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 General Info

Love Hina

Mitsune Konno (Kitsune)

Seiyuu: Noda Junko
Birthdate: September 31, 1979
Height: 164 cm
Measurements: 87-56-83
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Teasing Keitaro, trying to hook Keitaro and Naru up (for one of her advantages)
Personality: Very sneaky, and is often successful. Very clever as well, always does things to her own advantage.
Quote: One grope = One month of helping me with my homework

Mitsune Konno is not your average girl, nor your average weakling. She is very capable of manipulation, which is why her nickname is Kitsune, which means "fox" in Japanese. Sly as she is, she plays a major role in the plot of Love Hina, for she stirs up much controversy, as well as fixing some relationship problems. She is probably Naru's best friend, since they talk about their personal life together the most.


Kitsune always tries to hook up Keitaro and Naru together, not only for the reason that she wants them to be happy together, but also because in the past Naru had a crush on her professor, Seta, and Kitsune likes Seta. So her hopes include that if Naru gets with Keitaro, she can have Seta. =)

Characters:- Keitaro - Naru - Shinobu - Motoko - Su - Kitsune - Mutsumi - Minor
Episodes: Overview - Listing - Analysis
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