pillars where the Cockatrices were, you can also get the Nagnarock sword and the Sasuke Knife.

Once you finish this incredibly difficult battle, just walk back to Goug Machine City.  Ramza will put the Zodiac stone into the machine, and the machine, ala Terminator 2, will summon Cloud.  Luckily, he appears with his clothes on.  Cloud will run off, and you'll have to find him.  Luckily, since you saw Aeris earlier in Zarghidas, that is where you go next.  Remember, that if you didn't buy a flower from Aeris, you can't get Cloud.

Once you arrive there, you'll see a scene with Cloud and Aeris, where Aeris offers a flower to him.  He'll run off, but Aeris will be mugged by some thieves, and one of the thieves makes a pretty funny comment, as shown here.  Cloud will try to demonstrate his manliness to the thieves by protecting Aeris, but he will go into another one of his epileptic seizures as he did in FF7.  Aeris will run off, and the thieves will see you, so you now have to save Cloud(like he needs saving).  He doesn't do anything in the next battle.

Cloud Battle 6 - Zarghidas Trade City
Party-Ramza, Cloud(Guest), 3 others
Enemies-1 Monk, 2 Squires, 3 Thieves
Objective-Save Cloud!

This is an easy battle.  You're against some pretty basic job classes.  Just bring Orlandu, Agrias, and Meliadoul and kill them all.

Once you beat this battle, Cloud will join you.

However, Cloud starts out at Level 1, and he can't use his limit breaks yet.  You need to now fight a random battle at Bervenia Volcano to obtain his weapon.

Make sure Beowulf has Germinas Boots and Move-Find Item, and get into a battle at the volcano.  Just make Beowulf walk on top of the highest point on the mountain, and you'll receive the Materia Blade.

Now just equip the Materia Blade on Cloud and you'll be able to use his limit breaks.

The problem with Cloud, besides the fact that he starts out at Level 1, is that his limit breaks take too long to charge.  What also really sucks is that his Limit breaks target panels, not like how Wizards can target units and lock on to them.  I recommend training Cloud this way:

1.Keep training him until he has 200 JP.  Then make him learn Gained JP Up.
2.Keep training him until he has enough JP to learn Cross-Slash and Finish Touch.  Finish Touch is extremely powerful.
3.Once he learns these two, change Cloud into a Time Mage.
4.Keep training Cloud as a Time Mage until he gets 800 JP, to learn Short Charge.
5.Now just give Short Charge to Cloud and now his limit breaks will go off more quickly than ever.

Once you do all of this for Cloud, he should be a powerhouse.  Finish Touch is a really powerful move, as it is guaranteed to either inflict Stop, Petrify, or Instant Death on a target, and plus it hits everything around it.  You can also try getting Omnislash and Cherry Blossom(wasn't that one of Freya's Dragon abilities on FF9?).  They cost a lot of JP, but they're supposed to be really powerful.  Beware though, because they have an incredibly long charging time.