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Pokemon Gold/Silver Walkthrough-Version 4.0

There are 2 versions of this walkthrough. One for the Japanese game and one for the English version. The English version has more detail. Note that the Japanese version walkthrough uses Japanese names of the pokemon, so please do not criticize. And NO, it is NOT written in Japanese, it is written in English but is used to beat GS before the English version has come out. Also keep in mind that the Kanto region of the English version is unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy, and read below for further info.

Some of these pictures are from the Poketoon and The Psychic Pokemon Connection.  There are some made be me, but a number of them are from other sites.  Also, some of the gym leader pictures are from The Poke Masters, so I also thank them.

Revision-I have now redone the entire Pokemon Gold/Silver Walkthrough so that it is now separated into sections so that the page will load faster.  Enjoy!

Use the navigation form below to pinpoint your location.

The Kanto Region is not finished so please refer to the Walkthrough on how to beat GS for Japanese. It will still prove useful because many fans of Baam! have found it useful. Thank you.

The miscellaneous section contains Special Pokemon and Other Stuff That Doesn't Fit In Any Topic.  Why I added the miscellaneous?  Because it doesn't fit in any other topic.

Johto Region Kanto Region (Not Finished)

Gold/Silver Walkthrough with Japanese Names (Includes Kanto Reigon)


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