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Love Hina

Keitaro Urashima

Seiyuu (Voice Actor): Ueda Yuuji
Birthdate: January 5, 1979
Age: 19
Height: 171 cm
Blood Type: AB
Usual Attire: Yellow collared shirt with a orange sweatshirt over it. Also wears an orange jacket.
Personality: Horny, like most anime guys... Not the smartest kid, but definitely has motivation and perseverance. 
Hobbies: Studying, getting his butt kicked by Naru, going on expeditions with Seta, being manager of Hinata Inn.
Quote: Eh?

Japanese anime loves to make a male easily infatuated by surrounding girls. Thus comes the situation of Keitaro in the group of irresistible Hinata Girls—especially Naru. The plot purposely has Keitaro in coincidental situations involving pervertedness, such as accidentally falling over Shinobu with his hand up her skirt, or touching Naru’s breasts unintentionally. Quite well at expressing emotions, and very happy-go-lucky, his goal is to get into Tokyo University. Initially his reason was to enter Tokyo U with a girl he promised when he was young, but when he became spellbound by Naru’s beauty, he changed his reason to that he wants to enter Tokyo U with Naru. Although he is a 3rd year ronin (one who has failed to get into a university 3 times, or 3 years), he still perseveres, with the motivation of love behind him. He isn’t the brightest kid though, but anyone who studies hard for their goal will achieve that goal, and Keitaro has indeed achieved his goal in the end of the series in the Spring Special.


Characters:- Keitaro - Naru - Shinobu - Motoko - Su - Kitsune - Mutsumi - Minor
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